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12" NL 23.09.16
electric pressure is an athen s(greece) based label founded in 2015. the debut vinyl release features 3 hardware centered, acidic techno oriented tracks from worker/ parasite and a remix from clouds. worker/ parasite is an oakland, ca based artist, much known for his stomping acidic hardware productions. clouds tip in with a heavily sampled remix, balancing perfectly between techno and noise.
Electric Pressure
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12" US 25.03.15
jacktone recordsis pleased to announce our third release: two dark techno tracks from oaklands worker / parasite. *justa909*and *squirm* are reverb-soaked four-on-the-floor odysseys of mutating factory noise and gritty analog textures. the release also features remixes from funerals and label co-founder, dr. sleep.
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