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12" IT 05.02.08
number one for splitsound with abnormal boyz & joseph capriati... presenting their image of >electronic music< like a >picture impressed in the vinyl< with an ep with different points of views and the consciousness that the music will break the senses of the listeners... >termal eyes< is a minimal house track of excellent quality, for exigent djs, >another vision of space< is a killing floor track, dangerous alchemy of hypno-grooves with techno flavour. >things changes< remixed by andre crom (heimatmelodie, memo & leftroom) is with his authors words: >the maximise of minimise<, essential structure of bass lines and riffs gives a direct kick into the bones
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12" NL 02.07.09
originally released on analytic trail at the end of 2007, c est la vie (and b-side oasi) marked the debut for joseph capriati. since this time capriati has gone on to become one of the hottest names in techno with releases on the scenes labels including drumcode, clr and sci and tec.
to celebrate the success of this favourite son of naples, analytic trail are releasing a staggering set of remixes of two tracks from joseph s debut release on the label from the best names in techno: umek, ramon tapia, xpansul, ortin cam, hauswerks, gaz james and abnormal boyz
first up to rework oasi is great stuff s ramon tapia. without doubt one of the names of 2009, tapia delivers a typically dramatic mix where sparse trial rhythms meet pulsing, offkilter melodies. hot new production duo hauswerks and gaz james keep up the pace with a more funked up version centered around a wicked rolling groove while homegrown neapolitan talent abnormal boyz offer up a stomping rework that twists things out with deep undulating bass.
Analytic Trail
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