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12" Vinyl lp D 23.08.16
nice price deal !!! autotune, echo and reverb - slow heart beats and minor chords. o f f loves music is fragile. hidding behind a ying yang print scarf and transforming his voice, o f f love is taking a distance. however he couldnt be more direct in the way of sharing his feelings with his minimal productions and repetitions: not looking for perfection, but emotions. feelings are shared, almost forgetting about privacy or discretion. just like o f f love performances might have made some of the audience members feel like a voyeur...
max 001
out of stock
4.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.11.13
music in the niche between electronica, kraut & jazz. remixes by egokind, gebrueder teichmann & m.o.r.a. download code included.
Max 015
in stock
13.79 EUR *
cd D 10.11.14
with dignity tenderheart mirrors his soul, his deep wish for peace in a place that is been shaken.
Max 023 CD
out of stock
15.99 EUR *
cd D 27.10.14
he is a multicoloured shades artist. he is poetry, he is stoic. he interfaces the differences without self-denying. he is a dancer. he is a videoartist. he is an entertainer. he was a girl
Max 024 CD
Last Copy!
15.99 EUR *
cd D 24.06.13
a multitasker, a one-man army, a chameleon: simply put, markus wormstorm is a phenomenon.
Max 011 CD
Last Copy!
16.99 EUR *
cd D 24.09.12
>garant< is krautrocks delight in playing, revived by danceable beats of this young decade!
Last Copy!
15.99 EUR *
cd D 10.06.13
instead of fixing its eye on the pop scene, golden anchor settles down in a place where acoustic craftsmanship reigns over rising neo debates. it is an album that highlights the imperfection of our beings without wasting a single word in the process.
Max 012 CD
in stock
16.99 EUR *
cd D 04.02.13
m=minimal released the vinyl of this classic record last year and as the cd has been unavailable for a long time too, we decided to make a special edition.
MM-004 CD
in stock
16.99 EUR *
cd D 08.10.12
das neue album >clouds< von borngraeber & struever ist eine auswahl kammermusikalischer kompositionen aus den jahren 2000 2012!
MM-015 CD
in stock
15.99 EUR *
cd D 08.10.12
m=minimal hat sich nach mehrmaligen anfragen der vertriebspartner dazu entschlossen die beiden vinylalben >in g< und >urlaub< neu gemastert auf einer cd zu veroeffentlichen. beide alben haben bei ihrem erscheinen weltweit positives feedback hervorgerufen und beide alben haben das zeug zum klassiker zu reifen. in g erblickte im jahr 2010 das licht der welt und wurde als 21st century electro kraut bezeichnet. urlaub erschien 2011 und erweitert das konzept mit einem gehörigen schuss cosmic disco.
MM-016 CD
Last Copy!
15.99 EUR *
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