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12" Vinyl US 12.02.16
john heckle is back on mathematics with this 4 track ep. bringing back some serious textures and sequence in sonic mentalism. reminiscent of laidback spencer kinsey (gemini) or early derrick carter in his red nail days. dope!
out of stock
12.66 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 16.11.10
estelle returns with a brand new track, limited white label includes the original ft. john legend + house mixes
in stock
7.79 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp US 18.10.16
there is a lot of confusion with regards to the modern soul scene. an off-shoot of northern soul, it initially mixed new release independent soul, with post late-60s soul that didn’t fit with the northern scene. they championed a lot of great records, but this was the mid-80s and it now seems odd to describe nearly 50 year old records as modern soul but somehow the name has stuck. extra added soul luxuriates in this contradiction, as it allows us to mix up the boogie like love explosion by donnell pittman, with two-step chicago classics by elvin bishop or el anthony, or the danceable sweet soul of dysons faces with gil scott-heron alike patience by rokk. amongst the twenty tracks there is also room for a touch of prince on 94 easts exceptional if you see me and the cosmic soul of karriems super rarity i love you. on the 14th october 2016 j&d records release three exceptional compilations that look at vintage african-american music through the prism of uk club culture. all night long, can you feel that beat and extra added soul will be available on cd & double vinyl and are compiled by dj and award winning compiler dean rudland, with stunning artwork from his long-time collaborators the unknown. across the three volumes there are 60 tracks of soul, funk and boogie.
Numero Group
out of stock
29.23 EUR *
2x cd UK 07.06.17
auf 2 cds finden sich hier die derzeit besten und angesagtesten dance-hits gemixt von dj deep , über 80 tracks incl. niels von gough, alex m, van harden, klaas, mark villa und viele mehr
out of stock
18.51 EUR *
2x cd UK 24.09.15
james grant und jody wisternoff zeigen sich auch für die siebte ausgabe des weltweit renommierten anjunabeats-ablegers anjunadeep verantwortlich! die 2cd featuret die aktuellen club-highlights zwischen house, deep house, electronica und techno. mit von der partie sind tracks und remixe von vincenzo, solomon grey, chasing kurt, maribou state, dusky, way out west, esteble, jody wisternoff, 16 bit lolitas
Anjuna Deep
out of stock
19.49 EUR *
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