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12" Vinyl UK 09.12.19
will lister with some serious broken beats.
Of Paradise
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12" Vinyl UK 25.04.18
for anma’s sixth outing we see a coupling of two remarkable talents from either sides of the atlantic, each taking two turns across a side of crisp wax. first up for the us side we have new york based trinidadian deep. personally mentored by chi-town legend ron trent and with his own unique vision of soulful deep house, he has imparted us with two deeply immersive cuts of intense dance floor electricity, laced with his signature percussive club spirituality! for the uk flip, london based will lister is a name to watch out for, a young producer who can boast his first wax release being put out on phonica’s own house label! taking things down a notch on the pitch fader, will has provided two slow-mo jams that reward the attentive listener with his sensuous and detailed production style. building tension meticulously before releasing energy with aplomb and polishing things beautifully with his class jazzy flair. lovingly pressed on 180g vinyl, hand stamped and labelled on a limited run.
Anma Records
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12" Vinyl UK 05.10.17
eliphinos joy in repetition imprint presents will lister s sophomore release, space to breathe. after a solid introduction to the world on phonica records in 2015, this ep finds will in strident form displaying production acumen that belies /beyond his 20 years. floating around the 110bpm mark, there are prominent elements of jazz, hip hop and house music. his production efforts create a warm ethereal atmosphere cut with a tough percussive edge. this prodigious young producer has a great deal of talent and will be someone you ll hear a lot more about in the coming years. dj support: larry heard said: very nice! thanks… midland: lovely this is! john m gomez karma is bubbling really nicely, thanks! alex nut: yeah this is wicked, will is defo one to watch, i ll be showing this release some love 4 sure. graham lockhurst (mr bongo) big fan of will. this is excellent
Joy In Repetition
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12" Vinyl UK 30.06.16
following on from last years exceptional ‘obsession ep’ from art crime is a budding young talent by the name of will lister. originally from lyme regis, will moved up to london to attend goldsmiths university and in his spare time he helps us out behind the counter here at the shop. when he’s not here at the shop you can also hear him playing records on his balamii radio show or his monthly club night, ‘the aten’. ‘the phantom ep’ is his production debut and we’re extremely happy to be putting it out on our main imprint. the title track opens up the ep with heavily reverbed pads, echoed claps, crunchy percussion and repetitive synth stabs that all work together to create spaced-out atmosphere that’s full of twist and turns. flipping over to the b-side, ‘after the light’ picks up the pace with a driving high-hat rhythm and full-bodied kicks that underpin warm piano keys and smooth synth lines. ‘agency’ closes proceedings by turning up the intensity to full with a masterclass in building tension.
Phonica Records
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 09.06.17
wenn sich musiker wie sufjan stevens, bryce dessner, nico muhly und james mcalister für ein album zusammentun, ist die welt natürlich nicht groß genug. auf ihrer einspielung -planetarium- vertonen und besingen sie deshalb unser komplettes sonnensystem. die idee zu diesem konzeptalbum schwirrte schon etwas länger in sufjan stevens kopf herum. konkret wurde sie allerdings erst, als die konzerthalle muziekgebouw in eindhoven nico muhly den auftrag zu einer komposition erteilte. sofort dachte er an eine kollaboration mit seinen freunden dessner, stevens und mcalister. doch nachdem man das stück gemeinsam fertiggestellt und aufgeführt hatte, legte man das junge projekt erst einmal auf eis. im anschluss veröffentlichte bryce dessner mit seiner band the national -trouble will find me-, sufjan brachte sein album -carrie & lowell- heraus und nahm anschließend mcallister mit auf tour, und muhly komponierte ein violinen- konzert für die metropolitan opera. schließlich kehrten stevens und mcalister 2016 mit einigen songskizzen zurück ins studio, wo dann richtige stücke entstanden, die mit den mitteln von prog rock, elektronik und indie durch das universum schweben.
das doppel-vinyl erscheint im klappcover, inklusive downloadcode und 6 doppelseitigen kunstdrucken.
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12" Vinyl UK 25.11.13
it is a family affair as grimy returns with heat from the windy city known for amazing dance edits. tim mcallister takes it out the gate with *rollin*, a classic soul/disco beater replete with joyous flute trills, leslie speaker efx and a pumping house kick. in-demand newcomer cratebugs *get up move your body* is a spacious, cosmic edit of a little-remembered canadian gem. the song ends with an intuitive synth jam that will be enjoyed by djs and home listeners alike. longtime grimy associate rahaan ends things with a bang. his largely original *buari traxx* mixes ghanaian rhythms with killer disco bass and the nuanced, tracky drum programming you could find on a dancemania record. the brilliant track is built for the floor and also serves as an apt transition into grimy trax, a sister label that will release all new music. chicago is still burning.
Grimy Edits
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12" Vinyl D 06.04.10
nice price deal !!! supported by gel abril, someone else, danjel esperanza, lars wickinger, stephan bodzin, joe t vanelli and more.. after the furious session deluxe comeback with martin eyerer s “musica rodante” in january, it s now time for another excellent release on the swabian label. this time they come with concentrated italian power. flavio lodetti, sinc and alister – three guys and three names which you will hear a lot about them in the future.
Session Deluxe
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7" Vinyl UK 23.07.09
wah wah 45s are very proud to present their very first release from canadian producer and multi-instrumentalist alister johnson. you probably recognise alisters name from his work on john kongs do right! label, most recently with the single >like a star<, as well as remixes for fellow canadians robert strauss, voice, elizabeth shepherd and lal. alister also doubles up as dj catalist, having produced the killer booties >dont know< and >baltimore< for pr records.
on >invitation< he takes a much loved, classic jazz cut, and, with the help of another canadian, sacha williamson, on vocal duties, delivers a truly unique interpretation. >invitation< is a sultry piece of soul/jazz that, thanks to alister having one eye on the dance floor with his production, should work in the clubs too! think mr. scruff meets nicola conte and you get the idea!
Wah Wah 45s
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12" Vinyl UK 03.02.09
an offshoot of the legendary oxyd / tambour stable, this has a hint of ruffnecks everybody on the main mix. the flip is more electrotech, but will smash the dancefloor. a barnstorming introduction to a label that is destined for great things.
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12" Vinyl US 02.08.18
oozing, oozing soul, oozing feel, oozing the essence of rhythm and the body. this is what elbee bad is about. a native new yorker who has long since transplanted himself in berlin, elbee bad aka the prince of dance is back on thema recordings with a masterclass mini album that will resonate for years to come. crossing dimensions- is more than just a record, it is a philosophy on turntablism and what it means to be engaged in this culture. sitting comfortably on the shelf next to artists like mr. g, moodymann, and dj sprinkles, elbee recalls this genuine house feeling while adding a spice that could only be summoned out of his creative nuance. from the anthemic knowledge of request monster to the bass blistering sonnets of crossing dimensions, elbee showcases the sound of an artist who is deeply in touch with himself, the crowd, and the history of this music. no filler, no bullshit, just truth, love, and house.
Thema 047
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12" Vinyl UK 08.06.18
for its seventh offering, sol power sound taps into the pulse of the french antilles for tambours de martinique, a blistering ep of original and remixed versions of rare, drum-centric dance floor workouts. licensed directly from the legendary martiniquan label hibiscus records, the ep features cuts by eugène mona and max ransay, two of martinique s most storied musicians. with reworks by spanish dj and producer kiko navarro and the sol power all-stars, this one will be in the record bags of discerning djs all summer long.
Sol Power Sound
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12" Vinyl UK 01.03.18
1st vinyl outing from the mysterious new user engine project coming soon. celebrating various aspects of house and techno, the new world order ep charts a journey from blistering old-school acid-house to more modern sounding techno floor burners. will be released on stepback records, mastering by radioactive man, illustration by jamie kinroy.
Stepback Records
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12" Vinyl UK 06.02.18
following a red letter release in the form of joe armon-jones & maxwell owin s idiom, yam recordings return with the second installment of their you and music compilation series, this time compiled by yam fam hollick & z lovecraft. kicking things off on the a side is native cruise, a new artist hollick has been working extensively with on no bad days, bringing that signature ‘floaty yet punchy’ sound. it’s a kwaito-esque club jam with pan flutes and percussive loops bringing that energy to the start of the record. will listers sunset over st. petets spire is up next with a hypnotising yet intricate production from the hugely promising talent. will is a dude very much affiliated with yam and, of course, our pals over at balamii radio so it only seemed natural to have him on the record. that melody is a proper ear-worm too! the b side, curated by z lovecraft, is a slightly tougher affair with three tracks representing his taste in soulful sounds and expands on his a&r work for rhythm section international. first up is rouge me&#769,,chaniques prisma ltd a 7-minute psychedelic drum odyssey showcasing the multi instrumentalists many talents and influences, with guitar overdubs and flute ambience taking the dance floor far and beyond. on b2, upcoming break beat talent, lt, takes the helm with gale force. hailing from the peak district, lt makes work of deep vocal pads, 606 touches and a killer bass line. finishing off the compilation is wholemeal musics boy wonder, dear earth, who conjures a charming hip-hop ditty with his delicate assemblage style.
Yam Records
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12" Vinyl UK 12.01.18
adam beyers drumcode is growing from strength to strength, year after year, with a non-stop release schedule showcasing both the labels new and most established artists with cutting edge techno beats. after 20 years since its inception, drumcode continues to push the boundaries, firmly grounding their position as the worlds no.1 techno label. drumcodes youngest rising star, layton giordani, exploded on to the scene after his debut album >where it begins< back in february, after scoring some of the biggest festivals in europe this summer, he now returns with an exciting collab titled live again. ny born and bred, danny tenaglia has always been a true inspiration for layton since his teenage years, so when the opportunity to collaborate with the fellow ny legend was on the cards, it was a dream come true. danny and layton join forces for the lead track live again . its deep and dark with a slowly building pad wrapping around a modulating synthetic hook. the dark and effected vocal echo takes the track into a hypnotic vibe. ‘take it back delivers a pumping drive the moment it fires up. snapping percussive force and an infectious rhythmic groove will unhinge dance floors nationwide, whilst secrets of vibration has a rattling, yet blistering low end presence to it. the new yorkers unite on this energetic and exciting collab
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12" Vinyl UK 10.01.18
dj psychiatre is the france-based doctor who is willing to listen to all of your problems and give you the prescription for all you need.
delirium ep is a blister pack of five prozak pills, filled with melted house bass, dreamy ambient toppings and experimental icing. strictly by doctors orders only!
GASP Records
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12" Vinyl UK 19.12.17
p.e.a.r.l. is no stranger to the weekend circuit inner circle. having released his desolation ep on the london label in 2015, his unique and refreshing productions slot comfortably in to the label s sonic aesthetic. pulsating, submerged field recordings and natural sounds bristle next to menacingly hewn tones, rhythms and textures, creating a strange and disorientating environment across 4 parts. ep opener body arched i encapsulates this alien-esque landscape, beckoning us into the p.e.a.r.l. sound-world. slowly unwinding drones gradually draw us in, layers of almost synthetic jungle sounds, field recordings and eerie atmospherics create images of unseen landscapes in our minds. one gets the impression that is merely the calm before the storm, it will be a long, dark and revealing night. second part body arched ii ups the ante considerably, a blistering assault on the senses. cavernous kick-drums dance with repeated synth lines and synewaves creating a narcotic, unforgiving and swirling miasma of epic proportions. body arched iii opens the second side of this formidable slab of vinyl. the energy levels are still high, the mood somewhat foreboding. unapologetic, urgent and oozing kinetic energy this 3rd movement continues on a journey that will sweep you deeper into the blackest night, all systems failed, flying blind. in the right hands a piece like this can wield colossal power. the fourth and final part of body arched taps into a more psychedelic vein, a minimalistic mantra-esque piece that continually spirals to the very outer edges of restraint. listen closely and you can hear the shamans feet kicking up dust in the clearing. a pensive and sparse piece and the perfect note on which p.e.a.r.l. will leave us bewildered.
Weekend Circuit
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12" Vinyl UK 06.10.17
swat s third release & detroit is in the house ! there are times in which you can clearly mark a producer s evolution. when they stop inching towards growth and make a bold statement of change in capability and vision. such is the case with this ep from detroit-based disco guru, pontchartrain. after a few years of steadily pushing out some significant pieces of work that have increasingly straddled the line between originals and edits, and nearly a decade of studio experience, his long overdue official house music debutante has arrived. featuring detroit local soul artist, coko buttafli laying down some blistering vocals with a clearly positive house music message, on top of live percussion and keys, and bold analog drum rhythms, pontch has created a solid diva-house gem. the sneaky festival-ready banger, loose , performed, mixed, and overdubbed live, provides some fantastic contrast and versatility to the release. a mr. g-esque remix by dj phenom just alexander and the musical journey of topher horn s evolving and deep version on the flipside make this a well rounded record that will undoubtedly stay in your bag for a good long while, and will find its way back in for years to come.
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12" Vinyl D 07.09.17
official re-issue of bermudian disco record! 1000 copies initial pressing. big tip! in 1981, bermudian band paradise recorded sizzlin hot, a flawless album of original material in the disco, boogie and aor style. producer, writer and pianist grant williams formed several bands before becoming the fourth member of paradise, alongside bassist wincy woolridge, drummer ronnie lopes and singer june ventzos whose voice commands the album. for five years, the group regularly performed in hotels before hitting the local z.b.m. studios to record their sole album. sizzlin hot is inspired by the sound of earth, wind & fire. the album delivers several blistering tracks that could have been huge club anthems if the record had been promoted outside of bermuda. since bermuda is a fairly remote island, its no wonder that paradise remains virtually unknown to this day. it is all the more reason why this album stands-out and has universal appeal though it was only ever intended as a local thing as grant williams says.
FRB 004
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 17.07.17
2017: the camo & krooked takeover continues to permeate every corner of the electronic music landscape as they take their unique sound to uncharted pastures. two successful singles, one high profile remix of noisia, one essential mix and a non-stop world tour into 2017, the austrian music-producer a-listers now present the most critical releases of their career...
after three long years of the deepest studio craft they’ve ever committed to, camo (reini) & krooked (markus) have delivered their most unifying, high profile vocal track like i do with fellow vienna artist and runaway songwriter sensation james hersey. then, on june 23, they will finally unveil their most startling, detailed and singular body of work yet - mosaik.
their fourth album since emerging in 2007, mosaik is a pivotal document that elevates camo & krooked’s creative credentials, vision and technique to brave new levels. the result of years of studio hibernation, studying vintage analogue instruments, honing their instantly distinctive signature, songwriting skills and, in markus’ case, even finding their own singing voice, mosaik galvanizes the duo’s position as one of the most exciting, unique, innovative and in-demand acts in electronic music.
Ram Records
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12" Vinyl US 19.05.17
tucson, arizonas crimekillz had an all too-brief history. forming in 2008, singer n8noface & producer scumbag tony released two blistering synth punk eps in 2010 kills kids & 2011 never dies, plus a great (delayed & generally unheard) album destroy stress in 2013. a split 7inch with (n8ãs blood brother zackey force funk, then one more self-released mini-album that year slauson ep and they were gone.
Hit n Run
How Dirt Is Done
Promise Made
They Never Come
It All Goes Away
Shorty Escapes
No Bar Code
Hello God
We Machines
The Good Will Die
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12" Vinyl UK 15.05.17
the swedish offworldcolonies ltd label puts forward a blistering 12inch from lyss:is with 3 slabs of deep, propulsive techno and a dark cloud ambient closer. limited to 100 copies.
offworldcolonies ltd.
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12" Vinyl D 22.02.17
after interstate s lovely debut ep, we continue with a four-tracker by some familiar and some new faces, dropping on our vinyl only sublabel whyte numbers.
early support by: session victim, midland, fede lng, jimpster, real d, mount liberation unlimited,will lister, loz goddard, jaques renault, harry wolfman, sakro, ouer, mono & luvless, panthera krause, dj octopus, mathias kaden and more... vinyl only!
Whyte Numbers
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12" Vinyl US 26.01.17
coling strange lands on lies.. going to hit hard, this one..tip! collin strange has a long and storied history in the new york city underground music scene of the nineties. from owning a record shop in the east village, to working at distributers, to playing in bands of all sorts, to producing music alone, strange was around at one of the most vibrant (and transitional) times in the l.e.s., just on the cusp of guliani s culture crackdown which choked the life out of the city, forcing many to leave. currently located in seattle, strange has picked up where he left off years ago plugging in the gear and churning out blistering acid cuts with a very d.i.y. edge that brings to mind drop bass network, unit moebius, or free party french acid of old. coming full circle these tracks are completely at home on l.i.e.s. and will undoubtedly thrash any soundsystem in sight. play at maximum volume for total disruption
Long Island Electrical Systems
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12" Vinyl D 27.06.16
bar musica is a brand new label that promises to inject plenty of charm and originality into the underground house and techno world. the first release kicked up quite a storm from label owner bartolomeo, and the second release features a trio of great originals by j paraguai, with a remix from long time electronic talent bruno pronsato. rumba is up first and is a full fat, corrugated house track with tribal percussion, punchy drums that swing down low and afro vocals. it is a dynamite groove with roughshod tin pot hits that are carefully treated and bring a lovably wild side to the track. thesoundsays founder and berlin based new yorker bruno pronsato has been on the fringes of the underground for more than a decade with inventive eps and lps on labels like hello? repeat and bosconi. his remix is stripped back to a forceful and rubbery techno groove. blistered synths rip up the middle and spooky voices, trippy effects and manic loops all make it a freaky late night or after-hours tune that will send floors wild. ble is then another j paraguai, and this one is again unhinged and urgent, with intense synths exploding above shuffling, tightly knotted minimal drums and sweeping pads. it’s pure wtf music for brave djs and dancers and is a truly original production. then last original atles is rugged and impactful in the way in combines house and techno into new ideas. it is stripped back to little chopped loops that bury deep in your brain and have you in a trance in no time. as such, it rounds out a fine ep and keeps this exciting new label going off in great style.
Bar Musica
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12" Vinyl lp UK 30.05.16
australia’s deep street soul, since signing to freestyle records in 2008, have earned a reputation as being right at the grittiest end of the hard funk scene who made a big impact from the outset - with even the mc5’s wayne kramer saying that their version of kick out the jams “... is the greatest version of the song ever recorded!”. from their debut self titled instrumental long player, to the 2011 follow up look out, watch out (and the addition of vocalist mighty may johnston) this band have grown, matured and honed thier songwriting skills, as well as maintaining their rare ability to really capture the essence of the original raw funk & soul artists that inspire them. 2016 sees them return with this quite spectacular new collection. whilst the diamond hard, driving grooves remain undiminished, there is also no doubt that the bands song writing has developed to an equally assured level. case in point is souls come alive - from monique boggia’s wurlitzer electric piano intro, the blistering horns and may johnson’s simply exemplary singing - the songs instant appeal will be lost on no one with an ear for genuine organic soul music. come alive also features guest vocalists joshua tavares and kylie auldist - come alive is deep street souls finest work - no if’s, but’s or maybe’s. it s a done deal.
Freestyle Records
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12" Vinyl NL 01.10.15
up first is gigolo, a spare and weird house cut with sine waves and random claps, hunched drums and trippy synth lines. it s a unique track made in a unique way and will lead to plenty of freaky dance floor moments, for sure. co. art is a whacked out techno cut with slap-funk claps, blistering and blistered synth lines and a rugged bit of bass underlining it all. the track is cavernous and metallic, empty and distant as if it somehow survived a nuclear blast. on the flip, alzheimer is a slow and gurgling, swampy techno number with broken drums and crawling synths that sound like their batteries have run down. icy, watery melodies eventually rain down, but the track remains resolutely eerie. last of all, fabric is another decaying track with subtle, heavily filtered synths and drums all making for a minimal groove that is barely there.
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12" Vinyl UK 13.03.15
• a blistering new 4 track ep from paul mac
• features a remix from ritzi lee
here we have a blistering new 4 track ep on billy nasty s label from the much loved paul mac. the ep also features a dark and driving remix from underground liberation boss ritzi lee who will be the next artist to appear on tortured this year with a paul mac remix on there to boot !
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12" Vinyl D 03.11.14
odd even is the new label project from andre kronert. created as a wide open space and blank canvas for friends and peers to release music that andre himself will include is his dj sets. odd even is a playground for both music and art, with each release receiving a full vinyl press and exclusive cover artwork.
001 is from the label boss himself and features the stripped, staccato sounds of the title track and the stealthy purring acid of isolation. the labels first remix selection sees andre look to argentina and two of the countries finest musical exports, jonas kopp and pfirter. both take terminus into tougher territory where kopp twists the piercing note of the original and pfirter assaults us with his blistering drum work.
Odd Even
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10" Vinyl + cd UK 27.10.14
king champion sounds deliver a blistering 10 inch album with free cd (incl. 2 bonus tracks) inside that combines a hypnotic krautedelic / dub / minimalist / electronica tunes with a sugarshit sharp wordsmith in his element. g.w.sok (former lyricist / singer for the ex) has never been in better form. the band, led by ajay saggar, close ranks hard to deliver the tightest and most exciting palette of music you will hear all year. they combine the grit and grind of the best of post rock underground with the swinging horns of africa in an astonishing whole.
Louder Than War
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12" Vinyl UK 15.10.14
having blown the doors off with their r&s debut *containing a thousand*, lakker return with a devastating new single that concentrates and coalesces their sound to unprecedented new heights. their intricate, yet muscular soundscapes and skittering percussion have an epic, alien quality that set them head and shoulders above their less ambitious peers. having a background in punk, metal and broken beat as well as noise and techno helps give lakker their truly unique and uncompromising sound. currently touring their blistering live /av set across the planet and hard at work on their debut lp for r&s you will be hearing a lot more from lakker very soon.
R&S Records
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coloured 7" Vinyl UK 30.10.12
limited edition clear vinyl 7 inch, includes code for free mp3 download of these tracks.
waves on canvas is the brainchild of italian composer and producer stefano guzzetti. >angel< is the debut single and features the vocal talents of louise rutkowski (this mortal coil) who delivers a beautiful haunting vocal that compliments guzzetti s orchestral backdrop. the b side is remixed by john fryer (the hope blister) who provides a lush dubbed-out remix. the forthcoming album >into the northsea< will feature many artists including louise rutkowski (this mortal coil / craig armstrong / 4ad), ian masters (pale saints / 4ad), pieter nooten (xymox / michael brook / 4ad), and hans-joachim roedelius (cluster / harmonia / brian eno).
Psycho Navigation
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12" Vinyl UK 05.10.12
big with: norm talley, juniper, gerd, jimpster, recloose, baaz, ben sims, jonas kopp, chris duckenfield, eric cloutier, cedric maison, ethyl, semtek, will saul. creative swing alliance, glimpse, groove armada, huxley, nicholas, ricard miranda, alex coulton, the rhythm odyssey, mano le tough, john osborne, disco bloodbath, dfrnt, chicago damn, vinyl-only label never learnt return with a four track release from christopher rau featuring a blistering, raw remix from lerosa. following releases from nyra and october & borai, the london/limerick-based imprint is in fine fettle and this latest release sees the smallville man, rau, turn in some of his best work to date.
Never Learnt
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12" Vinyl UK 05.07.12
limited edition reissue of this super-rare disco 12 inch featuring extended dancefloor-friendly versions of two superb afro and latin-flavoured tracks taken from john ozilas 1979 killer funk album >boogie salsa<. released on french label disques vogue, side a boasts the great brassy salsa-funk of >vamos a bailar< and dance you will to this infectious cha-cha-cha punctuated horn and electric guitar-driven funk classic - no wonder this is a big harvey play! turn over for the highly infectious afro groove of >funky boogie<. previously a fiercely-guarded record collectors secret, this blisteringly hot and energetic disco workout has recently gained a massive new wave of fans after the pilooski edit of it featured in a tv ad.
G.M.T. Recods
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12" Vinyl UK 19.10.11
nice price deal !!! milano based musician and producer joseph bacchilega teams up with piero russo (formerly known as esom, from emphasis recordings) to present you pulsewave music. while empty words and soulless records seems to drive modern underground music, with pulsewave we aim to bring back the spirit which gave life to quality vinyls (from the music, to the artworks) with a mixture of passion, skills, concepts and forms. while the intention is not to have an intention (if not making good music), engraved in the hearth of the record are the words >nothing will be the same<. while the meaning is not to search a meaning, there are things that words cannot express, but the ear can hear and the intuition can feel. nothing, if not a strong emotional content. on the b1, a powerful acid version from esom will be hitting the hardest-to-please underground specialists while, on the b2, a blistering techno track (the original mix) is meant to respond to the most demanding dancefloors. on the flip, uk-based producer and dj, kirk degiorgio (a.k.a. as one/future past), delivers his intense and floor-moving version in a 7 minutes trip which already passed in many djs turntables. dont miss this limited edition, hand stamped vinyl record.
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12" Vinyl D 15.08.11
dachshund is a living example of a musician who doesnt take himself too seriously: his lively productions, where his passion for experimentation in rhythm and sound are clearly evident, stand out as a welcome departure from the sterile work of so many other heads in the scene. besides humor, an easy-going jamaican feeling characterizes his sets and tracks: the swiss dj, producer and label owner has his musical roots in reggae, which he has followed all the way to the sunny caribbean. no wonder then, that we can hear the dub influence in his current musical output. true to form, dachshund presents his latest release on the berlin record label, highgrade records, where the beats will blister through the speakers in unexpected combinations and grooves. around every corner there seems to lurk a new mad idea or sound sequence from dachshund, who leads his listeners equally as he misleads them on the dancefloor. with a sly musical wink, he offers us three tracks >shall we<, >soul free< and >tell me< produced with sophistication and elegance. these tunes switch almost imperceptibly into a grooving mind-trip that perfectly fits the title of the ep. this is the equivalent of a relaxing invitation to dance: >shall we<? … but, of course!
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7.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 10.02.11
in early 2011, crc, one half of finlands red-hot electro-duo morphology, returns to heliocentric music with two new blistering tracks in the vein of famous 90ies uk-idm techno like b12 or nuron/likemind. the contribution by myon is a 9-minute cut with huge basslines and strings that will rock your socks off! after the big success of their previous combined release, crc and myon team up again to deliver a record, which is highly inspired by detroit-techno in general and contains lots of… strings & harmonies!
Heliocentric Music
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8.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 06.09.10
after a short spell away, caspa is back with one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year on his own sub soldiers imprint. first up is an anthem that has been lighting up dancefloors airwaves globally as of late, in the shape of >back for the first time< featuring dub police label mate d1. gathering heavy support on bbc radio 1 from annie mac & zane lowe, as well as being battered in the clubs by the who is who of dubstep a-listers this is fast becoming one of the biggest tracks to emerge from the scene so far this year and its not hard to see why with its catchy eutrophic chords and growling bass ? this is no doubt going to be one of the tracks of the summer! on the flip caspa teams up with another label mate, subscape, for a tune that has torn apart countless dancefloors lately. >geordie racer< takes no prisoners with its driving beats and outrageous basslines, anyone who has been lucky enough to be in a rave when this monster drops will no doubt tell you the carnage it creates in the dance. again gaining support from dubstep royalty and being featured on caspas >mystyle< mix cd. all in all this is one obscenely big release that you cant afford to pass on ? big things once again from the caspa & the sub soliders / dub police camp.
Sub Soldiers
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8.39 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl NL 16.06.10
on his first release, >muskelminne ep<, gunnar delivers an indian summer love song, >massagerutin 1<, some deep and glistering morning music with the track >morgonanga< and ends with the raw but perfect bonus beat, >lilla huset pa prärien<. or as gunnar jonsson puts it: >i just want to have a good time with music, no steroids, no tricks, just some soft grooves and some hardware fun. i love older electronic instruments, the way they look and sound makes me feel good inside and gets me going.< eat healthy and ride a bike between the studio sessions that is gunnar jonssons vibe. it is our wish that this ep will end many summer night dance floors.
out of stock
8.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 08.04.10
seventh out on subcult techno & again another blistering club techno 4-track attack from some of the best names in the scene right now that will destroy any dancefloor. buy on sight!
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7.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 28.09.09
moment psychedelik - its all said in the title, actually. it is easy to get lost in all those layers of mesmerizing sounds, swirling around you like bubbles sparkling out of a well shaken bottle. just before you lose it all, the kickdrum comes in to lead you to a winding path... upon glistering plains, through some dry land into a multicoloured jungle, populated with all kinds of textures and sounds. enter the next level - like the title suggests. the flipside utilises a more pronounced guide: mr talking drum himself will show you how to find the clearing of enlightenment where your heart gets filled with joy and your feet cant stop dancing. supported by lopazz, ame, tobi neumann.
Baobab Secret
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7.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 01.07.09
the sound stylistics are back! 2 years on since the release of the sound stylistics play deep funk which one of the most sought after and best selling freestyle albums ever, the band have returned with the greasin the wheels. this absolute killer follow up features the same line up plus very special guests such as jan kincaid (brand new heavies drummer) and guitarist eddie roberts (the new mastersounds) from which this 2 track 12inch single is taken. the a side tie one on is blistering driving funky jazz with massive horns and features top notch guitar man al cherry picking his way to groove nirvana, whilst the flipside knucklehead has the one man swing machine eddie roberts laying down some of his righteous licks. this release will wet the appetite of the groups fans from tokyo to toronto. the sound stylistics have returned and are taking no prisoners, lesser bands beware!
out of stock
8.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 10.06.09
new artists on bombay, chicagos j & j soultempo come with a strong gospel influenced late night slammer for the dance floor. featuring vocals from the renowned terry moore combined with the soulful chicago acid house production of j & j soultempo, this release has a real early nineties murk style deep house sound with modern production. jason ferguson jaycee and jere mcalllister are emerging from a strong community of the new generation of producers and musicians based in chicago that will be turning heads in this genre. some kinda good agrees with the new york vibey heads as well as the chicago and detroit kids with powerful vocals and lyrics jelled with an infectious dirty groove and smooth pads, pure classic house.
out of stock
7.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 18.06.08
new artists on bombay, chicagos j & j soultempo come with a strong gospel influenced late night slammer for the dance floor. featuring the vocals of the renowned terry moore combined with the soulful chicago acid house production of j & j soultempo, this release has an real early nineties murky deep house sound with modern production. jason ferguson jaycee and jere mcalllister are emerging from a strong community of the new generation of producers and musicians based in chicago that will be turning heads in the house scene. some kinda good agrees with the new york vibey heads as well as the chicago and detroit kids the tune defines house as going back to just one category and one community.
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7.59 EUR
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12" Vinyl UK 24.08.07
next up on steppasoundz steps c.a.b.l.e. from brazil with the massively disgusting burning a multi layered blend of infinitely rolling breakbeats, filtered percussion & stomach churning bass. this track will pull your pants down & smack you across your arse with a plank of d&b varnished wood then spit in your face while you cry about it, in other words, its a little bit nasty! soul on the flip takes things a bit deeper with driving bass and skipping drum patterns. a soothing alternative to the blistering a side
Last Copy!
6.44 EUR *
8.59 EUR
25% Discount
12" Vinyl US 27.07.07
the spatulacity crew is proud to present some more fresh talent with real time hand motions prime time man lotion ep! these two have been making major waves with blistering originals and remixes over the last year or so, and break ya neck and who got it are probably two of the hottest examples of what these guys are capable of. unbelievable studio trickery in the vein of spatula city label bosses the sound republic, rthm deliver funky grooves, dancefloor firestarters, and were without question one of the most talked about artists at this years wmc. this is only the beginning of what will surely be a long career for this nashville duo. chicagos sexual chocolate (of junky trunk records fame) delivers a nasty dubsided esque wobbly bassline stomper of a remix for break ya neck while the original funks, shuffles, and grooved its way in to the boxes of all of the underground heavy hitters with massive support from dj mes, the sound republic, diz, raoul belmans, justin martin, the inland knights, and more.
Spatula City
out of stock
9.19 EUR *
2xcd UK 18.03.14
2 cd compilation! cd 1 poolside mix, cd2 club mix! compiled by graham sahara! incl. tracks by: detroit swindle, hot since 82, will clarke and many more
Meerkat Music
Last Copy!
13.95 EUR *
2x cd UK 27.01.12
philadelphia international: the re-edits is an album which no one thought would ever come out! over the years there have been numerous attempts to re-edit or remix various philadelphia international tracks, many of which fell at the final hurdle, which was getting the approval from kenny gamble & leon huff - the founders of pir. so, following 18 months of development and clearance procedures, harmless is proud to announce the first 100% fully endorsed philadelphia international the re-edits project. many of these re-edits and remixes have been popular with dj s as privately shared downloads or even unauthorised bootlegs todd terje s re-edit of dee dee sharp gamble s easy money and tim mcallister s remix of harold melvin & the blue notes be for real as just two examples. the appetite for philadelphia international: the re-edits will further be fuelled by the demand for last year s get down with the philly sound project from bbe and, of course, harmless s own philly re-grooved: the tom moulton remixes vols 1 & 2 all big sellers at the time and all consistent back catalogue sellers.
out of stock
14.99 EUR *
cd UK 15.06.09
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