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12" Vinyl NL 27.06.14
a great musical journey start with stop in italy germany, holland and mexico. different approaches in the use of machines and different influences, 3 techno star as alex bau, luis flores and red square, comparing their styles on frankie serious original tracks.mnestic / roaches, 2 mental & hypnotic tracks where thin voices are supported by thumping rhythmic, result: a great techno groove!
The-Zone Records LTD
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl IT 02.01.18
blumoog music is proud to present its new release of 4 tracks of great musical thickness. this time, blumoog music has selected quality and passion. we introduce a character like aubrey (metroplex, ferox, outsgun and more...) with a classical song of his repertoire : low crushing bag and psychadelic, you will go to cosmic dimension. it s gotshell time, colombian artist, who is pointing to into historical labels like blueprint, missile. his song is terrifying and powerful, not for the weak of heart. it s time for frankie serious(blumoog music,switch off rec.,the zone rec.), artist from rome. with his very high production quality, he proposes with a powerful killer song, excellent for dancefloors but at the same time wonderful for a mental journey. unchained souls goes to end this ep of a large thickness, a mysterious duo whom we ll sure speak about. they propose a dark psychadelic selection which will take you inside the deep abyss of your mind... blumoog music is always near you with soul and passion for the electronics music.....good listening supported by: richie hawtin, lario alicante, dj rolando, marcel heese , rivet, advanced human . luigi madonna, paul mac, m.i.d.i., thor, radial, spec, rush plus, alexi delano, m.r.e.u.x, danielle godiva , p.leone, bodyscrub, david james ruskin , eric, jef k, johannes volk, dj spider, sintek,, tom laws, orde meikle ,e
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9.99 EUR *
3xcd UK 22.08.14
a 3xcd voyage of evolution from the alchemist goldie.incl. soul 2 soul, radiohead, roy ayers, junior murvin, ken bothe, zero b, goldie, a guy called gerald, top buzz, rufige kru, commix and more
Ministry Of Sound Uk

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Vinyl (EUR 22.95)
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