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12" Vinyl NL 02.12.11
this ep features five tracks by baconhead who make sci-fi beats to confuse your brain and their newly released >astro sludge ep< perfectly describes this 12inch debut by the uk based duo. after their very well received >soap ep< (getting support from slugabed, si begg and kid 606) theyve teamed up with eclectic dutch label eat concrete for a series of releases showcasing their sonic agenda.
Eat Concrete
in stock
8.99 EUR *
10" Vinyl NL 24.11.11
eat concrete is back with warm experimantal hip hip vibes on this limited 10inch. comes with coloured vinyl and hand printed art work!
Eat Concrete
out of stock
7.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl NL 01.09.11
aardvarck returns with his third full length album for eat concrete records. >anti concept< showcases a taste for deep ambient and minimalstic soundscapes, dub, detroit techno and bass heavy beats, mixed into a perfect flow. as the title suggests >anti concept< leaves aside musical genres and focuses on atmosphere rather than style. aardvarck carefully and patiently builds his own world of sound, adding layers and complexity with each track. these tracks bring mostly new material but also contain some of his earlier works on previous eat concrete and bloom releases, highlighting some personal favourites of his impressive output. enjoy!
Eat Concrete
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 29.04.11
after the sold out success of their debut album enemy earth returns to eat concrete with >bardo<, their second full length release for the label. this album continues where the previous >interstellar commute< ended, taking their psychedelic sound to a much deeper and emotive level by using live piano, guitar and bass onto layers of effects and lo-fi sampling. it offers eight songs with recurring themes and instruments, all mixed into two big sessions, each filling one side of the lp. limited edition vinyl release with inlay.
Eat Concrete
out of stock
12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 31.03.11
uplifting big room house anthem , incl olav basoski remix with his typical disco style
out of stock
7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 31.03.11
d&b / dubstep dub mixes of the latest skepta single.
out of stock
7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 24.02.11
massive dream team of erick morillo / eddie thoneick ft the vocals of shawnee taylor. mixes from dirty freek & chuckie.
3 Beat
out of stock
7.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 18.02.11
seriously large d&b / dubstep mixes on the skepta ft n.dubz single.
out of stock
7.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 28.01.11
aardvarck comes with >gloom<, an offshoot of his highly successful >bloom< imprint. >gloom< is the second split effort between aardvarck and dutch beatmaster kubus (opgezwolle, top notch). it features aardvarck on an oldschool techno vibe with deep and greasy beats plus his signature style breaks. on the flipside kubus delivers three insanely loud and bass heavy bangers. limited white label!
Eat Concrete
in stock
8.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 06.12.10
massive pairing of armand van helden & steve aoki + mixes from bart b more / his majesty andre & will bailey.
in stock
7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 01.11.10
roel funcken, one half of dutch electronica duo funckarma, delivers the >daze flextone ep<, his solo debut for eat concrete records. these four tracks highlight the latest take on his dubstep-fused electronica experiments. the result is energetic, original and extremely heavy. three of these tracks were previously released on cd only thru berlins ad noiseam but we couldnt resist putting it on vinyl for obvious reasons. extra track is a funcken remix of a track by dutchman krampfhaft, watch out for more!
Eat Concrete
in stock
8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 10.05.06
im original (1985) war das ding schon ega krasser disco hit von ralphi rosario... in der 2006er version gehts mit superphattem electro synthie einsatz straight in überschäumende euphorie zustände... ein gnadenloser sommerburner nicht nur für beat street fans... wird schon gespielt von djs wie david duriez, sasse, mazi...
Fresh Meat
out of stock
7.39 EUR *
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