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3x12" Vinyl D 15.06.18
scissor and thread is proud to present leland the debut album by francis harris. this long anticipated lp is a requiem to the artists father, released to coincide with the second anniversary of his passing. the album, harris most expansive work to date, features danish vocalist gry on three tracks including lostfound, the first single and video which was remixed by mathew herbert and debuted on pitchfork. also featured throughout are emil abramyan, whose poignant performance on cello evokes comparison to arthur russell, and greg paulus (no regular play/matthew dear band), whose improvisational free jazz inspired trumpet accents converse thoughtfully with harris own tonal melodies performed on piano and guitar. determined to produce electronic music with warmth and true dynamic range, harris recorded and mixed leland at jsm studios on an analog ssl and then enlisted legendary engineer joe lambert to master the project. leland has been featured on pitchfork, magnet, ghetto blaster, aol spinner, urb, mixmag,, and the village voice, amongst many others. leland will be available in a limited edition triple lp set with free mp3 download!
Scissor & Thread
in stock
24.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl +mp3 UK 15.06.18
2018 reissue of the classic, now in hq gatefold sleeve! original cover art, carefully remastered 2lp from original tapes + bonus download! following in the wake of *leland* (2012), the critically acclaimed full length debut by label founder francis harris, scissor and thread is proud to announce the release of his anticipated sophomore lp, *minutes of sleep*. the album is a further foray into harris signature blend of house, modern classical, shoe-­gaze and noise which is the artists most ambitious and accomplished work to date.
Scissor & Thread
in stock
18.95 EUR *

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