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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: dj slyngshot
12" Vinyl NL 29.01.20
this kind of house music leaves an impression on the listener. well done.
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10.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 19.01.18
the fifth entry in the chronicles of slyngshot s yappin label is a four track ep, projecting his trademark hybrid style, popping on a low-bit train ride somewhere between the bronx and detroit. new era: slyng s in-house style, dirty percussion, with ailing watery rhodes. of xtc (action mix): a swift take-off, with fazed out keys over a romping kick, swashbuckling high-hat, and an insistent synth bass playing hide and seek, building the tension. of xtc (understatement mix): low end synth lines bop between singing drums, tribal chant and ethereal piano loop. stop playin part i: b-boy vocal sample with pitched up / back down again beats lending the tune a subtle drum and bass feel.
Yappin Records
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12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 25.04.19
the label presents their debut release, coming from koga, frankfurt underground dj and connoisseur of the m1 organ bass.
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10.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 10.07.17
ten track compilation featuring new material by the lehult crew and their friends titled nie wieder streit . the four sides showcase some familiar lehult sounds as well as some unexpected surprises.
in stock
18.95 EUR *
DANCE 2017 PT.2
12" Vinyl UK 21.06.17
secretsundaze are proud to announce the second 12 in the dance 2017 series. the ep is once again a 3 tracker this time featuring the highly-promising emerging talents of dj slyngshot, bastien carrara and jayson wynters. dj slyngshot hailing from offenbach near frankfurt has had tongues wagging with three hot 12s on his own imprint yappin records and received club and radio play by the likes of omar s, floating points, ben ufo and jon rust. his contribution to the a side of dance 2017 part 2 sees him on fine form with the devastating rhythm of hygh-tech . kicking off with a rough and ready groove the hook is a gnarly nagging synth line that will worm its way into your brain. add a sampled wailing diva and some more jazzy interludes and you have a festival-ready high grade bomb on your hands! on the flip steps up france s bastien carrara. his dusty jams on the likes of rawthenticity and funkineven s apron imprint caught our attention and we roped him in for a track. here he presents the charming, breezy and breaky that time again . warm, atmospheric and groovy this is definitely one for long summer nights ahead. last up jayson wynters represents the uk! jayson made his debut on none other than mr g s phoenix g. imprint with the sub-aquatic unfamiliar territories ep. he is an amazing dj and selector able to play house / techno sets and also jazz, boogie, disco and funk sets where required at the likes of brilliant corners. chi kung is a bubbling, mystical percussive number with hand played drums and a perfect closer to the ep.
Secret Sundaze
in stock
9.99 EUR *
2cd D 01.12.17
dj-mixes often do little more but keeping up a certain mood. to establish a mood like this, masterful sven väth only needs a couple of moments. but this is it not enough for the inimitable dj from frankfurt am main. väth wants to introduce us to an entire world of electronic sounds. the music is an end to itself, yet at the same time, it is more: vaeth employs it to express his passion for the whole scene, to tell about the adventures he has experienced traveling, about his love for his friends, his children, his girlfriend and particularly to his fans all around the world.
in stock
14.99 EUR *
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