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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: masked up and messed up
12" Vinyl D 25.03.13
over the last few years douglas greed live with his band has twisted heads at festivals over a few beers.underway with a percussionist and singer he is constantly on the highways ravaging the gas stations of europe – especially for the last few months. what has developed on the stage as a stout twister session for adults is now presented as a music release.the title piece masked up and messed up puts up a fat middle finger to everyone who lets their vanity slip out at the masked ball. the track is a bass-bellied house rocker along with vocals that wink an eye with a snot-nosed chorus added.with 5000 ansi lumen the lights roll on and off with a flick. there isn t anything the neighbors can do by knocking on the door when the cross-trainers are carrying the load of the baseline! the rainfall in the very first beat provides space for a a dried-out drum. in this dusty atmosphere, it builds up ever and ever more and takes flight to the foremost place. a groovy stop and go – dissolved into a supplication for rain and salvation.
Freude am Tanzen 62
in stock
14.60 EUR *
FAT PACK 10 (3X12)
3x12" Vinyl D 20.09.16
three freude am tanzen releases from douglas greed for one special price:
- fat051: hurt & love ep
- fat062: masked up and messed up
- fat069: spark / noisy ep ft. mooryc
Freude am Tanzen
Last Copy!
12.66 EUR *
FAT PACK 6 (3X12)
3x12" Vinyl D 26.08.14
three douglas grred eps on from freude am tanzen for one special price! this pack contains:
- fat028: madame c. ep
- fat051: hurt & love ep
- fat062: masked up and messed up ep
Freude am Tanzen
in stock
10.71 EUR *

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