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50/50 EP
12" Vinyl FR 12.05.16
bass culture reach that magnificent milestone of 50 releases with an extra special ep from someone who has become part of labels inner circle, the infallible mr g. set up in 2009 by paris stalwart djulz, bass culture records has maintained a consistently high level of music, crossing from techno into house and back again, always with a focus on quality over quantity. mr g delivers two special gems from his arsenal of weaponary to mark the 50th bsss culture release. the first, * transient* sees mr g in contemplative mood, taking a studied approach with this deep, soulful cut. softened pads are drizzled over a punchy low end, with tough, crisp beats supporting a stirring vocal which urges everybody to get up on their feet. the nineties organ lick gives it an almost sorrowful feel, and those pads continue to takes us up to the skies. a beauty. on the flip, * crumple zone* goes straight for the jugular with a driving b-line, alarming stabs and finger-clicking percussion to get that head nodding. combined with garbled, hypnotic vocal clips, its a mesmerising, eyes down cut for the late night heads. towards the latter part of the track, a naughty riff comes in and adds another layer of sleaze to proceedings. and there you have it, mr g proves yet again why he is such a all-round don and bass culture celebrates 50 releases with panache.
Bass Culture
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 30.10.13
mr g is back on bass culture for another brilliant dj tool...
support by: ricardo villalobos, mathias kadden, jus ed, rhadoo, josh wink
Bass Culture
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 08.09.11
big with: joris voorn, raresh. ryan crosson, terry francis, sebo k, laurent garnier, nick curly, sascha dive, deetron, christian smith, radio slave, arnaud le texier, kiki, anthony collins, axel boman ...
uk producer and bass culture regular, mr. g makes a welcome return to the label with his latest three track bonanza, >gs spot!< ep. with last years >extended pain< ep still causing damage, mr. g tweaks and teases our senses once again as he electrifies with both sides of the vinyl release. the vinyl only title track, >gs spot!< sees him stamp his authority from the get-go. its big-room reach is unquestionable as it builds from its opening bongos and hi-hats into an intense number, driven by its demanding horn stabs. having ramped things up from the off, on the flip >new dayz< brings us back down, if only for a moment. like an alter-ego to our a side, >new dayz< opens with piercing bongos. its soothing synth laps like the tide as it builds to crescendo and then soothed by its bassline.
Bass Culture
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8.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 30.09.10
for bass cultures 10th release d julz welcome back gez varley, aka mr. g. having first worked his recently released >still here (get down)< artist album on rekids, mr. g now makes his full debut on bass culture with the >extended pain< e.p. two devastatingly good originals in the form of >sunday blues< and >jbs< sees the g man revisiting those classic, deeper sounds, whilst delivering the fresh and upfront tastes as only he can. repaying the remix favour for bc003 is esperanza boss and bass culture favourite, kasper. getting to grips with >sunday blues< the madrid man turns the smooth mood of the original on its head. industrial sized beats, blinding rides and a preciously warped synth line, give a whole new face to already beautiful original
Bass Culture
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8.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 19.11.09
the third single from the young new label founded by d julz, bass culture brings the noise! kasper is one of the most promising house talents coming out of the madrid scene. kasper is at the core, featuring players such as alex under and damian schwartz, his remix of the cheeky classic >r u ok< by ambivalent on minus, put him firmly on the map as a talented house music dj / producer. since then he hasnt stopped releasing quality recordings for items, things, mupa, cyclical, bloop, bass culture & more...with a musical background comprised of a broad variety of music from post punk, rock, jazz, rap, and of course electronic music - being specially influenced by labels such as studio 1, basic channel, profan, chain reaction, mosaic, schatrax, perlon
Bass Culture
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