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12" Vinyl US 07.06.18
dark entries is proud to release ‘commerce’, the third ep from san francisco-based trio inhalt, german for “content”. the group was founded in 2009, and for the purposes of this recording are matia simovich, philip winiger and steven campodonico. inhalt’s core operative strategy is of sonic fidelity and integrity rather than nostalgia. their first release was a split 12- on world unknown in 2011 followed by two eps on dark entries, a remix ep on emotional especial and a part time punks session on cleopatra. ‘commerce’ is a close examination of the self destructive tendency of the ego in relation to the allure of negativity and mass tragedy. the ep details the psychopathy of relentless thirst mandated by neo-liberalism and traverses through the adoption of social and economic technologies that strengthen domination vis a vis self enslavement to disempowerment. employing the best of both modern and vintage techniques, the four songs on the ep utilize dense production, big snares, and powerful german vocals from philip. inhalt are informed by the brooding soundtracks of john carpenter as much as the vastness and sheen of trevor horn, and set out to explore the borders between the vocal-driven pop song and the expansive dancefloor 12&#8243,,,, arrangement. the record was produced over four years at the bands own black sun loft recording studio and different fur studios. paul lavigne mastered the ep in london, england at kontrast mastering and george horn handled the vinyl eq curve at fantasy studios, berkeley. each ep is housed in a specially designed jacket by leo merz and includes a lyric sheet with english translations.
Dark Entries
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16.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 12.09.14
to accompany the release of especial s compilation mix cd, -eleccio- - offering of a snapshot of the first 9 eps on the label - a limited edition sampler ep is being released featuring 4 unreleased remixes from the label s roster to date. ever since the first white labels appeared at the end of summer 2013, emotional especial has had a busy release schedule, putting out music that are a slightly warped take on club music. mixing the influences of dub, electro, disco, proto-house, house and techno, a feeling, a sound, a vibe has appeared without any preordained plan. with the release of ees10cd - a dj meets studio compilation mix created by label mainstay and handyman, jamie paton - to mark the end of first series of the label, it was decided to included a couple of specal unreleased remixes to add a bit of new with the old in the mix. to that end this limited edition vinyl sampler was created to include the two remixes, plus the inclusion of another two gems that simply needed to see the light of day. first is the alternative -member- remix of inhalt by black merlin - a strings meets leather bar club-dub-out that takes things deeper and darker than before. this is followed by jamie delivering his own take of khidja s massive mustafa, with a warped, swamped out dub. next is another mix from cage & aviary of their pals, blancemange. brooding low-slung rerub dub anyone? finally there is a very special remix by khidja of the ganges orchestra. reissued on emotional rescue in 2013, this special remix takes the vocal mantra of the original and creates a balearic-raga tale that perfectly rounds off especial to date.
EES 010
(Emotional) Especial
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12" Vinyl UK 04.07.14
emotional especial call time on their first series of releases and do so in style, taking a detour to san francisco for a 12- that features reworks of latter-day synth experimentalists inhalt. the specific focus here is occupations, last years ep for the killer dark entries label which showed a distinct progression in the inhalt sound to capture a contemporary take on synth wave/cold wave/dark wave (delete as appropriate
EES 009
(Emotional) Especial
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10.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 06.12.11
number 4 from world unknown arrives just in time to close 2011 out on a high. the party is now officially a roadblock and the label has already won all kinds of high friends in high places.
World Unknown
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 29.05.06
blackploid delivers 4 stylish electro tracks which are just plain classics for the future..
Frustrated Funk
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coloured 12" Vinyl NL 17.01.20
raw techno pressure from opal, remixed by new world order and inhalt der nacht.
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10.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 21.08.19
remixes by schacke and inhalt der nacht & echoes of october.
Rebels Conspiracy
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10.89 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl NL 05.04.19
prime time rave / techno
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18.89 EUR *
3x12" Vinyl NL 16.11.18
monnom black marks its 17th release with its first various artist compilation presented on triple vinyl. keeping with the label’s modus operandi, the compilation is packed with iconic, raw and uncompromising techno, featuring 13 artists new and old to the imprint! essential selection!
Monnom Black
Last Copy!
27.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 11.05.18
mechatronica launches their new white series, dedicated to limited edition white label records across synth, wave, ebm and italo with a va release featuring inhalt, violet poison, sneaker and daniel holt.
mechatronica white 1 opens with sneaker’s gloomy remix of german synth-pop band opus leopard, followed by the electrifying instrumental version of “alles” - a relentlessly progressing piece of body music from san francisco trio, inhalt. on the flip, violet poison summons a fat, trippy ebm-leaning groove, before daniel holt finishes off the record with anthemic synths and a ticket to the cosmos on “floating mansions”.
Mechatronica Music
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9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 17.11.17
interstate records is a newborn independent record label based between london and berlin. it’s run by the up-and-coming duo dial tone and aims to provide a vibrant and diverse platform for emerging and established artists within the techno scene, whilst occasionally touching upon ambient and other experimental music spheres.
Interstate Records
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10.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 01.09.16
played by agcp/dr cuts(plus seven), sergio rizzolo, malka tuti
emotional especial and cocktail d amore music enter cahoot-mode once again with a second round of sfire remixes that take proceedings down a deeper, more stripped-back path courtesy of the inimitable timothy j fairplay and willie burns. two artists who need little introduction offer up two remixes each that take the unique original to new dance floor extremes. timothy steps up first with his take on -sfire 2- via differing vocal and instrumental versions. his trademark, echo laden rolling percussion and john carpenter-style key lines take the original synth-pop homage to the dark room. adding arps, a lifting, hedonistic breakdown and the scatter-stepper drums and claps found on the instrumental version and this is pure cotf territory and the better for it. mr willie burns meanwhile has long followed his own path for his take on -sfire 3-, offering one of his deepest remixes to date. thudding kick, brooding pads and dark strings force the vocals to go down, way down for examination. the distorted vocals of remix 1 are countered by remix 2 letting the track shine via a seemingly endless 4/4 beat. psychedelic, trance inducing, pulsating, this is an ever growing mind expanse.
EES 023
(Emotional) Especial
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11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl, 140 g UK 06.07.15
after releases for discos capablanca and moon glyth, minneapolis collective food pyramid align with especial for a remix ep based around oh mercy, a track from their 2012 album mango sunrise. apparently a long term favourite of label boss stuart leath, the warped breakbeat jam fusion of the original is ripe for reinvention and gets the remix treatment from especial in house team apophenia, inhalt and jamie paton. its the full on italo pumper remix from san francisco s inhalt that really impresses too, with especial right to compare it to timmy regisford classic remix of >rules to survive< by noi
EES 017
(Emotional) Especial
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12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 31.08.12
tiefe bassflächen wabern durch die magengegend, ghetto-saxophone, staubige drums und rauchige jazzpianos erinnern an den sound der queensbridge-generation.
Funk Verteidiger
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16.99 EUR *
cd UK 12.09.14
emotional especial looks back at the first 9 releases since it s inception to provide a selection or -eleccio- via a special dubbed out dj meets studio mix from label stalwart jamie paton. ever since the first white labels appeared at the end of summer 2013, emotional especial has been busy putting out music that are their own warped take on club music. mixing the influences of dub, electro, disco, proto-house, house and techno, a sound appeared without any preordained plan. to celebrate the end of the first series of releases come ees10cd - a dj meets studio compilation mix created by label artist, remixer and even in-house designer, jamie paton. freaturing tracks from every ep, including two unreleased remixes are the tight productions of richard sen, the wiggle of scott fraser, deep, chugging cage & aviary dubs, the eastern influences of baris k and newcomers khidja, the quirky discoid wonk of maurice & charles and finally not forgetting of course, the stand out timothy j fairplay touches. whether alongside mr weatherall, andy blake or in solo remix mode, young -junior-s skills (and name) grows and grows. all this is perfectly put together by jamie paton, the man who launched the label with his bizarre feeling ep. as well as the inclusion of several unreleased cuts, jamie has edited the -selection-, adding live studio dubbing, fx and the odd mega-mix to make it truly (e)special.
(Emotional) Especial
out of stock
9.95 EUR *
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