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12 Inch 30.07.18
offical re issue 2018 ultra-rare proto-house vibes from chicago courtesy of still music. this one s long been coveted by followers of the jacking beat, the apostles of wbmx. produced by mike macharello & duane thamm jr this is a truly unique record and one that is very hard to obtain. if you dig the earliest grooves from the windy city, or you have a passing interest in italo or freestyle then this is for you! a fully legit 12- reissue, taken from still music s recent, comprehensive overview of the let s dance label this is unmissable.
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
12 Inch 24.04.19
orphan ann with their debut lp on stockholm based label moloton.
out of stock
16.38 EUR *
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