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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: chris forman ft. miss patty
12" Vinyl US 12.02.07
we are pleased to introduce steal vybe music to the syntax stable of labels. headed up by chris forman the first release out the gate is straight out of his box featuring the sultry vocals of miss patty. you ll know miss patty from her releases with mr v and louie vega on both sole channel and vega records. jump & shout delivers the goods with a straight ahead hip house banger that keeps right with the sounds coming out of nyc at the moment. this 12 features 3 hot mixes for your late night pleasure, they ll all do the damage. be on the lookout as well for the new label from steal vybe, sub grooves, coming soon with some underground tracky numbers ala, ibadan/dennis ferrer. dont sleep on the vybe
Stealvybe Music
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8.99 EUR *
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