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12" shrinked 13.09.17
ukrainian label >crocus< presents a vinyl release of one of the most high-profile hits of the year. its author, ivan dorn, is the most outstanding artist of the local scene. with the release of his single >collaba<, dorn successfully launched his international career. >collaba< is the pilot single for the >otd< album recorded in los angeles. crocus release includes two previously unreleased remixes from experienced ukrainian sound producers: the founder of the vinyl label >artreform< - joss and his colleague kirill kirik, the owner of the crocus label. both remixes are dance versions of collaba, in tech-house and house style.
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12" 25.07.18
crs ltd 005, -gray fox- is the first ep from the polish producer michal jablonski on vsk s label, following the last ep from the duo scalameriya and vsk himself. -find god- opens the release with an organic broken beat , which meet an evil cinematic voice. -post human being- is the hypnotic element of the release with a dark tribal groove. -gray fox- has a strong 4/4 kickdrum combined to a sound design high frequency scream. -phantom pain- is a madness slow beat rhythm with outstanding soundscape layers. crs ltd is really glad to welcome this amazing talent on the label.
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