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12" UK 15.06.09
autonation s sit on the bass was released on esteemed label r&s , 18 years ago in 1991.. (shit! was it really 18 years ago??)
autonation kindly agreed to a re-release two years ago after a meeting in a pub in ladbroke grove. sit on the bass has been a mainstay of label boss jerome hill s sets since it s release all those years ago and still sounds relevent and rocks crowds today.
autonation is none other than seasoned producer dave campbell who over the years has released a vast body of techno, drum n bass, and ambient music under the aliases kibu, hiryze, xtro, greenback and of course autonation on labels such as rising high, certificate 18, r&s, cue and guy called gerald s juicebox.
its an absolute techno classic, but not one of the obvious ones that get rolled out for every old skool back to the 90 s set.. so get on board and be in the know before everyone gets on it!!
jerome hill steps up for the remix on the b-side utilising some fierce rumbling sub bass and keeping the energy levels on 11 for the dancefloor..
this release has been cut super loud and is the first 2-tracker on don t for just this reason.
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7.36 EUR *
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