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12" Vinyl D 07.07.14
drawing from an acute sense of what could perhaps be described as deep minimalism-turned-into-a-quasi-equatorial-feast, full of holes gradually unfolds and weaves its fabrics in ways that are evocative of the disparate sensations and heady feelings one might run into in a proto-ritualistic setting, whilst xdbs recontextualisation routes a more linear but no less absorbing excursion.
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12" Vinyl D 07.04.14
manticore by deemonlover is yet another piece of enigmatic and deviant techno-constructs, a debut release from the unhallowed incognito duo. manticore bubbles with an array of contrasting moods, ranging from the buoyancy and melodic traits of the opener velcro, the stained oomph of ghetto-esque j.a.a.p., to the chromatic shades and warmth of violet kink and the menacing tone of the cruncher till primalis.
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12" Vinyl UK 20.06.17
having emerged from the murky waters of the tape scene on always human and summer isle, strahinja arbutina follows up on a first 12- for bank records nyc with this sterling sure shot for the excellent bliq label. there s a range of styles displayed across fox venom, but the tracks are held together by the immersive, droning atmospheres that linger in the background of the productions. -fox venom- lurches under a heavy cloud like the best subterranean techno should, while -teabagging mystery- gets locked into a deathly minimal groove. this is music for the graveyard shift, although deemonlover s -so solid mix- of -fox venom- does inject some wild breakbeat action into the gothic surroundings
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