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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: 11_inch feat. jesse lee davis
12" 09.07.10
first at!!! 11_inch is the project of hannover-based producers and djs ralf eckert, ron paul and christian weiland, working and being creative in the basement of time tools mastering studios. this is the perfect surrounding for a session with singer and songwriter jesse lee davis. you can hear the result on this classic disco- like slowgroover >can you feel it<. dubbymans (deep explorer) version keeps it very much organic with a great piano pattern and laidback moods on the chords while jesse lee croons about losing minds on the dancefloor. venedikt reyf, better known as suedmilch, puts the focus on the groove without losing the vibe of the original. the pitched down vox sounds just perfect to it. hypnotizing!
Wild Trackin
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