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coloured 12" Vinyl US 12.06.18
benny blanco debuts with a five-tracks staraya ep onto his valkea music. every detail has been taken care, from mixing to the master from vinyl press to artwork. following a short description about staraya ep stry 1 by ricky l red is not dead mix intense and majestic, the track of rare and profound beauty. stry 2 original mix its a tribute to benny blancos origins and to the electronic/progressive sound of the mid nineties that had great influence on him and became his trademark from the very beginning. stry 3 by giammaria coccoluto & luca vera as soul sonic remix an ethnic rhythm full of grooves thanks to the addition of percussive elements and a masterly used organ, which wont keep you still. stry 4 the thc revenge remix an atmosphere that captures and hypnotizes, where it extrapolates and magnificently enhances the most melodic part. stry 5 erly tepshi dark vision mix an esoteric and astral journey in the furthest and most remote corners of your mind. this original project to the artwork that will in essence, satisfy your eyes and especially the ears.
Valkea Music
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