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12" Vinyl UK 30.10.18
the accidental jnr label has just passed it s second birthday mark... so at 2 years and 15 releases in it only seems appropriate for the next 12- release to come from the artist that kicked the label off and has made it his home for the past 2 years... bambooman, with a remix from label boss matthew herbert himself on the b-side. the track can really speak for itself as this one is something special for the dancefloor, the only difficulty is choosing which version to play... dj support: gilles peterson, andrew thompson (huntley s & palmers), laurent garnier, simeon mobile disco, eclair fifi, bake, luke solomon, eliphino, severino panzetta, red axes, andrew weatherall, dixon...
Accidental Jnr
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9.74 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 15.09.17
for those who know, bambooman&#8203,,, is one of the most sought after, probing, and distinctive voices in uk electronic music right now. the yorkshire born producers catalogue builds into an aural mosaic, comprising everything from scrunched up hip-hop to techno deviance, all delivered with an impish sense of individuality.
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12" Vinyl UK 27.03.17
following his first ep for accidental jnr in the summer bambooman is now back with something entirely different. the downtempo experimental designs of the ‘feel ep’ give way to his latest offering ‘shudder’. available on 12” and digital the 4 tracks of shudder weave through a club music tapestry like a chainsaw through custard. the opening and title track is hard to describe, a mix of off kilter synth stabs and hammering snare that routes you to the floor - it’s one of those tracks to whip out of your bag to remind the crowd they have no idea what is coming next. track 2 ‘grasp’ with a blissful detroit groove under deep rich melting chords is a perfect blend of early funk house style and super crisp new production. side b opens with ‘m1’ a lazy floor track with washes of bells, static and detuned synth above a bed of solid kick and shuffling bass. finally ‘kyrian’ closes proceedings, another club friendly slice (despite being in a 7&#8260.8 time signature), the track could have led the ep in its own right but feels like the perfect bookend with its shifting almost garage like 2-step feel and glancing vocal hook.
Accidental Jnr
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9.25 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 09.05.14
following hollowed - the yorkshire based producers debut ep for sonic router - and his successive collaborative ep with vocalist segilola for the king deluxe label, bambooman returns with a reinvigorated arsenal of productions on the dulcet ep. pouring a lot of ideas into the seven original tracks he tackles numerous tempos, contorting his trademark brittle percussion and his command of bounding melodies across several different forms.
Sonic Router
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10.71 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 02.05.13
Sonic Router
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6.81 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 23.10.19
2019 repress - slo-mo house at its best deep shape, including the rare, sought after maurice fulton remix for alice smith love endeavour. compiled by rainer trueby. we live in hectic, turbulent times. it seems season- and reasonable to slow things bit down. in fact: slow house down to what we calling now: slouse. implying down to earth club music, with a tapping foot under 116 beats per minute.

also available as:
CD (EUR 15.55)
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18.47 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 29.07.19
incl. charlotte bendiks remix
Accidental Jnr
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9.74 EUR *
cd D 05.09.14
mit das beste was es an slo-motion house gibt, inklusive dem ultra raren, gesuchten maurice fulton remix für alice smith love endeavour, hier auf 2-lp und erstmals auf cd. compiled by rainer trueby.

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 18.47)
in stock
15.55 EUR *
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