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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: derek carr - contact (2x12)
2x12" Vinyl ES 31.07.18
derek s music instantly takes the listener on a midnight drive, cruising the grand river avenue through detroit. derek carr s ability to create soulful melodies that effortlessly wrap themselves around bouncy basslines and elegant beats is not only classy it s classical. derek carr is not from the detroit though.. he s an irishman through and through, born and bred in westmeath, about 3400 miles from the state of michigan. yet he absolutely nails it! after two decades of crafting his own sound with analogue synths and samplers with the music culture of motor city as an inspiration, derek carr doesn t sound like anyone else. all the archetypical detroit sounds are there from the robotic bleeps in binary systems to the moody strings of metro city but derek carr uses them to create a primarily club oriented vibe, uplifting and positive.

the artwork for this album is made by abdul haqq, the legendary visual artist responsible for a great number of classic covers for artists and labels such as juan atkins, derrick may, transmat, drexciya, carl craig, planet e and underground resistance...
Subwax Excursions
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