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12" NL 30.09.09
dj support: endymion, dj d, giangy (ex stunned guys), manu le malin, broken rules, peaky pounder, the outside agency and many many more
finally the long awaited gpw010 is ready! once again the gunpowder rec. brings you an absolutly slamming release composed by 4 monster tracks that, following the typical gpw mission, provides various hardcore styles ready for all the dj bags out there, from mainstream to faster and industrial sounds. except for the already wellknown hit >dig it< created by gif phobia, you will find other three demoniac gems composed by the soldiers of gunpowder family, assembled to offer one of the most complete and interesting screaming hardcore vinyls of the year! yes, the gunpowder rec. is still here, fuck off the global economic crisis and keep the real underground noise alive!
this label is dedicated to hardcore music, raw sounds, noise, industrial beats, distortions, big and fat kicks!from mainstream to experimental, from climax floorfilla to dark influenced hard bases, this label is all about hardcore. every release contains different styles, every release is a surprise and every release can be played in various djsets, because there is ever at least one track good also for you.the logo is a restyled version of the old personal logo of gif phobia, now used for a more global and massive project! now shared with all the artists of gunpowder records.
out of stock
6.46 EUR *
12" IT 22.05.09
new hardcore blasters release, with a new 3 tracks ep by 3 of main hardcore djs on the scene!!!
Hardcore Blasters
out of stock
6.71 EUR *
12" ES 15.10.07
strong hardcore 4 tracker incl a massive gif phobia remix
out of stock
7.36 EUR *
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