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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: direct beat classics
12" Vinyl US 14.01.19
re-release: released in 199, the sound of electro / techno came to a point where it had to evolve into a new and more grounded entity, keyed into funk / space & rooted origins that reflected an ever-changing landscape throughout detroit and the aux-quadrant. the bouncy bass line soul of posatronix project emerges in silence among several platforms without hint of a proper biography or introduction. later on the guard would be let down that an original lineup member from aux88 (william bj smith) either produced or inducted a spin-off group over seen by aux. no video, photos, or interviews accompanied the music. now in 2018, we re-introduce these dance floor/ dj crate mainstays that have continued to be cherished classics from the very men that not only too rhythmically-funky electro by storm, but raised the bar and took matters into their own hands. 100% mechanical electronic funk.
Direct Beat Classics
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14.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 20.03.18
re-release: released in 1993, the technology ep appeared on the start of a re-establishment of electro music and a beginning for the direct beat label. that would be a constant reminder of where to see aux88 material come to light. -technology- carried the aux88 brand onto radio, mainstream club and dance parties...become a sought after 12- by a band that proclaimed its sound as electro/techno . the techno bass mix is the original track, (now for the first time available) rhythm mix is a different animal on its own... within the track you can hear the growth of what would become the sound of emerging aliases in years to come and the use of distinct voices/vocals. with both versions from the original studio recordings in 1993, listeners will be treated to a major bonus point in the birth of the aux quadrant of projects to come. designed for a well-deserved space on the global dance floor.
Direct Beat Classics
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13.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl US 25.01.18
aux88 bass magnetic re-issue 1993-2018. back by popular demand, the same unique spirits that brought forth the sound of detroit streets and turned it into the futuristic soundscape known as techno-bass , the original members have collaborated to re-issue their catalog 25+ years later. starting with their 1st double pack lp, bass magnetic (considered to be a mesh of influences between miami bass and detroit techno), aux88 established themselves in an effort to stay true to their roots in the streets and the clubs creating their own genre into a global dance culture. after the release and production of their own documentary ( aux88-portrait of an electronic band ), the group celebrates its now classic recordings. harkening back to its first days on cassette tape to revive a future generation of vinyl aficionados. aux88 s bass magnetic = classic detroit electro.
Direct Beat Classics
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29.99 EUR *
4xcd UK 25.07.12
2012 sees detroit label, kms records, celebrating its 25th anniversary.
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23.99 EUR *
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