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coloured 2x12" UK 08.02.21
2x12inch full sleeve / clear marble vinyl
FireScope Records
in stock
24.36 EUR *
12", 180gr UK 19.01.15
finale sessions is proud to bring another fine release from none other then nick lapian from soul people music fame and amoung other fine labels worldwide . we at finale sessions welcome nick to our family and our system here at finale sessions with his fatastic tracks that s sure to please your ears and we start with the first track and it called -lost days- it has such movement to it with its rolling pads and its systemmatic keywork and deeep basslines is a must haqve for the record bag for sure . then we have -pigment which is a mid tempo dream come true with it acidy pad synthed structure and lush keys and wicked drum work it is 1st hour monster for sure . then last but not least we have -motif- which is peek time killer with its nice key work and its nice pads layering into a nice kick perfect for a b side jam and that what we have for finale sessions 023 we hope you enjoy the next generation from the forward thinking vault.....we want to thank you for the ongoing support finale sessions god bless you
Finale Sessions
in stock
8.18 EUR *
12" UK 11.11.20
infernal sounds welcomes cluekid with electric avenue / horizontal ep
Infernal Sounds
out of stock
9.66 EUR *
12" FR 26.04.07
twisted bleepy electrohouse action 2 very useful mixes a must have
Full Force Session
out of stock
6.22 EUR *
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