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12" Vinyl UK 14.06.19
Last Copy!
10.59 EUR *
DE:10.05 (180G VINYL)
12" Vinyl NL 07.06.19
180 gram vinyl in full colour sleeve.
Last Copy!
10.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 05.04.19
london modular alliance present four new tracks on the materials ep
Dimensions Recordings
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 28.03.19
Private Persons
in stock
11.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 19.11.18
london modular alliance presents gently techno vibes with acid flavoured electro stuff
International Black
out of stock
11.35 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 19.03.18
after their stunning debut on art, electro purveyors london modular alliance return as they keep up their unstoppable momentum on the contemporary electronic scene. with a slew of high profile live shows behind and in front of them - lma go from strength to strength as evidenced by this 5 track ep spanning deep, emotive ambience all the way to heavy wobble electro bass. unmissable!!
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 04.10.17
following their appearance on dimensions recordings’ debut release, the three part compilation ‘an introduction’, with the twisted ‘crosstalk’, london modular alliance step up to the plate with their first full ep for the label. the ‘hands & brains ep’ further demonstrates the skills that the london based trio are becoming renowned for. as the minds behind the fantastic london modular store in london specialising in modular equipment, often supplied to a host of well known musicians, it’s unsurprising to hear that the guys are serious gear heads, what is surprising is the quality and consistency of their growing output! across four tracks the london modular alliance team demonstrate their complete mastery of the electro form with four varied cuts. from the breaky, bubbling, modern acid of lead track, ‘hands & brains’ to the drexciyan underwater inspirations of the closing track, ‘forbidden’ and the brooding machine drone of ‘i settled for her leftovers’, it’s clear that the future of the genre belongs to london modular alliance and it’s in very safe hands… london modular alliance are taking their impressive live set up to dimensions festival this year to unleash their mastery at the croatian fortress
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 25.09.17
having impressed on the home grown ep, released in march of this year, london modular alliance return to hypercolour with the 5 track wolves ep. once again, a heavy arsenal of modular synths and analogue hardware were deployed in the production of these tracks, each once packing a punch and aesthetic that will appeal to many. ôbrockie detö fires out the blocks with on point electro beats and melancholic pads, whilst militant continues the theme, with dusted drums and thick washes of bass for a real futuristic funk moment. elsewhere on the ep, the disassembled arrangement of advance & proceed gives off a cold and discordant atmosphere, but remains firmly in groove and sonically tight, theres a distinct jazz flare in the mix also! tremors hits hard and heavy, giving the detroit electro cats a run for their money, whilst the ep title track, wolves is a busy and inspired slab of british idm at its very best.
out of stock
8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 13.03.17
hailing from london, london modular alliance are a trio of modular enthusiasts, often performing live, completely on the fly using modular synths and live improvisation. members include koova. yes effect and pip williams, but on this new ep for hypercolour. pip williams aka phil venture strikes alone with four devastating cuts. with previous releases on uk techno label brokntoys and the kirk degiorgios applied rhythmic technology (art) label, lma continue a fine run of releases with the home grown ep. the production aesthetics across the four cuts are second to none civic society pairs up dark atmospherics and driving electro beats that furl into rolling breaks, whilst home grown is a pacey and bustling burner. more forward motion electro vibes are in evidence on lucid, and ep closer, saunton combines dense ambience, broken beats and acidic bass, all with a gloss and shimmer that makes the music of london modular alliance so engaging. selected dj reactions elephino - looking forward to playing this loud a made up sound - im digging lucid, thanks cosmin trg - heat ethyl - decent this!
out of stock
8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 05.10.16
out of stock
11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 03.06.16
london modular alliance is the raw and unpredictable music project from the uk’s best known, dedicated modular synth shop london modular. its members simon lynch, phil ventre and gavin pykerman met through a shared passion in modular synthesisers. impromptu gatherings and jams soon turned into live performances at clubs, festivals and museums. from the hushed environs of the tate modern and v&a to vast sweatboxs such as fabric, bloc, freerotation, weather and berghain, london modular clearly have a flair for all things modular. this year sees a return to bloc weekender as well as new adventures at festivals such as dekmantel. they create an intense live show with a huge setup of self-assembled modular gear. every set starts with one small looping beginning – a patch – and is expanded into a deep sonic landscape. with the use of cables they build unexpected circuits and explore the power of pure electronic sounds without the use of a digital software infrastructure. no laptops, no button pushing, everything is created on the spot using modular synthesizers and is based on live improvisations. overall lma tries to keep its live sets in the dark: unrecorded, off the internet and only for those who are present in the moment. a clear break with the capture-all mentality of the internet age.
out of stock
10.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl BE 21.11.18
incl. tracks by agents of time, london modular & golden virgo, kris wadsworth, hiver, laguna, jensen interceptor
in stock
15.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 13.06.18
craigie knowes infamous fundraiser continues with a complete revamp. the double 12inch is replaced by two individual 12inch releases. luke vibert, dj overdose, cygnus, textasy, asok and london modular alliance join on cknow3-pt1 with a blend of acid, electro, techno and jungle sounds to help raise money for the charity war child.
Craigie Knowes
in stock
10.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 07.08.17
over the past six years, dimensions has become a leading name in the underground, with its festival, international series, dj directory and dimensions soundsystem. now, dimensions extends its influence with the start of its label - dimensions recordings. the label launches with a 12-track compilation across three separate discs. ‘an introduction’ makes a huge statement in setting out the label’s intent and breadth. with artists established and new stepping up to present 12 exclusive tracks.
dimensions recordings explores its darker side on an introduction part 3 with intergalactic oddities and twisted techno constructions, the release is definitely ones for the late hours. ‘crosstalk’ from gear heads london modular alliance opens, a squelching, electro, hardware excursion demonstrating a small snippet of what’s to come from the talented trio. next, french artist, upwellings steps up to demonstrate his purist approach as he unites elements of dub and techno to create the beautifully spacey ‘soft shadows’. the third offering comes courtesy of fachwerk label boss and prolific techno artist, mike dehnert, who presents raw but melodic track in ‘tokio,’which maintains his minimal and stripped back aesthetic beautifully. chicago’s steven tang in his obsolete music technology rounds off the release with ‘comb freq,’ a devastatingly powerful mix of acidic, bleeping dance floor energy!

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part of a serie (EUR 9.99)
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