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10" Vinyl UK 22.12.16
london born paul rose’s career has been intrinsically linked to hotflush recordings, the label he set up in 2003. coming back full circle to his formative mid-90s days of following colin faver and jeff mills, rose’s fabric appearances have evolved over the years from bass music fridays to the house and techno of saturday nights. this 10” sampler, taken from the 90th instalment of the world’s leading house and techno mix series from london’s renowned fabric nightclub features two tracks from fabric90 scuba mix, both taken from scuba’s own label, hotflush.
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12" Vinyl UK 09.12.16
we asked a well known berlin dj to describe this record, this was his response: stripped down / raw, essential / minimal, referencing golden era tech like: mr g / terry francis / eddie richards, organic / dynamic / present / accessible / refreshing / on point, perfectly excecuted / no bullshit dj tools, deep / dope
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7" Vinyl D 14.12.16
evod, oisel and syntaxism return with their -e.o.s.- collaboration. luna crescente is composed by two strong tracks that have different appearance, but same nature. orbita x is a slow track that contains granulated, ferrous sounds, accompanied by a pulsating oscillator and various sharp ambient sounds. orbita y is a strong tune in which, almost during all the time, there are an intense groove and a sequenced modal oscillator
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7" Vinyl D 31.08.16
e.o.s. is the acronym of evod, oisel and syntaxism. the collaboration is born togheter with a new catalogue of evod music, called evod excursions. luna nuova is the first of the 8 releases planned on trasparent 7inch vinyls. the collaboration project was born to blend the main sonorities of each artist, with no borders of experimentation. all the sounds were created and processed with analog machines, live recorded. the final result is a track splitted in x and y on the wax, a full side and an ambient side, respectively.
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2x cd UK 13.06.12
a never say die showcase in association with ukf! feat.tracks and remixes by: skism, foreign beggars, skrillex, dodge & fuski, flux pavilion, zomboy, 501
Never Say Die
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12" Vinyl D 16.01.17
killer four track deep house vinyl , for those who knows
Beste Freunde
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9.95 EUR *
cd UK 01.11.16
der londoner dubstep-pionier und hotflush-labelbetreiber scuba aka paul rose beweist seine einzigartigkeit mit einem 75-minütigen fabric-set aus 42(!) über- und nacheinander gelegten tracks. unterschiedliche künstler wie pearson sound und patrick cowley, donato dozzy und midland treffen in einer düster-verführerischen atmosphäre aufeinander, so dass man sich zwischen pumpendem lo-fi techno und subsonischen bässen im rave-kosmos verliert.
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