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coloured 12" Pre sale
coloured vinyl
Echocord Colour 043
Echocord Colour
14.59 EUR *
12" 04.06.21
incl deadbeat, reshape quantec remix
Echocord 088
in stock
12.59 EUR *
2x12" 07.05.21
repress black vinyl - echocord welcomes mathimidori (w+p by mathias kaden) on their label
Echocord 086
in stock
26.99 EUR *
12" 05.03.21
incl svens angelic sends mix
Echocord 087
out of stock
12.99 EUR *
12" 30.04.20
dubby as always
Echocord 085
Last Copy!
11.69 EUR *
12" 10.01.20
incl conforce remix
Echocord 084
out of stock
11.69 EUR *
12" 06.09.19
following the success of last years babe roots ep, echocord revisits the package with reworks from forest drive west, mike schommer, felix k, db1 and babe roots themself.
Echocord 083
out of stock
10.52 EUR *
12" 07.06.19
incl freund der familie remixes
Echocord 082
Last Copy!
11.69 EUR *
12" 03.05.19
stl back on echocord
Echocord 081
Last Copy!
11.49 EUR *
12" 15.11.18
timesless dub tech as always
Echocord 080
out of stock
11.01 EUR *
2x12" 19.10.18
idealist returns with his second long player this october, entitled ‘mind field’ and featuring eight dub-leaning cuts from the swiss producer.
Echocord 079
out of stock
20.46 EUR *
12" 10.08.18
conforce returns under his silent harbour guise this august with the ‘noctiluca’ mini lp, a six track collection set for release via copenhagen’s echocord. dutch producer boris bunnik has been releasing material under various guises over the past two decades such as conforce, versalife, hexagon, vernon felicity and of course silent harbour which he revisits here following 2015’s ‘hinterland’ on deep sound channel and the self-tilted inauguration of the project in 2012 on echocord. the beatless drones of ‘riparian’ open the package, perfectly setting the tone with murky bell like chimes, rumbling subs and splashes of white noise before title-track ‘noctiluca’ picks up the pace, tipping the focus over to bubbling dub echoes, glitched out, minute percussion and a sturdy muted kick to keep things driving. ‘dwelling’ is up next, featuring expansive, washed out synth textures, cavernous bass tones and modulating percussion throughout. leading on the b-side of the release is ‘peridinum’, employing classic dub techno tropes with an amalgamation of choppy stab sequences dynamically evolving over off-beat hats and a thunderous kick. ‘fusiformis’ strips things rhythmically whilst keeping the bubbling delays and expansive reverbs at it’s core before closing track ‘pelagia’ brings bright, resonant synth lines, delayed percussive hits and tension building synth bass into the limelight.
Echocord 078
out of stock
13.64 EUR *
12" 13.07.18
echocord’s colour sub-label returns early june with a four- track ep from eindhoven’s albert van abbe in the shape of ‘klangbilder’. dutch techno artist albert van abbe has nearly two decades of experience under his belt in various forms of musical and visual expression, releasing on his own vanabbe imprint, figure jams, semantica and no comment, as well as playing live and djing at hot spots across the globe such as berghain, tresor, dgtl and awakenings festival. ‘klangbilder 1’ leads with a robust rhythmic drive, employing bumpy toms, shuffled hats and lumpy kicks at its core as vacillating synths, tension building drones and menacing pizzicato strings develop throughout. ‘klangbilder 2’ takes things deeper next, retaining the dusty drums sound of the previous cut whilst stirring in airy ethereal pads and choppy, resonant stab sequences. ‘klangbilder 3’ kicks off the b-side with modulating synth whirrs, emotive organ tones and a muted drum tones throughout before ‘klangbilder 4’ closes the package, taking things beatless and cinematic via emotive synth leads, droning subs and expansive echoes.
Echocord Colour 042
Echocord Colour
Last Copy!
11.79 EUR *
12" 04.05.18
mikkel metal returns to copenhagen’s echocord this may with his new mini lp ‘just enough light’, comprising six originals from the danish artist. copenhagen based producer and dj mikkel metal has been a beacon of light in the danish electronic music scene and further afield for nearly two decades now, with the dub techno imprint from his hometown, echocord, being the predominant home for his output, whilst also releasing material on cologne’s kompakt, tartelet, semantica and avant roots, a telling sign of the quality embodied in his work. here though we see mikkel deliver a mini album concept in the shape of ‘just enough light’ and opener ‘awake’ perfectly sets the tone with emotive, dynamically unfolding atmospherics, tension building bass drones and spiraling dub chords subtly easing us into the project. ‘bregnan’ then stirs in some classing dub-techno tropes with billowing stab sequences, lumpy subs and off beat high hats carrying the hypnotic groove for six and a half minutes. ‘jech’ then strips things back to an almost beatless amalgamation of murky chords and modulating synth whirrs. opening the flip side of the release is ‘include’ which embraces a brighter feel via ethereal pad swells, jazztinged synth melodies and bumpy 909 rhythms before ‘konkin’ edges back into the eerie, brooding aesthetic with bubbling echoes, broken drums and menacing bass swells at its core. ‘restore’ then closes the package on a stripped-back vibe, laying focus on an ever- eveolving singular dub chord to ebb and flow around thunderous subs, kicks and bright hats.
Echocord 077
Last Copy!
13.25 EUR *
12" 26.01.18
greek producer fluxion returns to danish imprint echocord in january with his ‘upsides & sideways ep’, comprising three original productions.
Echocord 076
out of stock
10.52 EUR *
12" 01.12.17
copenhagens echocord colour returns this mid november with brendom moellers magic city ep, featuring four originals from the new york based artist. brendon moeller has long been a purveyor of authentic dub-infused techno since stepping onto the scene via his 2006 sweetspot / humpback ep via echocord and has since gone on to release on reputable imprints such as third ear, kimochi sound, delsin’s ann aimee, mule musiq and of course his very own steadfast. here though moeller makes a welcome return to where it all began with some fresh material for echocords colour sub- label. caravan takes the lead on the release and in typical brendon moeller fashion were treated to densely layered dub chords, throbbing subs and expansive atmospherics whilst robust drums drive the composition along. magic city’ follows and ups the energy levels even further with pounding industrial drums layered underneath billowing dub stabs and eerie drones. ‘magic city in dub’ follows and as the name suggests offers up a reduced take on the composition, dropping the tempo and shining light on the billowing echoes of the original whilst stirring in some off-kilter rhythsm and additional processing for good measure. lastly,departure closes the package, with haunting synth drones, bumpy rhythms and murky vocals wandering throughout the seven-minute composition
Echocord Colour 041
Echocord Colour
out of stock
12.18 EUR *
coloured 12" 03.11.17
echocords colour sub-label continues this november with sephs teleport ep, featuring three originals from the argentinian producer. buenos aires born producer sebastian gelante aka seph has been kicking up a storm in the techno world since the turn of the millennium releasing material on labels such as dumb unit, harry klein, items & things, his own aula magna imprint and now he joins the echocord roster on sub-label echocord colour following recent releases from luke hess and stephen brown. across the teleport ep seph delivers his signature smooth, dubbed out and intricate style and&#8232,,,,the title-track takes the lead with billowing pads, bumpy off kilter rhythms and choppy stab sequences galore before delta strips back the vibe to raw drums and murky synth textures while ethereal pads ebb and flow through the composition. motion rounds out the package on the flip side, taking a straighter approach rhythmically this time round to allow the snaking dub stabs, rumbling low-end tones and evolving hats to take the lead throughout.
Echocord Colour 040
Echocord Colour
out of stock
12.18 EUR *
12" 08.09.17
sven weisemann is set to release his ‘bilateral relations’ ep via copenhagen’s echocord this september, comprising four originals from the german producer. sven weisemann has been immersed in the underground house and techno scene for quite some time now having started djing in 1997 during the rise of the scene on his home turf of berlin and going on to release material via the likes of amsterdam’s delsin, mojuba, telrae and liebe.detail amongst many more. here though we see sven joining the roster of echocord, a perfect fit for his more dubbed out compositions with artists like fluxion, rod modell and stl on the roster. ‘lunation’ opens the release and sees weisemann fuse emotive string melodies and cavernous vocal echoes with off- kilter rhythms and rounded sub hits before title-track ‘bilateral relations’ embraces a more direct four-four approach via sparse percussion and tumbling toms alongside choppy bass stabs and ever-unfolding, echoing dub chords. opening the flip is ‘monistic’, an airy ethereal number employing billowing pads, bright synth chimes and a dropped tempo dubbed out feel to create something truly stunning and thought provoking before the ‘decimation (valvle tr9 mix) closes things on a darker tip with looming stab swells, heavily swung drums and sporadic growling bass drones.
Echocord 075
out of stock
9.25 EUR *
12" 18.08.17
copenhagen’s echocord colour returns this august with stephen brown’s ‘power factor’ ep, featuring three originals from the uk techno stalwart. scottish producer stephen brown is a name synonymous with techno across the globe having been releasing material since the mid nineties on imprints such as derrick may’s transmat, subject detroit, skudge records, ben sims’ theory and holland’s djax up beats amongst many more. here we see brown join the roster of echocord’s sub-label colour, slotting him in alongside the likes of mike dehnert, nick ho&#776,,,ppner, luke hess and deadbeat in the back- catalogue. up first on the release is ‘sandtext’, a stripped-back dubbed out opening cut fuelled by a robust kick and minute percussive hits running alongside a sturdy sub bass drive and spiralling dub stabs before ‘wet’ takes things even deeper via muted kicks, shuffling shakers and delayed synth chords. ‘back stroke’ then rounds out the release with an amalgamation of airy reverberated stab hits, rumbling low end pulsations and a thunderous kick drum to once again create an understated, hypnotic composition.
Echocord Colour 039
Echocord Colour
out of stock
11.69 EUR *
12" 23.06.17
echocord returns late june with a new release, joel alter under his jor-el alias, entitled ‘tilted reality’ and comprising three originals from the swedish artist. currently based in copenhagen, sweden born producer and dj joel alter is a name synonymous with the contemporary techno scene on both his home turf and across the globe, his back catalogue to date features a long player for the uncanny valley imprint, solo ep’s for d’julz’ bass culture, sweatshop and collaborative works for kontra musik alongside henrik johnsson amongst much more. this time round though we see alter return under his jor-el guise under which he first started releasing material on dj hell’s internation deejay gigolo imprint. up first is title-track ‘tilted reality’ laid out over seven minutes with a slowly unfolding dynamic feel, encompassing spiraling atmospherics, distorted rhythms and blooming stab- sequences. ‘elevation’ follows and takes a more direct groove-driven approach via straight four-four percussion and hooky bass chops, whilst tension building pads and fluttering dub echoes gradually build around the foundation. ‘solitude’ closes out the package deliving into deeper realms with soft ethereal dub chords, acid tinged leads and emotive strings.
Echocord 074
Last Copy!
9.15 EUR *
12" 31.03.17
we are proud to announce that andreas tilliander is back on echocord after 15 years. this march sees echocord release the ofog ep comprising three original productions from swedens andreas tilliander. stockholm based andreas tilliander is a name thats been synonymous with the underground electronic music scene for a while now, from his contribution to the glitch genre in the early 1990s through to winning a swedish grammy and producing under various monikers creating a variety of sonic art. this includes his previous echocord released lowfour alias, the raster.noton seminal moikra cliphop album and his more recently explored tm404 project which has seen him release on skudge and kontra-musik. tillianders ofog ep kicks off with an upfront and club leaning track entitled storet, which is driven by deep kicks and crisp hats that both sit tightly at each end of the mix, leaving room for twisted chords and delayed synth swells to fill the gap. next up comes the fine dub-tinged and spacious aesthetic of oliveros, where ethereal textures glide freely alongside the live-sounding tape delayed drums, accompanied by a deep, weaving sub. closing the package is risset, in which a half time bass line chugs alongside vibrantly saturated percussion escorted by dubby chords and glitchy atmospherics.
Echocord 073
out of stock
9.06 EUR *
12" 17.03.17
our favorite detroit producer and friend luke hess is back on echocord colour with a 3-track bomb. all tracks are super powerfull dubby spaced out techno with the typical luke hess feeling, deep and melodic. luke hess is a dj & producer from detroit. he has celebrated eps out on omar s fxhe, carl craigs planet-e, echocord, echocord colour, finale sessions, kontra- musik, & modelisme. his label deeplabs is the center for his own deeply personal projects.
Echocord Colour 038
out of stock
10.62 EUR *
12" 03.03.17
we are proud to announce a new member to the echocord family, we have signed the super talented idealist. based in zurich (switzerland), idealist already produces music for more than a decade. but only in the previous five years he took the next steps and signed tracks to labels like pro-tez, lackrec and berg audio and focused on building up his own imprint idealistmusic with its sublabel details series. his first ep on echocord contains 3 heavy powerfull dubby tracks, all for the dancefloor.
Echocord 072
out of stock
9.25 EUR *
12" 03.02.17
echocord colour in full effect!
Echocord Colour 037
out of stock
11.59 EUR *
12" 20.01.17
we are very proud to welcome back one of our greatest artists and good friends scott monteith aka deadbeat. scott original comes from canada but now lives in berlin for some years. scott is mostly known for his own blkrtz label, but have been releasing on many other labels over the years. the track put on your red shoes and trance is a peak time bomb, dubby, deep, powerfull and melodic track. the b-side, just jackin around is techno bomb full of dubby chords and build-up-madness. 300 limited marbeld vinyls. when the coloured edition is sold out we only have black vinyl left.
Echocord Colour 036
out of stock
10.23 EUR *
2x12" 14.10.16
the compilation features artists that all have been releasing on echocord and echocord colour before, from veterans mikkel metal, deadbeat, fluxion to newer signed artist arovane.
Echocord 071

also available as:
out of stock
17.54 EUR *
12" 24.06.16
the new bomb on echocord colour comes from mike dehnert. mike already released several eps on echocord colour, and we are happy and proud to have him back. this ep contains 3 powerfull techno-tracks with dubby elements, typical stripped down mike dehnert sound, perfect for the peak time dancefloor. mike dehnert is mostly known from his own imprint, the raw techno label fachwerk which he has been running since 2007. he is also releasing on other respected labels like delsin, clone basement series and deeply rooted house.
Echocord Colour 035
Echocord Colour
out of stock
8.28 EUR *
12" 03.06.16
we are proud to announce a new member to the echocord family, we have signed the super talented tomas rubeck. he is known for his releases on labels like, animal farm, amadeus, fifth interval, telrae and more. based in the midlands (uk) where post industrial decay fringes with an idyllic rural backdrop, it may not be too much of a surprise as to where aspiring artist tomas rubeck takes his lead on inspiration for his music. with an ear for detailed production and a self confessed perfectionist when it comes to sound design and artistic flare, its clear as to why his records seem refreshingly different. his first ep on echocord contains 3 heavy powerfull dubby tracks, all for the dancefloor.
Echocord 070
out of stock
8.08 EUR *
12" 11.04.16
we are very proud to announce that we have signed arovane aka uwe zahn for echocord. uwe is in our world a legend within the electronic music scene. he started to do releases on the old berlin labels din and city-centre-offices. he is known for being one of the best producers ever within the idm & electronica scene. back in the 90’s he listened to the music of basic channel, maurizio and fluxion a lot. this sound is timeless. in the summer of 2015 he started to record a couple of dub sounds and beats beside his collaboration work and the production of his new album. he talked to fluxion and told him about the growing project. he liked the tracks very much and connected it with echocord and the modul ep was born.
Echocord 069
out of stock
8.28 EUR *
12" 01.04.16
here comes another release by echologist aka brendon moeller. brendon did several releases over the year and here comes the next bomb!! these tracks were recorded in autumn of 2016 in brendon’s home studio that is conveniently located in the basement of his home in upstate new york. the tracks were made using a combination of hardware and software. the protocol, well, sync all machines via midi and cv and then jam. once a jam seems to take on a form he multitrack record all elements in ableton and then create a final arrangement and mix down.
Echocord Colour 034
Echocord Colour
out of stock
8.72 EUR *
2x12" 29.01.16
mikkel metal was the first artist on echocord, and the main reason why the label was started back then. after many many releases we are very happy and proud that he now returns with a full lenght album. more than 7 years after his last long-player album mikkel metal returns with a new album for echocord. bypassing dub-techno as the starting point, this is music clearly consistent with earlier output. we are presented with 10 tracks that all evolve with around a melancholic melodic framework. while there is clearly a nod to detroit and another to dub- techno, the overall impression is consistently and unmistakably the sound of mikkel metal. a hypnotic, very enjoyable and thorough return from the danish artist.
Echocord 68

also available as:
CD (EUR 14.61)
out of stock
10.49 EUR *
12" 07.12.15
2nd part by mr.nstephan laubner aka stl.
Echocord 67
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
coloured 12" 27.11.15
powerfull techno tracks, full of deepness, heavy staps and dubby elements, perfect for the dancefloor.
Echocord Colour 033
Echocord Colour
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" 16.11.15
we are happy to announce the third ep on echocord by one of our favorite producers, stephan laubner aka stl. stephan is mostly known from his own very famous label something. he has also been releasing on labels like perlon, sushitech, styrax, echospace and smallville. this new ep message of sound- is the first part of 2, contains 2 original stl tracks and 2 loops. inside out is a beautifull almost ambient like dubby tune, and heavy snow is powerfull dubby house track, perfect for the dancefloor.
Echocord 66
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" 06.11.15
adventures in deep space is a reflection of the wonder and complexity of recognizing that we as humans are creatures with a limited capacity stranded on a planet somewhere in the universe searching for meaning and purpose while also recognizing that what we do every moment can shape the outcome of our future on earth and might ultimately become small and meaningful stitching s that could shape the fabric of our future in space.
Echocord Colour 032
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" 18.05.15
here comes the first ep by grad_u on echocord. after his remix of stl on echocord 063, he is now releasing a full lenght ep. this ep contains 3 powerfull dub-techno tracks perfect for the dancefloor. born and grew up in a countryside near vilnius, lithuania. started djing in early 97, at the age of 13. been focusing on wide spectrum of sounds: house, techno, drumnbass and jungle. in early 2005 the start of grad_u project took place, focusing on deep side of techno. during the years released tracks and remixes various labels and in 2012 launched two own imprints: redscale and greyscale.
Echocord 65
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" 04.05.15
this ep contains 3 powerfull techno-tracks with dubby elements, typical stripped down mike dehnert sound.
Echocord Colour 031
out of stock
8.08 EUR *
12" 27.04.15
from the slow tough grooves, through the rolling groove with filtered themes to the more classic dub techno
Echocord 64
out of stock
8.08 EUR *
coloured 12" 02.02.15
the new bomb on echocord colour comes from brendon moeller. brendon already did releases on echocord and echocord colour before, also on his monikers echologist and beat pharmacy. words from the artist: much in line with the label aesthetic, i set out with these trax to explore the dubbier hypnotic side of techno music. my goal was to present 3 trax that could be played at different times of the evening because ttheres nothing like giving a dj who has to carry a bag of vinyl around the world a record where each track can be played in one night! of course, the question rremains, are you a dj that wants to play 3 trax like this? if yes, buy this now.
Echocord Colour 030
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" 12.01.15
we are happy to announce the second ep on echocord by one of our favorite producers, stephan laubner aka stl. stephan is mostly known from his own very famous label something. he has also been releasing on labels like perlon, sushitech, styrax, echospace and smallville. this new ep dubs etched into relief- contains 2 original stl tracks and remix by grad u. dubs end is a powerfull dubby house track, dirty and beautyfull at the same time, perfect for the early dancefloor. the dark future is a floating upbuilding dubby ambient track. the remix comes from grad u, which is a dub-techno treatment, peaktime bomb! grad-u is known from his own label red scale and from his releases on knowone.
Echocord 63
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" 03.11.14
here comes the broadwalk tales remix ep. after the very succesfull broadwalk tales ep and album by fluxion, we now release a remix ep. joey anderson did a remix of the track you dont know and rod modell aka deepchord did 2 versions of the track for you. its the first time joey anderson appears on echocord, and since we are a very big fan of his music this a big thing for us. the remix is a beautifull driving track full of energy, melodies, and power, perfect for the dancefloor, and a typical joey anderson treatment. rod modell aka deepchord did eps and remixes on echocord before, and we always likes what he do. 2 deep floating, almost underwater kind of heavy tracks, beautifull and raw, at the same time.
Echocord 62
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" 04.08.14
a record that features deepness, heavy staps, dubby elements and a heavy monster remix by norman nodge
Echocord Colour 029
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
coloured 12" 07.07.14
we welcome a new artist on echocord colour, the super talented roberto clementi from italy
Echocord Colour 028
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
12" 30.06.14
this release is perfect for the dancefloor, a good mix of the modern house sound of today and dub techno
Echocord 61
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
2x12" 10.06.14
an album of musical pieces that visit the roots of reggae and dub music with the distinct fluxion production
Echocord 60

also available as:
out of stock
17.54 EUR *
12" 07.04.14
we are proud to release the new ep and 3rd album by fluxion on echocord.
Echocord 59
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" 03.02.14
we welcome back one of our favorite artists, brendon moeller. this time as beat pharmacy. brenson has been releasing several records for us before, on echocord and echocord colour. on all these tracks, one thing becomes apparent, with a few simple elements and a dub approach to mixing, one can create space, movement and groove without the need to change keys. magic maybe. thank you dub manipulators of the past and present for the music and lessons. brendon has been releasing music in many years on many labels, also running his own famous steadfast label.
Echocord Colour 027
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
coloured 12" 13.11.13
we are very proud to welcome back one of our greatest artists and good friend scott monteith aka deadbeat. scott origal comes from canada but now lives in berlin for some years. the track mercy cage comes in two versions. the original track is stumping powerfull techno track, with the typical deadbeat feeling, dubby elements and heavy chords, perfect for the peaktime hour on the dancefloor.
pressing on yellow coloured & marbled vinyl.
Echocord Colour 026
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
12" 19.08.13
dubby techno and house with a huge detroit feeling and a remix by the legendary mikkel metal.
Echocord 058
Last Copy!
8.99 EUR *
coloured 12" 01.07.13
echocord colour025 is produced by a good friend and a new artist on echocord colour, lasse buhl from copenhagen. after some years in the techno scene as one half of the group northern structures, who releases on adama x label sonic groove, lasse buhl releases his debut ep r38 on echocord colour, inspired by roughness and simplicity. the remix comes from no other than milton bradley from berlin. the r38 track ia a driving, stomping, dry killer techno track, while em.a ai is a more experimantal breaky track, with dubby elements. the remix is a pure 4/4 techno track, a typical milton bradley peaktime production.
pressing on pink coloured & marbled vinyl.
Echocord Colour 025
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
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