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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: hypnotonic
12" Vinyl UK 28.11.19
next mosaic biggie !!!!
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11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 03.08.17
with spring well and truly in the air and party season in step, mosaic records boss steve o sullivan launches mosaic s 38th release - joining forces with fellow londoner frazer campbell for a new studio collaboration. not content with letting the dust settle from his recent work alongside ricardo villalobos, o sullivan has stayed a little closer to his london home to work with frazer campbell for this latest tag team effort. a dextrous hand in the mix and producer in his own right, campbell has a passion for all things that sit on the deeper end of the house, techno and electronica spectrum. in his own words, thought emoting music is central to his mission having launched open recordings and elliot project records last year: a worthy sparring partner indeed. since the start of the year, the pair had their heads down focusing on finding a happy medium between deeply swung grooves and the airy influences of detroit - shaking out an interesting trio of tracks for their label debut. far from treading the obvious path, the main event a1 hypnotonic revels in a lighter touch as metronomic beat programming cycles endlessly to a held set of notes. off-kilter bass pulses, warped out vocals and effect splashes all intersect to keep the energy input constant as they capture one of those less frenzied moments where the very notion of time seems to hold still. make no mistake, this is a slow burn vibe. head to the flipside b1 soultonic to plunge yourself straight into hip twitching mode when the lights go down. a deep chord, syncopated hats and deftly tweaked synths echo as a full dose of shuffle inflicts its move. simple yet so effective, this track will not let you down. winding things back up a touch, the tougher edge of alleyway funk pushes the feeling on thanks to a thumping kick and a deft nod towards uk garage. met with a soft glisten of a rhodes piano and tweakish melody, the pair round things off in a boyant mood - fans of soul capsule and schatrax will no doubt agree. repeat play of this ep is recommended as its all the more rewarding for it.
Mosaic 038
out of stock
11.49 EUR *
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