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12" US 17.09.14
brill la sunrising boogie
Rong Music
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12.66 EUR *
12" UK 05.08.13
felix dickinson and jamie reads revitalized l.h.a.s. inc project return to the formers cynic label with losing my innocence. in original form, l.h.a.s. inc present a blue eyed slo mo acid side to their collective palette that demonstrates some notable diversity and a capacity for song writing. complementing this is a dub from dickinson in his foolish felix guise and two self styled swamp outs from south londons finest cage & aviar
out of stock
9.74 EUR *
12" US 07.02.13
foolish felix dickinsons superb cynic label land a repress of this much sought after uk acid classic! this release is finally getting a very limited re-press. dusk till dawn is an old school acid house slammer reminiscent of tracks like mike dunns *let it be house* and armandos *151*. 808 drums and double 303 acid lines combined with pitched down vocals. played by everyone from larry heard to mark archer. liquid soul drops is a more modern weirdo slow-mo acid jam as championed by andy weatherall.
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10.03 EUR *
12" UK 17.07.12
foolish felix dickinsons superb cynic label with another hot one! cynics latest release features another killer track from l.h.a.s. inc. (jamie read and felix dickinson). analogue synths and vintage drum machines rock along with an infectious old school style reminiscent of the early sounds coming from chicago and new york in the late 80s early 90s. think clubhouse meets nu groove. on the b side phoreski (felixs fellow resident at londons bad passion) delivers a remix that takes the track to another level, darker haunting synths and a robo vocal asking: do you like the way you feel, will you dance with me?
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8.76 EUR *
2x12" UK 08.08.08
excellent detroit tracks from 1997
Fragmented Records
out of stock
12.66 EUR *
2x12" UK 30.11.06
over the last two years cynic have released a steady flow of well produced, genuine, emotive-driven records, >cynicism< presents the best of the releases on 2x12 inch, with 3 extra material cuts chucked in for good measure
out of stock
21.44 EUR *
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