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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: andreas saag - justice
12" Vinyl UK 20.05.15
available on vinyl (limited to 200 copies, no repress). release number eight on telefonplan is an all family affair. joining mad mats & toolis team of artists is swedish producer wiz andreas saag. mr saag has taken the leap from local talk and now makes his debut on telefonplan. opening track justice is dark, deep and with a sumptuous bass to sink your teeth into. it is rough and punchy with a clever vocal sample that almost works like a chant. justice comes in two versions, for those of you who like your song instrumental we have made sure your wish is granted too, it still got enough intensity about it without losing the pulsating heaviness. on the flipside, call of yacuma could be described as a grittier and stripped down version of andreas previous local talk track in the box. it is pure simplicity and groove makes it simply irresistible. listening to these tracks it is clear mr saag has been influenced by living in berlin these past years. both justice and call of yacuma wouldnt sound out of place in a dark club with a big soundsystem late at night. just make sure you get past the bouncer while entering the club.
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