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12" Vinyl FR 06.02.19
apollonia music unveils its latest release, which comes straight out of dan ghenacia s lab. the fresh new ep is amusingly titled the egg after his son, who was born just a few months ago, and sees dan bringing together three productions with different styles and flavours, each with an egg-related track name. it s been a while since monsieur ghenacia appeared on apollonia s label, but this ep is definitely worth the wait... on side a it s o&#776,,, la coque (boiled egg), aptly-titled with its aquatic low end percolating and bubbling away. quirky effects keep things interesting throughout, adding depth and movement... then we get a killer riff which lifts the vibes higher. once that disappears a mysterious set of chimes arises from the deep adding a mystical feel to the track before it continues on with its bubbly groove. flip the record over and side b kicks off with mykonos huevos , which boasts hard-hitting percussion and a sublime b-line designed to get those hips moving with a sensual rhythm. the insistent, dramatic atmosphere is relentless and this is one of those cuts that will captivate the dance floor when it s dropped. lastly, we have sunny side up which rounds off the ep nicely, bringing that sunday after hours vibe you ll find at dan s party godeep. this one has a heady vibe with a hypnotic main riff and secondary piano riff that complements it perfectly. the beats are crisp, the low end warm and soothing which, combined with progressively trippy atmospherics, envelopes you and transports you to a better place, way beyond the stars. ... and there it is, a thoroughly eggscelent ep from dan ghenacia, courtesy of apollonia music
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12" Vinyl UK 08.11.17
following on from the widely acclaimed album from the mekanism, seth troxlers play it say it label commissions a series of essential remixes from chris carrier & dan ghenacia, ryan crosson and dop.
Play it Say it
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9.25 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 11.07.17
london star alexis raphael returns to hot creations with the dance floor killer it’s kinda jazzy, with fine french exports dan ghenacia and chris carrier teaming up to deliver the remix with electrifying results. title track it’s kinda jazzy is an ultimate peak time weapon. alexis explains how its a real melting pot of different musical influences that have inspired me over the years. there s everything from hip-hop to 90 s uk house and garage, jungle/drum and bass, upfront house and techno and, of course, jazz. on the flip dan ghenacia and chris carrier deliver a solid remix that keeps the pace, changing gear through trippy turns. last up, second original track strip off lays down the swing with sultry vocal slices. an influential player on the london scene, alexis raphael earned his stripes across the pirate radio stations of north and east london during the late 90s and early 00s and went on to hold residencies at legendary london clubs the cross and bagley’s. his first release spaceship was picked up by hot creations sub-label hot waves in 2011. since then, he’s had numerous releases and remixes on labels including jackathon jams, of unsound mind, avotre and get physical and not forgetting his anthem, i know. dan ghenacia is the undisputed kingpin of the paris underground scene, having founded and ran freak n’chic for seven years and now one of the three creative minds behind new label and b2b2b dj outfit apollonia. chris carrier is another heavy-weight from the french underground scene. together they have delivered some recent killer ep’s on appolonia, music for freaks and adult only.
Hot Creations
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9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 07.06.17
adult only 47 has arrived with pierre codarin dropping some funk on 3 originals alongside a remix from dan ghenacia and chris carrier.........a1 telefunk kicks off things and rolls with a wonky filtered drum pattern picking up a real swung groove before a subtle vocal is then joined by a bass line can only be described as something from a late night jazz workout in the deepest darkest realms of the parisian capitol...detroit style pads and intricate keys keep this groove interesting through out the track pushing it forward more and more with sweet drum edits and skips that are all to known from pierre. a2 morning eyes twists things up with trippy spacey pads and a very nice 303 sitting low in the mix. driving drums make this track work well as it draws to a stripped back moment where the 303 really comes through and does its thing. this really is 6 minutes of a funk fueled adult only workout!b1 telefunk remix dan ghenacia and chris carrier dan and chris bring their twist on pierre s telefunk coming through with a very interesting take on things producing a very tight rework........... b2 evening juice grooves along with a nice warped synth stabs, a bass line that throws it self around the room, the drum pattern keeps things energetic through out alongside a faintly obscure vocal fitting well in the track, evening juice brings the soul and finishes the ep nicely making this overall a very solid package from pierre.
Adult Only
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 21.03.17
this is the fourth ep the paris legends dan ghenacia and chris carrier have made together over the last year, and it’s just as fresh as their previous efforts with plenty of bounce, depth and funk. first up on the a-side is ‘the blue grass’, a deeply sensual cut with a potent low end. therein lies the groove, which is utterly captivating – made to get you writhing with glee, this one is aimed straight at the hips. alongside that sleazy bassline we have jazzy notes, swinging percussion and otherworldly bleeps and chirps. all of which makes it a great intro to this sterling ep. on the flip side, we have ‘blue stick’, another ridiculously groovy riddim with warped voices floating above a set of crispy beats and a raw undercurrent of emotion. minimal in composition, and the effect is deadly. lastly, to close out the three-tracker, it’s ‘kind of blues’ (can you spot the theme here?!). when it starts off, this one is a stomper with a moody expression. the beats are hefty, the bass morose and the analogue effects strangely cosmic. more twisted vocals are filtered in the background, giving this one its weird hook. the vocal reveals itself in the breakdown midway through before the track bounds on to its finale. dan ghenacia and chris carrier deliver three firebombs, perfect dance floor material with tight grooves and killer production. would you expect anything less?! go get em…
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 07.03.17
ready for some disco?! here are two psychedelic, hypnotic and downright sleazy jams from dan ghenacia and the martinez brothers. designed to enter your mind, travel down your spine and get you movin’ oh so fine, these fresh cuts from the boys have been road tested all summer long and have been approved with a 100% success rate. the result of two jam sessions in a new york studio, this is an instant classic two-track slice of vinyl‘disco jam 1’ will have your backside bouncing like a basketball going beserk, a killer groove and ultra crisp beats settings things off nicely. ‘disco jam 2’ is a more ‘heads down’ and moody, but also works off a seriously addictive rhythm. two expertly produced dance floor cuts from a team of professionals, tried and tested around the globe throughout the summer season and now ready for you on a fresh slab of black gold. catch them if you can!
Apollonia Disco Jam
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12" Vinyl FR 18.08.16
played by villalobos...
two of paris’ original old school bad boys get together for the third in their special series of collabs. with fresh new releases already on the streets through their own labels, apollonia and adult only, dan ghenacia and chris carrier step up to the legendary music for freaks with a brand new collection of delectable dance floor delights. music for freaks is back after a long break and this release couldn’t be anymore fitting for the highly-respected label’s relaunch. full of vibrant flavours and addictive rhythms, dan and chris bless mff with some irresistible paris funk. kicking off with ‘vaporized’, a catchy little groover with dried out percussion which slaps down over a sultry bassline. wibbly-wobbly fx combine with mysterious chimes and sketchy radio interference to create an odd atmosphere. then we have ‘the green bell’, a squelchy heads-down vibe provider. ‘wind and fire’ brings the ep to a close and continues the duo’s use of strange sounds to great effect. this is no run-of-the-mill 4x4 production, there’s depth, subtle progression and hypnotic rhythms as only two seasoned pros like dan and chris can instant classic, what more would you expect from music for freaks?...
Music For Freaks
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9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 06.01.16
two of paris’ most respected artists get together for their second collaborative extended player this year. dan ghenacia and chris carrier have been entrenched in the electronic scene in their hometown for a long while now, both men building a strong rep through consistently great music and dj performances. earlier this year they joined forces on ‘just a sin’, released via carrier’s adult only label, now they’re back with the follow-up on apollonia. across three deadly tracks, the duo explore their love of music making machines to the fullest – each track taking its name from ‘sweet heart’, translated into different languages. ‘schatzi’ works off a modular synth, bursting out of the blocks with a wobbly bassline which supports a range of subtle effects together with infrequent vocal clips. as the track progresses warm rising pads and female vocal snippets create an entrancing atmosphere. next up we get an arabian twist with ‘habibi’. a pervading air of mystery presents itself right from the off, with warped voices lurking in the background as the rhythm lures you into its murky groove. as the track progresses more eerie pads and effects are layered over the stepping bassline giving it a very creepy feel. finally, french vibes comes through with ‘cherie’ on side b. the track draws its energy from the busy, though crisp, percussive elements and a b-line that groans in unison with the beats. a simple chime remains present throughout, keeping it minimal yet interesting.
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9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 18.09.15
two paris legends reunite for the latest outing on the always fresh adult only label. owner chris carrier links up with his old pal dan ghenacia for this three-track ep, which includes a remix from german talent, diego krause. chris and dan last got together for adult only back in 2007, with their ‘tumble blur’ ep and they recently hit the studio together again to roll out two super dope slices of heads-down dance floor funk. as you might expect from two highly experienced veterans, the tracks on offer are both crisp, epitomising that classic house flow with a sprinkling of contemporary flavour. the 2nd degree bounces, whirrs and chirps all over the place while the 4x4 beat keeps the energy levels high. just a sin is a more serious cut, with a solemn presence and stuttered beats together with a hushed vocals giving it a mysterious feel. unison wax bossman diego krause powers up just a sin with his remix, putting a firm emphasis on the bassline, which is strong, murky and unrelenting. a deep, dark slice of groovy house for the after-hours crew
Adult Only
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9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 07.02.14
el prevosts and d. hams warped allez ally from el prevosts ash ep on third ear gets the apollonia remix treatment from dan ghenacia and shonky.
Third Ear
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9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 16.01.14
excellent hypnotic funked up house with chicago & robotic feel.. incl dyed soundorom remix
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9.50 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 10.12.12
manhattan 85 is a funk driven affair of disco-led house. dabbling in a melange of sounds from classical strings to techno bleeps and vocal samples, the build-up to some complex layering is arranged seamlessly into feel-good, tuneful house that will lift any room.
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8.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 02.08.12
inspired by artists such as mr g, baby ford, ricardo villalobos, derrick carter & rhythm & sound, anthea has created a sound somewhere lodged between house and techno, that is deep, warm and bassline fueled.
and if the original was note dope enough this package comes complete with two heavy weight remixes from two in demand high flyers: dan ghenacia & subb-an.
One Records
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 03.05.12
dan ghenacia & shonky for new ep ! the mole remix
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12" Vinyl FR 08.04.11
next jackin / chicago house phunker
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 16.11.10
dan ghenacia steps up with a stunning double solo offering with globe/ gentelized, a rare production offering from the parisian star, this time lending his brand of freakiness to cdr (crosstown digital rebels).globe takes you on a 3am dance floor journey, its steady, driving beats riding the swelling ambience of abstract melodic effects. psychedelic elements cry in unison, unravelling a blanket of swirling synths in descent and crescendo. gentilized finds its heart in heavy rolling bass and soothing sumptuous female cries. inspired by dans kwality years at batofar, this production oozes aquatic sonics and fluid chords, with deep and dreamy layers of percussion pouring over each other. forging an effortless groove in the bass and hypnotic sweeps of melody, this track is dan at his playful best. one of the undisputed pioneers of the parisian house and techno scene, dan ghenacias influence is undeniable. through his productions, revered freak n chic label now in its seventh year, notorious parties at batofar in paris and legendary residencies around europe including dc10 and space in ibiza, he has remained at the forefront of the scene for over a decade.
Crosstown Digital Rebels
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 02.06.10
djs likin it.. konrad black, ilario alicante, tiefschwarz, italoboyz, ryan crosson, dyed soundorom, shonky, marco resmann, karotte, anthony collins, franck roger, jonas kopp, andrade, kate simko, seuil, mikael stavostrand,.
Freak N Chic
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8.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 22.10.09
big with luciano, ellen allien, nick curly, konrad black, laurent garnier, lauhaus, tiefschwarz, alex neri, anthony collins, dyed soundorom, phil weeks..
Freak N Chic
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7.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 04.06.08
produced exclusively for and taken exclusively from dan ghenacia’s >eyelights< compilation on freak n’chic... the first starts with david k. ft. opium and chris carrier
Freak N Chic
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8.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 31.01.08
played by agoria, gabriel ananda, konrad black, laurent garnier, matthias tanzmann, craig richards, kiki, vera, franck roger, jamie jones, geddes, michal ho, funk d void. freak n chic begins 2008 with the first ever solo ep release from label-head dan ghenacia
Freak N Chic
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 11.12.07
adult only celebrates on the 30 mark with dan ghenacia & chris carrier delivering an ep with finest deep groovin tech trax. great feedback by anthony collins, butane, chloe, djulz, james flavour, sebo k, toni rios, tommy four seven and xpansul
Adult Only
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7.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 18.05.07
david k & dan ghenacia aka u&i , the duo released their first ep >love me tender< in 2003 on freak n chic. they followed with >rockin fly incantation< in 2004 and >traffic jam/poisson bocal< in 2006, which became a key underground player in ibiza , especially on the dc10 terrace.
FNCRDV01-2 of 4
Freak N Chic
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4.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 15.06.06
pumpender techhouse der sich für freak n chic verhältnisse anständig zurückhält !! winner platte
Freak N Chic
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8.19 EUR *
2x cd UK 31.05.11
2 cds from the underground house scene in paris at the turn of the millenium. incl. black strobe, soha, jovonn & dj deep, krikor, phil weeks .. and more
Ministry Of Sound
in stock
19.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 30.11.16
from hudd trax and dessous through to one and karat, parisian producer andrade has graced many a fine label in his time. he lands on politics of dancing in fine fettle, jumping to the task with a-side cut -the bridge- like he s got something to prove. the beat is irrefutable, while the soulful chords and samples rubbed into the joints make it all the sweeter. -control- on the b-side is an airy affair that floats on plush layers of melody without losing its low-end impact. by way of variation, the remixes from dan ghenacia and art alfie simmer andrade s originals down into measured, tool-like constructions.
Politics Of Dancing
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 10.01.14
dogmatiks fine form continues with another solid 12inch from peace division, with remixes of their classic club therapy. remixes come from dan ghenacia and red rack em.
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 13.10.11
produced by close friend black coffee, the original mix provides a suitably deep and meaningful platform for bantwinis heartfelt lyrics about phony relationships and, in turn, his soulfully immaculate delivery. lush afro-edged rhythms lead into smart bursts of trumpet, cool double bass-lines and stirring rhodes solos - a rich musical weave more than amplifying bantwinis performance.
a wealth of stylish remixes skilfully widens wasting my times dancefloor appeal. gallic house sophisticate rocco ups the tempo, cracking whip-smart beats against thumping kick drums and infectious metallic key stabs, as does paris kingpin dan ghenacia, thanks to a fiesty vocal remix and dub fusing gothic mood and jack-happy sass in fine style. ghenacias versions have already, in fact, become a thunderous week-in-week-out staple of his ibizan circo loco residency at dc10 this summer. elsewhere, real tone main man franck roger offers a neat, dubby riff on black coffees original production, injecting sweet balafon melodies and additional percussive pep.
early dj supports and feedbacks by loco dice, tony humphries ame, osunlade, dyed soundorom, d julz, sascha dive, reboot, shonky, quentin harris, jef k, kate simko, miss jools, dj t., dj spinna, seuil, ralf kollmann, jellybean benitez, willie graff, lee foss, nick curly, le loup, sascha dive,, melon, ian friday, matthew styles, laurent garnier, rocco, dj yellow, tedd patterson, robert dietz, dani casarano, magda, anthony collins, konrad black ...
Real Tone
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7.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 24.10.18
on the occasion of the third release, we re glad to welcome french dj and music producer dan ghenacia, head behind godeep (his new solo project) and one-third of apollonia, as well as live performer and music producer argenis brito, resident at club der visonäre for over 8 years now and where he hosts his boom n bust party. whereas dan ghenacia proposes an indisputably more grooving and dancefloor-driven version of david k s aquatic machine dream (ts07) that came out at the end of 2016, argenis brito — for his part — delivers a rather dubby and minimalistic interpretation of david k s daydreaming ailleurs (ts10) which was the first track that be released on tone series.
Tone Series Remix Series
in stock
11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 28.02.18
on opulence s second release the label welcomes grammy nominated artist james teej with his the only constant ep. inspired by his budding years djing, james revisits his early house influences and delivers two powerful cuts of disco infused grooves laced with an overall contemporary touch. the first track the only constant is change is a highly infectious dance floor number reminiscent of classic filtered disco house, arranged with a patient and contemporary restraint. the tracks hypnotic and repetitive nature draws the listener in, and keeps the attention throughout with subtle changes that slowly grow to a tasteful and rewarding climax. on remix duties opulence has invited apollonias house music legend dan ghenacia who delivers a slick deep house rework that keeps the vibes intact of the original with the french artist s signature groovy machine touch. already road tested over the summer at dc10, dan s remix helps bring the original to a place closer to the clubs dance floor. the 3rd and final song is life goes on, a grooving disco infused classic deep house cut that features no regular plays greg paulus on trumpet. the song perfectly blends the sounds of yesterday with a modern touch and feel, and provides an uplifting soundtrack for any dance floor, especially those magic moments outdoors on the beach. once again, james continues to show his passion and diversity in his music with this expertly crafted ep that will surely be a welcomed addition to any house lover s record collection.
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 27.10.17
after mystic bill’s reissue with ricardo villalobos remix on invade records, it’s time for another classic!
cab drivers + angel d. 1995 alter ego abrax with ocb (potato mix). amazing remix support by dan ghenacia, chris carrier, tini & ilario liburni.
out of stock
11.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 19.04.17
argentinas guti and australias morgan join forces once again, this time on the martinez brothers label cuttin headz with a five track ep entitled this must be the future, including mark broom, dan ghenacia and chris carrier remixe
Cuttin Headz
in stock
9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 17.12.08
big with lauhaus, sebastian roya, brendon moeller, ali nasser, lee jones, nick curly, milton jackson, shur-i-kan, jimpster, glimpse !! boris horel makes his debut on supernature with a stunning take on deep house. >is that a yes?< works a female vocal loop and a guitar lick into an insistent groove. bearweasel show why they are growing in stature right now by moulding the original into a beats driven version that will keep their fans more than happy. dan ghenacia also presents us with a stunning interpretation that will work the deeper floors into a frenzy. boris himself completes the package with fa 101, a real tearjerker that will work wonders for those on warm up duties.
out of stock
8.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 18.04.07
eine der platten der woche von dem mann, der vor 2 wochen schon auf microfibres für einen hit gesorgt hat
Freak N Chic
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8.59 EUR *
2cd D 19.03.13
rhythm vagabundos, the dj, club and event collective from lucianos cadenza stable, returns for its biggest year yet. holding fort every sunday at ibizas pacha club over the last 3 years, as well as hugely successful events in london, chile, bucharest, new york, tokyo, naples and more, the vagabundos parties have become the stuff of legend earning them numerous accolades of best ibiza night

also available as:
CD (EUR 7.49)
out of stock
14.99 EUR *
2xcd UK 25.01.13
huge double cd pack - mixed by paul woolford! incl. tracks by roman fluegel, lazor sword, chateau flight and more
Last Copy!
13.99 EUR *
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