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12" Vinyl RO 25.05.18
vlad arapasu with a slamming floorfriendly vinyl, pressed on 180g , released on vinyl only
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11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl RO 01.12.17
for those unfamiliar with the atipic releases, it may seem that buenos aires’ jorge savoretti has chosen to swim upstream on the latest atipic installment. as for a trained ear, the apparently bipolar approach, elegantly touching quite a few electronic influences from different decades, has a cohesive unity in all the 3 tracks presented. hidden under the sharp cut filters from the happy side a tune or building the groove to be unleashed in full swing on side b, it is up to the dancefloor characters to find these elements. rather unconventional, yet totally subjective, atipic004 is a proof of concept on how different angles can generate twisted and unexpected perspectives on modern electronic music.
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11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 03.05.17
with its third release, atipic records introduces us to andu simion’s musical universe. a house journey bearing different twists, presented in 4 episodes chained at an almost imperceptible layer.
take the opening track as a strong example: it gives you that dreamy feeling of rediscovering the undiluted beauty of old skool deep house. the same kaleidoscopic groove floods your senses in a2, lighthearted, echoing deep into our souls.
flip the record for the bassline to come into play, deeply textured into the melodic waves of b1. the final track completes the ep with its detroit flavour, stripped just enough to make it a perfect match for the nowadays dancefloors.
house feelings, a different approach: atipic003 with andu simion.
out of stock
11.65 EUR *
12" Vinyl RO 02.11.16
set apart from the underground electronic trail we are used with, atipic proposes vincentiulian for its second release.
002.1 harvests energy from the crisp and simple kick pattern to break the steady rhythm into scarce drum rolls and haunting tones. side b chooses the same phonic road. 002.2 shares vincentiulians minimalistic approach: visceral on the low frequency spectrum, a perfect foundation for the somehow familiar theme. 002.3 deconstructs even more, using as little resources as it can get: shadow like reverbs, glued together in a sketch that invites your mind in a twisted hide n seek game.
solid 3 tracker, a proof for vincentiulians skills on masterfully juggling with simple loops.
out of stock
13.64 EUR *
12" Vinyl, 180gr RO 03.02.16
180 gr, vinyl only, adrian niculae aka priku
if you ever had been struck by the feeling of letting everything go away, right in the middle of the dance floor and you couldnt explain what was happening to you, then you have to listen to adrian niculae’s atipic 001. side a delivers nine minutes of carefully crafted momentum, adding layer over layer of tension. side b connected at an almost imperceptible level with the first track cuts deep within our electronic souls injecting us waves of rolling techno wearing adrian s obsession for subtle details.
out of stock
13.64 EUR *
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