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12" Vinyl D 11.08.20
incl. telephones remix
Love On The Rocks
in stock
17.24 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 26.06.20
pure house music, body to body
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
17.24 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 25.11.19
perfect italo disco >love on the rocks< 1983 remastered reissue !
BST X070
Best Italy
out of stock
19.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.11.19
super limited! incl tracks by massimiliano pagliara, herrmann kristoffersen
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
13.54 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.11.19
high limited incl daniela la luz
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
13.54 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.11.19
high limited, incl. warehouse preservation society
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
13.54 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.11.19
high limited, incl. kornel kovacs
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
13.54 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 24.05.19
limited one sided with etching
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
17.54 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 23.07.18
paramidas love on the rocks imprint readies its eighteenth release, in this, the year of our lord, 2018 - the latest instalment on the ever-evolving, hard-to-define label is a decidedly non-dancefloor oriented, melancholic/euphoric instrumental number from promising lon-don/lisbon producers elles & violet.
Love On The Rocks
in stock
9.74 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 23.04.18
in late 2017, thomas gandey and danny mclewin - known from the popular disco-influenced electronic music collective psychemagik - emerged from their studio in bordeaux, france, claiming to have produced an extended musical arrangement, both entitled, and containing the sounds of, the shakuhachi. furthermore, they insisted, for the purposes of this production, and a further album of related arrangements to be released subsequently in conjunction with the successful german record label kompakt, they should be referred to henceforth as ghost vision. shortly thereafter, the audio recordings described by gandey and mclewin came into the possession of noted los angeles degenerate, dj and nymphomaniac citation needed dirty dave, who was quick to relay the hallucinatory qualities of the duos productions to fellow dj and trusted hallucinogenic expert paramida, of esteemed german musical imprint love on the rocks. paramida, recognising the innate quality of the sounds presented to her, decided that such recordings warranted immediate release through her audio distribution channel, and not without remixes. quite without thinking of the origins of the instrument which had given the recording its particular sonic distinguishment, and of course, its title, she enlisted the help of two musicians named alex - one from tokyo, and one from kyoto. both alex from tokyo - teaming up with his colleagues isao kumano & kenichi takagi as tokyo black star, known for their prior releases on popular german label innervisions - and his counterpart, alex from kyoto, better known as al kassian, rising tamagotchi on paramidas love on the rocks imprint, and his own label, planet sundae - turned in striking reinterpretations of gandey and mclewins composition.
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
8.24 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 17.07.17
omer joins the love on the rocks family with a massive underground smash, the not-so-well-kept secret rework thats been doing the rounds recently among a handful of trusted djs, inducing hands-in-the-air hysteria and clocking up more than a few plays in clubs from robert johnson to panorama bar. finally it lands here as the title track of the ep, perfectly tooled for any poolside dance party. phew! finding just enough room for another huge jam to share the same side, omer moves effortlessly into his trademark late night melancholic trip territory with high hopes, leading in with snapping percussion before giving way to a fierce bassline, swirling layers of melody and synths that resonate with warmth and emotion. rounding out the proceedings, back and forth pulses with electric energy from the word go, quickly pulling you into its distinctly neon after-dark atmospherics, with a forboding hook that twists around itself amid spiralling tension, and on into euphoria. you and me to the party, you and me all night. you and me to the party,you and me all night.
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
8.57 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 05.05.17
bunkr enslave dust-coated synthesizers, dilapidated drum machines and rusty fx boxes to craft 4/4 tunes for their impatient overlords. their vision is clear they will make techno, they will make house, they will make electronica, and you will listen and dance. its not yet clear if bunkr is the work of one frenzied human or many lazy individuals but we do know one thing - the ringleader is one james dean, who previously released as lost idol on labels such as pork recordings, nature, final frontier and cookshop. following a prolonged spell of writing music at slow tempos, dean initiated bunkr as a reactionary desire to speed things up. too much time had been spent just sitting around - it was time to stop sitting and start dancing. true to their vision, here we have cloud chaser, a bubbling jam backed with a huge remix from shan, who flips the mix with dramatic strings, sprinkles of magic dust and massive amen breaks. no less impressive is junos revenge, a track youd turn up on your headphones while taking a nice afternoon stroll on the moon, on a sunny morning after a long interplanetary rave. igor tipura delivers the rework, complete with a marching percussion workout and acid chemtrails that will send you right back to 1993.
Love On The Rocks
in stock
8.57 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 10.04.17
totes preesh make tracks for your ears. sean marquand and patrick wood of new york city have created these sounds for you and your friends and tooled them to perfection, for your pleasure. whether youre at home, or in the club, or driving around in your car, looking for drugs, you can count on these guys to soundtrack your day correctly. they were featured on 2015s mangiami - la compilation on golf channel recordings, but this is their first 12inch. they are here to make you bump to a cosmic sound that is sexy and pristine, and yet, also feels exactly like two buffalo boys going round the outside, round the outside. double a-side alert. first up head shop boys, a kicky, kinky, neon affair, perfect for late-night debauchery on the flip, haole is a straight up trip with some serious old school new york flavour, and will undoubtedly prove to be the worlds first crossover drive-time club banger.
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
8.57 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 27.02.17
das komplex, aka marcin £ukaszewicz aka. what is this guys name? whoever he is, he is fucking slow. but word on the street is, he is super happy, to be slow, and to make records, and build ships, or whatever it is that he does, when hes not answering our emails. rumour has it, that henry is the man who built the ostbahnhof - with his own bare hands. before that he was making music. for twenty carefree, happy-go-lucky years. recently, he started releasing some of it, much to his surprise, on nice, family-themed labels such as young adults and father & son. this is his first offering for love on the rocks. its sublime, its soft, and it wants you to fall in love, at night, back in the days, under the electric light of your favourite dancefloor, with two major jams on the a-side, and a consciousness-altering, life-changing, dance floor destroying, 13-minute disco trip on the other. music to microdose to.
Love On The Rocks
Last Copy!
8.57 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 23.01.17
elliott thomas, aka etbonz, portlands prodigal son, touches down for the first time on loveon the rocks with my kinda future. etbonz, the lovechild of buckaroo banzai and thetalented ellen ripley, utilises the latest krystalvision technology over this eleven and a half minute opus to bring you to the edge of a future where maybe, just maybe, arnold didnt kill the predator.. where some wild-eyed, eight-foot-tall maniac grabs your neck, taps the back of your favourite head up against the barroom wall, looks you crooked in the eye and asks you if you paid your dues. where you cant even get to the chopper, because kurt russell is in the cockpit with a head full of acid, wearing a hat made of drum machines. should we check it out? or just check into a psycho ward? whichever comes first, huh? its a kinda future that leaves you asking yourself, if i am not me, then who the hell am i? am i prins thomas? what is a diskomiks? you ever fuck a mutant? tall guy, weird clothes. first you see him, then you dont. the best mindfuck ever!
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
8.57 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 04.10.16
occasionally, a record or sometimes even a dj simply falls out of the sky, like so many unexplained showers of fish, or midnight deliveries of frozen piss from passing jumbo jets. and so it was when dj steve first came to our attention in 2011 via tim sweeney, who discovered him quite by chance djing in the italian seaside town of tropea.
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
8.57 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 01.08.16
detroit enigma sharif laffrey makes a return to paramidas berlin-based love on the rocks imprint with pony ep. the two track ep marks his second release with the label (following key jam (a.c.i.d.) and his third release in three years - something of a roll for laffrey who typically allows years to pass between each outing.over 9 minutes of what sounds like nineties 4/4 indian acid-house bass music - in the best way. surprising vocals & a healthy 3 minute lead in. b-side: pony roger if the pony you were riding on the a-side was galloping through a grassy meadow - this pony heads into a dark cave. if the a-side is the never ending story then the b-side is the dark crystal. but with prince instead of bowie. sharif laffrey has been playing records and making music for 20 long hard years. born in detroit, michigan - hes worked on the line checking camshafts for chryslers & at submerge for mike banks - at the same time. he toured asia with juan atkins and once had to chase a grown man through the streets at night, who had crawled into his living room through an open window. an active member in detroits early rave scene, sharif remembers booking all foreign gigs with something he calls a fax machine.
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 23.05.16
paramida proudly presents tehran bomb - the first in the new edit series from love on the rocks. this ep represents the first outing for label boss paramida on her own love on the rocks imprint since its debut ep from massimiliano pagliara in 2014. two edits bound to induce air raid sirens and international sanctions from isfahan to tel aviv, a-side beyond katovl channels peak time hi-nrg tension and proto-trance euphoria to send early-morning chills down the spines of unwitting ravers and u.n. delegates alike. b-side ms. bombastic takes the long way home, luring unsuspecting bystanders into a hypnodelic desert march to the outer rims of the after hours, proceeding through the neukölln sahara with a heavy-driving bassline on a seven-minute journey to a hitherto-unknown spiritual oasis. supported by camel herders and snake charmers from here to ahvaz. b-o-o-m.
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 11.04.16
1 sided + large gravure on other side. love on the rocks is very excited to present sharif laffreys key jam (a.c.i.d.). his first release since the sleeper hit turn it up was released on discos capablanca over two years ago. key jam (a.c.i.d.) is the treasure + the mystery. laffreys signature raw edit style is in full effect on this 9-minute proto-dance heater. sharif laffrey has been playing records and making music for 20 long hard years. born in detroit, michigan - hes worked on the line checking camshafts for chryslers & at submerge for mike banks - at the same time. he toured asia with juan atkins and once had to chase a grown man through the streets at night, who had crawled into his living room through a open window. an active member in detroits early rave scene, sharif remembers booking all foreign gigs with a fax machine - and would still do it that way, if anybody else had them anymore. he drove a black trans-am from 1990 to 1995. acid, tons of random stuff, tough, sexy, lovely, slow. freak mode. he is dealing with the fame. more to come.
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 02.02.16
for the 7th release on love on the rocks, we welcome the mexican duo zombies in miami for a three track ep titled snake language. the title track is a raw an haunting drum heavy number. on the flip comes calo with its twisting riffs that wind and turn alongside percussive interludes. yamo changes the pace but is no less impressive with climactic flutes and a driving bass line. with this ep, the zombies in miami are literally on fire!
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 15.09.15
after lotr005 had been deleted (sadly) we have an alternate version which we would like to introduce you too. same tracklisting, same fantastic sound, slight different edit!
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
8.28 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 01.09.15
a summer on the rocks is truly a summer of love. from the light blue sea of indonesia comes jakarta-based jonathan kusuma to redefine the label standards on love on the rocks. highly celebrated for his releases on im a cliché earlier this year, kusuma continues his streak with yet another double a side. buzzing oceancool pads bump into a catchy piano roll on steins way, which is the perfect openair main stage filler on a sunday afternoon. on the flip comes the game changing underpass to celebrate the gathering of a horde of down-tripped mushroom infected goblins in java. the moon looks bigger from the other side.
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 27.01.15
bucharests own khidja have been an active part in the local nightclub scene over the past years. after first appearing as co-compilers of the romanian jazz lp for sonar kollektiv, it was finally a remix for baris k on emotional especial in late 2013 which put the duo on the want list of many tasteful djs around the world. the time was just perfect to appear with oriental soundscapes having been the most sought-after spice in dance music during that summer period
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 29.07.14
love on the rocks is back again for the second time in as many months, this time with a true summer release. with eps for sex tags ufo and running back causing a huge stir, telephones goes even fur- ther, offering the beautiful meditiranian house anthem that is lotusland and comes backed with remixes from discodromo and gatto fritto no less. up and coming is definitely a term that can be applied to norways telephones
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
8.08 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 11.06.14
love on the rocks returns to the floor, with their second ep in what will prove to be an exciting summer of releases. following the success of the massimiliano pagliara produced debut, lotr presents the world premiere of ess o ess - a new venture from london based producers jamie blanco and chris stoker.
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
8.57 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 21.01.14
paramida, the hostess and dj behind salon zur wilden renates renowned paradisco parties, launches her new label love on the rocks with a classic time-bender, which takes us once more on a night trip beyond the deepest galaxies, courtesy of fellow paradisco resident massimiliano pagliara
Love On The Rocks
out of stock
8.37 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 18.05.15
invisible inc launches with this 4-track sampler 12/ep from four artists that we plan to be releasing music by over the coming year secret circuit, higamos hogamos, tim love lee and the poncho brothers. packed with modular synthesizer funk, psychedelic wonk, kraut-rock infused space opera and downtempo analogue balearica, the 12 is due to be in shops in early may. already getting praise from soft rocks (esp institute, endless flight), house of traps (firecracker, unthank, sacred summits), dj kaos (rong music, dfa, jolly jams, astrolab), josé manuel (eskimo, kinfolk, disques sinthomme), bobby beige (pork, garden zadar), chuggy (emotional response/especial) and gavin hardkiss (hardkiss, siesta, sunburn
Invisible Inc
out of stock
9.74 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 07.10.08
absolutely strong and kickin electro house production with extremely nice male where is the love vocals on top!!
out of stock
7.20 EUR *
12" Vinyl, 140 g UK Pre sale
four cuts of sublime underground house music from across the globe. sean mccabe with previous releases on local talk & joey negros z records label, victor sol under his soul2black moniker, b side see s the return of soul central as johnny rampin & to round of the ep u.k garage pioneer brian keys tharme.
PPR 14
Plastik People
9.74 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 31.07.17
we are gonna call this one dwights baby..on the rocks written and produced by dwight sykes for l.u.s.t. productions. the album he would have released in 1980 is complete. cell phone shadow photography by dwight sykes.
Peoples Potential Unlimited

also available as:
CD (EUR 11.4)
out of stock
21.24 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 02.05.17
golden age hip-hop by a multi-talented spanish beatmaker, a french singer and three us mcs. the multi-talented alex rocks is back with his debut album rise n shine! after his 7 inch get em up featuring replife, the madrid dj, musician and beatsmith hooked up with french singer jessica fitoussi and us based rappers sleep sinatra, junclassic, and jack jones. he carefully selected the tracks he felt would sit well with each artist, and they did not disappoint. from the pharcyde-evoking title track to the raw soul on moonlight creedence, the rugged vibe of my time and the fiery all in your mind the heart-made beats are the perfect backdrop for the socially conscious and intelligent lyrics provided by his collaborators.
out of stock
15.10 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 16.09.15
limited edition of 500 numbered copies.
Rocksteady Disco
in stock
17.54 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 04.09.12
his music may be fitting for the perfect massage or romantic candle-lit dinner, possibly even responsible for the creation of countless offspring around the world, but rocco raimundo is both unashamed and inspired by what his musical talents can often induce.
House of Disco
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 20.11.20
2lp and 36 page photo booklet
All City Dublin
in stock
25.99 EUR *
3x12" Vinyl D 25.01.19
the 1994 miami show for the first time in full length on triple vinyl - uncut, remixed and remastered.
Last Copy!
38.98 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 27.08.18
that summer i developed somewhat of an obsession with tontos expanding head band after having seen them perform at the big chill festival that year. the music blew my mind. later upon my return to civilisation and the ensuing research which then began in earnest i became as much blown away by the enormous t.o.n.t.o. (the original new timbral orchestra) modular synthesizer that had created the music as i was by the music itself. built in the early 70s, it s still the largest synthesizer around today. with the live show still resonating in my head i tracked down everything tonto had ever recorded. one of these tracks was an obscure outtake from the time t.o.n.t.o.s creators, malcolm cecil and robert margouleff, were producing and engineering for stevie wonder in the 70s( the track, bittersweet, only ever appeared on a highly limited self-released cd put together to coincide with their appearance at the big chill. consequently i featured it on a few mixes i did over the years and invariably id be asked whats that track? by those with an ear for something unique. and invariably these same people, many of them djs, would turn away disgruntled when i informed them it was cd only. although i didn t know it at the time, the seed was definitely sown for this vinyl compilation that you now hold in your hands.
Invisible Inc
out of stock
19.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 17.08.16
welcome to the rocksteady sound from jamaica. towards the end of 1965 some say due to the extreme heatwave that was hitting the island the people that followed the sound system dances demanded a slower beat so they could still move and groove to the all night musical night affairs. so the jerky ska swing was slowed down to a steady beat that also allowed the songs cut at this time to shine throgh. so sit back and enjoy the tunes that rocked this islands between 1966-1968 the rocksteady sound that hit that town..
Kingston Sound
Last Copy!
18.51 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 11.11.14
hypnotic, synthesised bliss, b-boy breaks and dreamy dub. if that doesnt sound like a winning combo, we dont know what does.
out of stock
12.47 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 17.10.14
trinidad born legendary guitarist, lynn taitt, who brought the first wave of rocksteady to the island, and gladdy anderson who is well known as a skatalites pianist, got together to record this rocksteady instrumental album glad sounds at federal studio in 1968. released from the merritone label, which was managed under federal, the album depicts the heyday and best sound of rocksteady as well as the label itself. this album is for the first time reissued by dub store records. the album tracks consist mainly of cover versions of popular tracks, which were produced by coxsone dodd, bunny lee and sonia pottinger. lynn taitt and gladstone anderson added gentle flavors to their versions by their distinctive instrumental plays. federals recording facility made possible to maintain this sound quality. this is certainly another classic album to add to your collection!
Dub Store Records
out of stock
17.50 EUR *
cd US 31.07.17
e are gonna call this one dwights baby...on the rocks written and produced by dwight sykes for l.u.s.t. productions. the album he would have released in 1980 is complete. cell phone shadow photography by dwight syke
Peoples Potential Unlimited

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 21.24)
Last Copy!
11.40 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 06.08.20
23 of neil diamonds greatest hits on black double vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve with download code included.
Last Copy!
25.72 EUR *
TREASURE ISLE 1966-1968 (LP)
12" Vinyl UK 24.04.19
rocksteady sound at its finest from one of the most soulful voices to come out of jamaica - alton ellis.
Kingston Sounds
A1: Ain't That Loving You
A2: Get Ready (Do The Rocksteady)
A3: Girl I've Got A Date
A4: La La Means I Love You
A5: Baby I Love You
A6: Remember That Sunday ft. Phyllis Dillon
B1: Cry Tuff
B2: Breaking Up
B3: Why Do Birds
B4: Come Rol
Last Copy!
15.59 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 07.08.18
calvin harris debut album *i created disco* (2007) contained a handful of chartbusters. *acceptable in the 80s*, *colours*, *vegas*, *the girls* and *merrymaking at my place* were very successful in the european charts - 2018 reissue
Sony Music
in stock
19.49 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl+mp3 D 18.05.17
brand new 2017 recut finally available on vinyl for the first time. 2xlp+mp3 in full original coverart. the legendary movie soundstrack based out of kingston, jamaica in april 2008, telling the story of the original vocalists and musicians involved. the sixteenth release on the moll-selekta label shares its title with a wonderful film, a heartwarming homage to the golden age of rocksteady. it documents the recordings being made for this very album at the tuff gong studios, kingston, jamaica in april 2008, telling the story of the original vocalists and musicians involved. excerpts from an all star reunion concert staged in kingston and older archive material complete the picture. never before in the history of jamaica, which already occupies a unique place on the world map of song, its sound embraced by western popular music, has such an illustrious collection of singers and players been assembled. the album showcases 15 rocksteady classics in sparkling, deeply inspired new versions, recorded in the studio which also played host to album sessions of a certain bob marley. under the musical direction of ernest ranglin, a guitarist of considerable renown not only on the reggae circuit, but also on the jazz scene, mixed by legendary engineer errol brown in duke reids employ at the treasure isle studio in the sixties - and freshly arranged by lynn taitt

also available as:
CD (EUR 13.64)
Last Copy!
22.37 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 14.01.16
calvin harris debut album *i created disco* (2007) contained a handful of chartbusters. *acceptable in the 80s*, *colours*, *vegas*, *the girls* and *merrymaking at my place* were very successful in the european charts.
pressing on 180 gram audiophile double vinyl.
Music on Vinyl
Last Copy!
26.31 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp, 180g D 03.03.15
heavyweight 180 gram double vinyl lp in gatefold sleeve
Last Copy!
27.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp, 180gr UK 27.06.13
1992 erschien ihr debütalbum house of pain auf tommy boy records. die single jump around erreichte platz 3 der us-charts und machte sie bekannt.
Music On Vinyl
out of stock
25.33 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 11.05.12
nun auch als vinyl erhältlich! die fünfköpfige, schwedisch / amerikanische rockband casablanca veröffentlicht mit >apocalyptic youth< ihr debütalbum. die mitglieder der band sind gitarrist ryan roxie (von alice cooper und electric angels), schlagzeuger josephine forsman (von sahara hotnights), bassist mats rubarth (schwedischer fussballspieler), gitarrist erik stenemo (von melody club) und frontmann und sänger anders ljung (von space age baby jane). das album wurde in den legendären swedish polar studios aufgenommen, von chris laney (h.e.a.t., europe, crazy lixx) produziert und michael ilbert (roxette, per gessle, sator) gemischt. die allstar-band begleitete kiss auf deren letzten tour 2010 in schweden und ist durch auftritte auf festivals und im fernsehen dort bestens bekannt. für fans von classic / melodic rock!
Rocket Songs
out of stock
18.51 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp + 7" Vinyl D 10.01.11
indie-pop vom feinsten: die schotten liefern gewohnt s³?e popperlen.
12 inch und 7 inch vinyl im gatefold-civer.
Rough Trade
out of stock
18.51 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 20.07.10
hey you lucky bastards, here is another re-edit package for you. no wait come back, this one is actually worth parting with your hard earned for. instead of the usual, frankly ridiculous and unnecessary edits of michael jackson, mgmt, chic and mark morrison (!) and the likes cluttering up the shelves of your local vinyl emporium, we have got some landmark, ahead of its time, rare, french psychedelic disco from jean pierre massiera to get your chops round.
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
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