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10" Vinyl UK 08.07.05
10 inch !! ultraphat classic acid music/hot hot hot
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8.28 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl NL 09.09.16
new granulart release, pressed on limited coloured vinyl. gltd005 is a split ep from label boss kessell and emerging artist eric fetcher with recent releases on aine and children of tomorrow.
early feedbacks from oscar mulero, luke slater, dvs1, pfirter, jonas kopp, peter van hoesen, paul mac, angel molina, eric cloutier, shlomo, blawan, truncate, jeroen search, kwartz, birth of frequency, ben sims, samuli kemppi, vince watson, answer code request, dimi angelis, marcel dettmann, tommy four seven, alexander kowalski, slam, raiz, developer, james ruskin, francois x, zadig, kirk degiorgio ...
Granulart Recordings
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9.25 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl NL 19.02.16
new granulart limited release from label boss valentin corujo aka kessell. four tracks of modern techno, as on previous limited serie, pressed on colored solid blue, black & clear mixed vinyl.
early support from oscar mulero, answer code request, reeko, samuli kemppi, pfirter, lewis fautzi, peter van hoesen, rodhad, antigone, birth of frequency, inigo kennedy, zadig, paul mac, brendon moeller, angel molina, raiz, discknocked, blndr, mental resonance, alexander kowalski, quail, jose pouj, ame, etapp kyle, eric cloutier, ben sims, ness, hector oaks, nx1, developer, arnaud le texier, james ruskin, henning baer, kwartz, vince watson, victor martinez, kike pravda, amandra, andrea, marcel heese, p.e.a.r.l., sigha, marcel dettmann, dj pete aka substance, slam, aiken, dj rolando, w.i.r.e., xhei, kr!z
Granulart Recordings
out of stock
9.25 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl NL 26.05.15
granulart recordings new serie, on limited coloured 12 inch vinyl. the first release comes from eric fetcher, inspired by the sound of detroit, is full of 909 action and hypnotic leads.
early support by dvs1, darko esser - tripeo, paul mac, antigone, svreca, jeroen search, sleeparchive, samuli kemppi, etapp kyle, arnaud le texier, answer code request, truncate, raiz, pfirter, angel molina, aiken, marcel dettmann, ness, blndr, james ruskin, vince watson, andrea, efdemin, ame, inigo kennedy, peter van hoesen, joachim spieth...
Granulart Recordings
out of stock
9.25 EUR *
DEEP 454
12" Vinyl UK 05.05.14
bulletdodges next instalment comes from us producer sean ray, delivering a single called deep 454 with 3 superb remixes from mgun, space djz & mr o and gareth whitehead. seans original track is a deep affair, heralding sparkling pads and grooving percussion. the track is cemented by a dark yet infectious piano riff and soulful bassline to make it a dancefloor classic. first up on remix duties is ur’s very own newcomer mgun. mgun has been taking the scene by storm lately with his incredible productions and his take on sean’s deep 454 is no exception. for this remix he has provided us with a detroit infused gem of a track. he has used soulful pads that eminate detroit and an upfront kick to create nothing short of a masterpiece. for the next remix we have an exciting collaboration between techno stalwarts space djz and one half of the detroit grand pubha’s mr o. their joint venture has produced a deep techno monster. it has a solid bassline and hypnotic use of the pads that shouts out 5am madness. lastly to remix deep 454 is bulletdodge’s head honcho gareth whitehead who has created a more old school stripped back deep house vibe. his tight drum programming and clever usage of the original tracks pads and piano riff rounds this perfect package off very nicely. supported so far by audio injection, colin dale, craig richards, dj deep, gary beck, paul mac, pig & dan, samuel l. session, sasha carassi, skream, slam, tom hades and vince watson plus many more!!!
out of stock
4.83 EUR *

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