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12" Vinyl UK 23.01.18
swiss producer honorée returns to rekids with maree haute ep this january, featuring two intelligently produced deep cuts with a remix from perlon’s margaret dygas. basel-based artist honorées inaugural release marée basse ep appeared on rekids earlier this year and demonstrated a musical understanding acquired from extensive dj experience within switzerland’s club scene. marée haute ep is honorée’s second outing on rekids and includes a remix from renowned minimal dj/producer and panorama bar regular margaret dygas. dorian delivers crisp drum grooves which underpin mesmerising chord progressions, haunting synthesizer motifs and spacey vocals before 208 provides infectious drum rhythms, glitched vocal cuts and hypnotic melodies which sit on top of a rumbling low-end. margaret dygas take on dorian offers a pulsating bass hook and sharp percussion which lays the foundation for dubbed-out synths and ethereal atmospheres to close the release.
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12" Vinyl UK 29.03.17
swiss dj-producer honorée debuts on rekids with two intricate numbers featuring swedish producer evigt mörker. a key component in switzerland’s thriving electronic music scene, honorée is an accomplished dj and no stranger to playing alongside the upper echelons of house and techno. she now demonstrates her production abilities with an excellent inaugural outing on rekids. ‘pearls’ sees deep notes and stuttering percussion join echoing french vocals for a stripped-back exhibition of mesmerising house. feeling integrates sultry chords with syncopated drums whilst a whispering voice ebbs in and out of the mix. evigt mörker, known for appearances on semantica records and konstrukt, then steps up for a rhythmic and ethereal rendition of pearls.
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