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12" Vinyl UK 30.09.20
2 dj/floorfriendly remixes
out of stock
12.66 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 28.12.18
limitierte auflage der desire-ep -under your spell- (2015) auf eisblauem vinyl mit auskopplungen und alternativ-versionen diverser tracks ihres albums ii (2009). die uskanadische electronic-band desire besteht aus sängerin megan louise sowie den chromatics-mitgliedern johnny jewel und nat walker.
Italians Do It Better
out of stock
19.49 EUR *
3x cd UK 08.07.15
60 classics from the white isle!
in stock
22.41 EUR *
cd UK 26.09.11
a no-rules mix crafted with inherent musicality, the mix sweeps and dives with the frenzy of electro-tinged fad gadget, the sparkly grace of disco gems from nycs desire, the gritty acid of levon vincent, the tougher edge of thomas brinkmann, and even the percussive fills of funky masters roska and crazy cousinz. a divine melting pot that only makes sense in the hands of glasgows mighty duo of jd twitch and jonnie wilks. in 1990, jd twitch was one of the founders of the legendary techno night, pure - well and truly ahead of its time it was one of the first clubs in the uk to book us royalty such as richie hawtin, derrick may, green velvet and jeff mills. in 1997, jd twitch teamed up with the punk-inspired belfast native turned glaswegian jonnie wilks, to start up a rebellious club night called optimo. started as the antithesis to regimented 4/4 sets, a night at optimo was truly unlike anything else - youd be likely to hear rockabilly, electro, swing, reggae, punk, techno and house all in one night. the list of guests is a veritable whos-who of rebellious musicians across the board - from the lovers to shackleton to chicks on speed to richie hawtin to tv on the radio to michael mayer amongst many more. jd twitch produces under the moniker optimo or optimo espacio, hes landed remixes on a variety of labels for both monikers, including dfa, eskimo, modular for artists such as florence & the machine, pharoahe monch, pepe deluxe, the presets to name a few. jonnie wilks has worked with labels as diverse as dissident, kompakt, kill the dj and wichita...
out of stock
14.42 EUR *

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