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12" Vinyl UK 29.11.11
played by reboot, joris voorn, martinez, christian prommer, lee curtiss, sis, ... ever wondered what a butch diana ross on acid might sound like…? well youre about to find out… but before we get to overside, youve gotta enjoy and marvel at the sheer brilliance of the rest of jairo catelos latest offering on silicone souls darkroom dubs. our man from the asturias has rapidly built a strong and loyal following thanks to his beautifully crafted house cuts. jairos ability to bring together dubby textures and an innate soul within his productions is most enviable. his warehouse ep features three original new cuts backed by a rework from french house guru, phil weeks. lead cut soul school is something of a two-headed beast. whilst its kick-drum and dramatic synth stabs drive it with a serious dose of funk, it still retains a warm-summer soul that will keep the fillies moving. then, as a little sax break goes to our head, were flipped and the beats and bass get sleazy and old school. killer! mr. weeks beings some 90s flow to the table on his remix. working the guitar licks and bassline hard but always retaining a smooth as silk groove, phil shows just how to keep the dancefloor cookin. a beautiful house record from one of the very best. >yairos 303 acid< mix of overside finds us getting upside down and inside out. serious funk with an injection of some classic acid styles. final cut >the shake< sees jairo roll out drums. a lazy bassline is swarmed by ripping snares and a host of percussive sites and sounds. a perfect close to a pretty much perfect ep.
Darkroom Dubs
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8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl ES 02.11.10
info: ltd 300 copies.first support by: gregor tresher, reboot, slam, julien chaptal, ilario alicante, brothers vibe, okain, wally lopez, gorge, federico grazzini, sebo k, afrilounge, mendo, feygin, riva star, silicone soul, edgar de ramon, marco resman, alex dee, affkt, tom findlay, remo, varoslav, darlyn vlys, julien sander, samuel dan, oscar sala, sami wentz, piok, isaac fabregat...kiara dont release many, but when they do we can be assured of its quality. once again the spanish label have delivered, and this time its a revisit to their very first release, jairo catelos 2009 smash >yairos concept<...
Kiara Records
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4.83 EUR *
12" Vinyl ES 02.03.10
excellent groovin minimal hypnotic techhouse monster, massive support: richie hawtin, luciano, 2000 and one, karotte, joris voorn, steve bug, danny tenaglia, andre galluzzi, gregor tresher, dennis ferrer, slam, anja schneider, nic fanciuli, alex niggemann, gorge, dj w!ld, julien chaptal, thomas schumacher, solomun, brothers vibe, michel cleis, anthony collins, silicon soul, serafin (mountain people), arnaud le texier, x-press 2, andrew grant, till von sein, butano, dani casarano, felipe venegas, mirco violi, william kouam djoko, mihai popoviciu, delete, lucca bacchetti, rhadoo, milton jackson, doomwork, marco resman, ues, lee jones, affkt, okain, varoslav, david pher, agnes, darlyn vlys, isaac n piok, jimpster, alex flitsch, tom findlay (groove armada), uner, gruber & nuernberg, enzelkind, nuno dos santos, alez attias, master-h, dj gregory, hector romero, atjazz, leix, chopstick, scope, osunlade, yannick trickski, shaur-i-kan, behrouz, lee burridge, miguel migs, shaun reeves, andre (beatburguer), steve parry (juice fm), raveline germany,christian (, ibiza voice, jose maria ramon (ibiza global radio), ceoltronic radio dublin, diversion radio canada, russ (dj magazine), datatransmission uk, club madnezz holland, tsugi magazine france, de:bug magazine germany, deejay spain, loftco club spain and many more
Kiara Records
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7.98 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 25.08.16
jesus was black goes to chile thanks to the new vinyl release by the hand of producer andre butano & felipe. push cat ep, the artists first release for the label, is a refreshing fusion of the organic beats and the avant-garde music. the title track brings on an underground micro house essence with a thick bass rhythm and crazy voices. the ep features two cold remixes from the spanish talent jairo catelo (darkroom dubs, plastic city) with his bubbling synths and house rhythms making a master deep piece. jorge savoretti (viva music, little helpers) make it with hypnotic broken beats and maintains the deep feel that brought him to jesus was black. closing the ep we can find an awesome original track like -rework- with vinyl popping accents and a couple of vocal hooks, a track to make everyone sweat on the dance floor.
Jesus Was Black
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9.35 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 10.03.14
2013 saw silicone soul celebrating the 10th anniversary of their darkroom dubs imprint. launched in glasgow back in 2003, the drd stamp has become a mark of quality and seen many established names exploring deeper realms whilst also unearthing fresh and exciting global talent.
Darkroom Dubs
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16.52 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 03.02.11
first on!! sincopat showcases our first va for the third reference. four artists have picked up the baton from the successful >soleil levant< (sincopat 002): jairo catelo, feygin, samuel dan, kid culture all give us an album full of feeling and magical moments
out of stock
7.30 EUR *
12" Vinyl ES 25.09.09
big with richie hawtin, silicone soul, lauhaus, kabale & liebe, robert dietz, david lejaby, shoxy, luciano esse, dan ghenacia, someone else, alex flatner and many more
Kiara Records
out of stock
7.98 EUR *
2x cd ES 06.01.12
the most in party on the island for all those saturday night clubbers, this cd mixed by danny leblack and fran morin is an amazing example of just what the café ole fiesta is like. these 20 incredible house tracks will take your breath away. just go ahead and enjoy such sounds as eric morillo and eddie thoneick feat shawnee taylor, hitch, feygin, coco silco & santy lafonte, jairo catelo and many more!
Essential Records
Last Copy!
19.49 EUR *
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