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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: azymuth-azymuth
12" NL 03.09.21
this ep contains the original version and a completely re-recorded version of the two classics jazz carnival and young embrace from 1979.
Mondo Groove
in stock
10.75 EUR *
2x12" lp UK 27.12.11
far out recordings celebrate a funky south american christmas with the release of a special and very limited , to just 100 sets worldwide , edition heavyweight vinyl lp double pack from the labels two biggest artists azymuth & banda black rio. their albums were two of the records of the year in the latin / funk / dance / world market and here the perfect combination come together to party through the end of 2011 brazilian style. presented together for the first time this quality package of legendary artistsl, brilliant acclaimed new recordings and stunning reversible artwork (azymuth by andy votel and banda black rio by paul flack) will become highly sought-after as with far outs previous exclusive, limited five seven inch vinyl set for record store day.
Far Out Recordings
out of stock
20.47 EUR *
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