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12" Vinyl D 16.04.18
naïf 008 opens a series of five eps that will be released around the release of the dj-mix-cd also named naif which has its release in april 2018 the first strike comes with two blinding techno tracks: running man is a contribution by the gentleman of techno steve bicknell. the other comes from the young swedish producer that goes by the name of kuf and who is part of the arsenik crew. besides that we find two compositions by phillip sollmann himself that show his abstract and experimental approach. while aliasing bells is a texture of sampled tibetan bells tag3 by his side-project autolyse is a jam on a light-sensor-controlled custom-made synth. perfect for layering on top of a mix. after more then three years of silence as a producer, efdemin aka phillip sollmann returns with a striking hybrid concept that merges the album format with the continuous dj mix format, presenting completely new material in a seamless manner. the cd-mix, named naif, officially reinstates his label of the same name and is a sprawling tour of inner space featuring 19 distinct tracks from fellow producers along with an additional ten that feature efdemin himself (either as soloist or collaborator). the release condenses his decade-long dj-ing journey and evolution as a producer into a single potent elixir of contemporary techno. naïf consists of completely unreleased material from both himself and valued collaborators, all of which will eventually manifest as ep releases: five on his own naïf label and two more on curle.
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12" Vinyl NL 06.04.18
solar phenomena keeps up a busy schedule with the third ep of 2018. this one comes from cult uk artist duckett whose past collaborations include tom demac, grimes adhesif and leif. recently he has served up solo eps for labels like galdoors, untilmyheartstops and wisdom teeth. mixing up elements of idm, techno and ambient, he is a sculptor of timeless tracks that come from another world.
Solar Phenomena
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9.79 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 20.03.18
hand-numbered clear mint vinyl 12inch in spray-painted sleeve limited to 200 copies (comes in different coloured sleeve, we cannot guarantee which one you will receive) conoley ospovat, having crossed paths with deep heads like pier bucci, pablo bolivar, and area, now turns up with a fully-realized ep for kimochi. solitude is a pulsing meditation, but with the rays of sunshine breaking throughout, its clear that if its alone, its not lonely. the springtime sounds are full of optimism as well as introspection. ambient house for the adventurous.
Kimochi 29
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 13.03.18
after the successful solaris vinyl on this tracks we keep the rhythm grooving with our fresh innovative views on the donna summer/giorgio moroder hit from the 70s. this remixes on the tom tom club version from 2000 give a splendid atmosphere on the visionary tunes that mark the beginning of the disco house area. some funky tech house mixes flourishing in its disco beats round up this record in a minimalistic electronic approach. our fabulous artists show once again their magnetic skills and vitalize the plutonic waves with its magnificent love rhymes of the hot original hitsong. we recover this pearl with a unique approach to bring back a special tune into our time. the release with its saturated colourful sounds zooms the meaning of love into present times and generates a new vision from the past.
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12" Vinyl NL 09.03.18
after a first ep of the year from stl, the solar phenomena label now welcomes romania’s romansoff. the raw tools label boss hails from bucharest and has also released his gritty, stripped back house and techno on creme organization and sportiv. here he offers four new tracks, with one remix from timedance man ploy completing the package.
halo epitomises romansoff’s style with its slow, heavy drums and sparse, scattered perc sounds. a lo-fi melody adds colour, while coach jacket ups the ante with busier claps and crashing hits laid over a turbulent, unsettled bassline. increasing the pressure further, graded grows manic with punchy drums, layers of fuzzy synths and bass and distant cries that are dark and unsettling. ploy flips this one into a prickly and atmospheric drum track that keeps you on edge.
Solar Phenomena
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12" Vinyl, 180 g UK 02.03.18
solipsism heads into new territory with this deeply hypnotic four track ep of dubbed out downtempo techno and fuzzy electro. hypnagogo ep has had support from soma records (scotland) joe muggs (mixmag, the guardian), indie rock magazine (france), is this music magazine (scotland), regal radio (scotland), relaxed machinery (australia) & many others.comparisons have been drawn with artists as diverse beaumont hannant, boards of canada and deepchord.
ARV 002
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12" Vinyl () D 21.02.18
the next release from sol asylum was uniquely crafted between julie marghilano and illustrator olga olkaosadzi&#324,,,ska. in this collaborative effort each artist found inspiration in each others work to create and finalize their vision of this release. conjuring beats from the mpc paired with modulated violin and synthesis, julie added a modern twist to the music that originally inspired her to create electronic music. expect the unexpected with the ep titled mercury jasmine and open up your imagination to what flowers would sound like on distant planets.
Sol Asylum
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12" Vinyl NL 16.02.18
the solar phenomena label welcomes achim maerz for its fifth ep. the hamburg producer is an associate of labels like don’t be afraid, where last year he released his mini-album of rough and ready house tracks that are improvised and innovative. the four cuts he serves up here are just as special and have an ethereal air to them.
in my house opens things up with serene synth work and lush detroit stylings. it’s a deep and widescreen track that encourages you to dream. fresh air is a little more upright, with rattling hits and pixelated, long tailed synths lingering above the rooted drums. as the title suggests, leaving this planet is a cosmic exploration, with ambient keys and meditative atmospheres joined by only the most subtle and suggestive sense of rhythm way down below. last of all is two times, a beautiful deep house track with deft synths drifting, bleeding and wandering off into a starry night sky. all in all, then, these are truly thoughtful house tracks.
Solar Phenomena
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12" Vinyl lp+7" Vinyl D 29.01.18
ght in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of jacques rouxel and rené borg’s legendary television cartoon, this collector’s item comes in two versions: a limited edition 12&#8243,,,, + 7&#8243,,,, vinyl album housed in a high glossy gatefold and with an exclusive shadok drawing by robert cohen-solal,...

also available as:
CD (EUR 13.99)
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12" Vinyl NL 25.01.18
during the mid-nineties, david kempston secured himself a considerable following while recording releases for the seminal uk labels clear and evolution/universal language. he went on to produce music under various guises including the solid house sounds of cartel productions and his darker electro alias clatterbox. now its 2011 and time seems right to put out a collection of tracks that we have been sitting on for quite a while. 2 very strong and razor sharp electro tracks of the highest order + the main track desolate void, an experimental drone that comes in various different takes through out the ep for a healthy dose of unpleasant frustrated funk atmosphere. this is the first ff release in a new quality series of limited hand numbered and hand stamped colored vinyl 12 inches. highly limited, so act quick!
Frustrated Funk
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 12.01.18
solar phenomena welcomes singular rhythm master stl for a new ep that offers four fantastic tracks of dubby house. it is the label’s fourth release and finds the something label boss in a typically inventive mood.
first track spy vs spy opens things with shuffling drum loops and eerie synth details that hypnotises over seven minutes. atomsmasha has wooden hits and rough shakers peppering a soft, imperfect groove as awkward chords bring an unhinged edge to the mix. on the flip, summer breeze & brotherhood has loose keys doing an off kilter dance over stl’s trademark low-key drums where freebird zones you out with long held chords and detuned keys as cloudy, dusty kicks bring a barely-there groove deep down low. you know what to get from stl by now, but at the same time you can never get enough.
Solar Phenomena
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 21.12.17
ltd 100 x special edition in multicolored vinyl .. max 1 per cusomer
Styrax039(multi col)
Styrax Records
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 07.12.17
solar one music is back with their >strange tales from the future< series. vol.3 this time on vinyl. feat. the great artists luke eargoggle/johan inkinen (stilleben, lunar disko), kan3da (stilleben, transient force), oestral (som, black montanas)) and weltwirtschaft (dominance electricity, kommando 6). intense stuff for your journey to deep space!
Solar One Music
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coloured 12" Vinyl NL 01.12.17
five different moods from five different minds. the first various artist compilation features five gems that will provide pleasure infinitely!
pressing on clear & solid purple mixed vinyl.
Infinite Pleasure
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9.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 01.12.17
bursting through the vapour trails of previous solar phenomena pilot antonio ruscito, london’s roberto is invited to the take the controls of the forward-thrusting new label’s third adventure.
Solar Phenomena
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9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 03.11.17
and so solar phenomena’s astral adventures continue into the furthest corners of the technoid galaxy having executed a safe and successful take-off earlier this summer with echoplex’s “solar experience”, the new label continues to explore the stars with rising roman antonio ruscito.
following releases on who whom and edit select earlier this year, ruscito navigates us through a conceptual suite that questions ideas of existence and loneliness within a reality that blurs with virtuality at such a pace we have to question everything. one thing that doesn’t need questioning is the forthright and stark nature of these constructions.
Solar Phenomena
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equipment D 30.10.17
Airbag Craftworks
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coloured 12" Vinyl lp UK 28.09.17
“soldier” is iggy pop’s fourth solo studio album, released in 1980. for the album iggy collaborated with ex-sex pistols bassist glen matlock. david bowie and simple minds provide backing vocals on “play it safe”. videos were made for the songs “loco mosquito”, “knocking em down (in the city)” and “dog food”.
first pressing of 1000 numbered copies on clear green/black mixed 180 gram vinyl.
Music On Vinyl
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12" Vinyl UK 22.09.17
having previously impressed for burek and five fold separately, berlin based italian duo autre and two thou teamed up for a split record on croatian fields & forests imprint. the record showcases a nice combination of eclectic rhythms, funky basses and spacey solos but despite its club signature and retro-futuristic vibe, solar society is still more of a cosmic porch burner rather than a dancefloor banger.
F&F 004
Fields & Forests
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12" Vinyl NL 22.09.17
record label based in belgium / vinyl only.
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12" Vinyl D 13.09.17
a new absolutely fantastic release by jochen heib!
limited hand stamped vinyl - don t sleep on this!
Senior Solution Management
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10.49 EUR *
picture 12" Vinyl NL 13.09.17
the exaltics are back with new transmissions from their universe in form of the second part of -das heise experiment-. the first part from 2013 on abstract acid will see his follow up end of 2017 on 2xlp inclusive a comic book about the story of the heise experiment. this amazing looking shape picture disc, developed with the dutch artist godspill aka mehdi rouchiche, is -the prequel- release and sees the exaltics in assault mode. side a brings a stomper in typical exaltics style with deep strings and a pumping bassline like an alien invasion which is on course to earth. side b begins with a cryptic alien speech signal transmitted direct from the universe whilst the second track is a collaboration track with non other than dopplereffekt s rudolf klorzeiger. both artists together create a timeless electro voyage with sharp snares and fast running basslines and combine their both styles perfectly together. every record comes with a download code for the release itself and 3 exclusive bonus tracks. this release is strictly limited to 500 copies. the outer contour of the picture is also the contour of the record and makes this release to something really special and to a high collectable item.
Solar One Music
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22.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 08.09.17
this summer 2017 tom bulwer launches parasol culture, a vinyl only imprint, focusing on quality house and techno, with a tinge of “it’s a london thing”. dutch born tom came to london as a uk garage dj working up his way the ranks of pirate radio stations (freek fm, unknown fm), to producing and working with uk garage legend karl ‘tuff enuff’ brown. this year tom is focusing on tb audio, his analogue mastering studio in east london, and producing music on the deeper side of house and techno as a solo artist. tom has released on labels such as nu faze, !k7 and signatune records. he also regularly writes with long term partner in crime anna wall under their own names and under their moniker casse. the first parasol culture release is the output of tom and anna’s winter months under the same roof and in his studio in hackney wick. 2017 also sees tom start a new venture with dexter kane (murmur, get physical, fear of flying), aptly named, alternate facts, a vinyl only label and free party series, wax and stacks, party over profit, power to the people.
Parasol Culture
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9.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl ES 06.09.17
dahlia is a new record label out of scandinavia. focused on bringing you deep dancefloor tracks from new and so far unknown producers. each record carefully put together to make a versatile arsenal of music. handy dj tools for warm up, peak-time and after-hours!
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11.19 EUR *
equipment D 17.08.17
chateau vinyl offeres a perfectly protected, shock absorbing and cushioned space for 75 x 12inches. two equal subdivisions that can be divided to both sides. this unique feature makes record selecting more comfortable in different club situations. each chateau vinyl bag contains the flight cover, an easy, lightweight and highly sustainable solution to protect and extend the life of your chateau vinyl. advise to all the flying djs: don t check-in without! the puristic chateau vinyl solo version comes without the side pouch and docking station. less is more - if it s enough for your needs. - 2-way zipper - adjustable 50mm shoulderstrap - comfortable, cushioned shoulder pads - easy to clean, cushioned record cases - material: certified cordura nylon - made in germany - dimension: 35 x 34 x 24 cm
Airbag Craftworks
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coloured 2x12" Vinyl lp UK 26.07.17
in the late 80s, 808 state was at the forefront of england’s still developing electronic music scene. don solaris, the group’s first widely available album in more than four years, is something of a return for the group.
first pressing of 750 limited numbered copies on 180 gram gold vinyl.
Music On Vinyl
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25.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 14.07.17
nyc based producer and head honcho of the (in)famous, wall of fame, label, makes the trek to texas for whiskey pickle records third shot on their new minted vinyl series. his groovy brand of sampled house and disco has leant classy tracks to many a release on his home turf, but its rare that the beat smith venture into uncharted territories with his prized compositions. the folks at whiskey pickle must have liqoured up the ole boy up in order to finagle such a delightful ep out of him, and thankfully, us boppers are to benefit! water, the a1 opener kicks off with some chunky drums and an uptempo chug as layers of percussion and dancefloor onomonpea s create a bed for the piano driven groove to unfold... a scorcher! move inward for dont wanna be and the tempo drops dramatically. a hypnotic, looped beat gets a syrupy bass riff and cavernous funk-claps until the gorgeous, mono-synth lines appear and carry us to utter ecstasy! flip it over for moods, a track that is as lovely and emotional as it s title suggests. the vibes sampling and superlative drum programming create an exceptional, dreamy frame work for the groover... perfect for opening sets or a much needed, dancefloor breather. lastly, your dance snips some familiar territory into a perfect energy builder with beefed up muscles, perfect for modern heads. watch out for the mighty horn stabs and flanger flourishes, they re gonna prove to be deadly!
WPW 003
Whiskey Pickle
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 12.07.17
summer might be on its way but we felt things were getting just a little too ‘nice’ over at x-kalay hq. there’s been bare palm tree emojis flying around for time now and not enough hammers, sickles, cheap fags and adidas tracksuits m8.
next up for xk008 we present mysterious russian newcomer, diego tierres and his solar winds ep. based in st petersburg he’s served us up four of the toughest warehouse burners you’re likely to hear this side of the iron curtain. proper raw material, this is straight out the furnace, blow your doors off, no prisoners shit.
out of stock
11.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 26.06.17
miss jools finally steps inside with her deep and groovy signature sound with her first ep on sol asylum with a remix from dana ruh. we instantly fell in love with “stepping inside,- this beautifully crafted atmospheric groover is destined to be a timeless gem. followed by dana ruh’s swingy reinterpretation that is finely crafted for the dance floor while still keeping it’s original sophistication. we are definitely not sorry to have this spaced out deep roller with a nice melodic surprise in the middle titled “sorry not sorry.” then wrapping this package beautifully together is “444 marjorie” a more classical approach to deep house but always with a modern twist with a dedication to someone very special to jools.
Sol Asylum
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl ES 09.06.17
dahlia is a new record label out of scandinavia. focused on bringing you deep dancefloor tracks from new and so far unknown producers. each record carefully put together to make a versatile arsenal of music. handy dj tools for warm up, peak-time and after-hours!
Last Copy!
10.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 18.05.17
snow-white vinyl. solace is the brand new roller from alaska. a sequence of sad violin loops set the tone over fast breaks and strings. sub-bass and keys glide with soulful house vocals adding the final touch for the first solo alaska 12inch in three years. alaska revisits the ambient number earthloop on the flipside adding sharp downtempo drums to the original break-less recording from 2010’s the mesozoic era lp.
Arctic Music
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 10.05.17
after the release of its 5 year anniversary ep with ricardo villalobos & umho, drumma records starts off 2017 with its sixteenth release - resolutions by faster. the romanian artist brings us three outstanding dance floor tracks. >got to give< is an excellent club piece with a funky minimal ostinato, perfect for energetic and deep sets. the tracks long duration keeps us constantly floating and finally reaches a zenith half-way through. without a doubt, this composition will allow long, purposeful mixes and calm any crowds jitters. on the b-side, >got to take< is a track with a relaxed tempo where beautiful bells and percussive instruments ring out while we feel ethereal and mysterious melodies forming as landscapes in the background of a painting. a perfect b-side to listen to at home or to bring down a club in a sunrise set. 180g and vinyl only!
Drumma Records
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 28.04.17
record label based in belgium - vinyl only.
out of stock
10.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 21.04.17
we are proud to present cann038, solid session ep, a new collaboration between orlando voorn and leo anibaldi.
solid session was originally released in 1991 on esp by format (orlando voorn) on #1 ep. this project includes a new remix of solid session by leo anibaldi on the a-side and the original mix on the b-side for the music collector.
out of stock
9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp, 180gr UK 13.03.17
for this next installment katnip has had the exquisit honour to get involved with two of the most legendary producers at this moment on nip-02 for some of the most exceptional reworks of the b1 solitary maybe groove released earlier on larry de kat five point after dark (nip-01). for those deeply in love with dubbed out excursions ldk ends this ep in style with his signature treatment remixes. for the baddest kats only.
NIP 02
out of stock
11.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl lp D 01.03.17
orchestraler denn je: saddle-creek-urgestein mit seinem dritten soloalbum. pressung auf farbig-transluzentem vinyl.
Grand Hotel van Cleef
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18.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 24.02.17
latvian producer w3c, taking his moniker from the acronym for the world wide web consortium, affords oversight to the totality of the internet comparable to his namesake standards organization. and where the latter concerns itself with education, outreach and software development, the former is a pastiche and collage savant using online connectivity and access to wrangle all strains of electronic music and collide their respective particles into an unrecognizable, yet eerily inviting sonic edifices. debuting in style, earlier this year, with the vinyl-only atmospheric entry ep, via pinch s tectonic-side-venture cold recordings, w3c now joins the infinite machine family with state of absolute alienation
Infinite Machine
in stock
9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 30.01.17
just in time for our third anniversary we are proud to announce our eleventh release featuring our latest family member pressure point. his invasion of futuristic modular synths combined with old school analog gear immediately abducted us. we welcome him to our tight knit family with open arms to spread his musical prowess with you all. the four-track ep takes the listener on a mysterious voyage through a deep arpeggiated wonderland. bringing a fresh approach by combining the use of older technology and modern production technics, his micro house works of art whisk the listener away through lush melodies and peculiar moods that will help you to fully process his theory.
Sol Asylum
in stock
10.79 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl ES 22.12.16
julian perez delivers his debut album solemnity on the artist’s own imprint, fathers & sons productions. this 2×12” vinyl only release is a deep sonic journey highlighting perez’s attention to detail and the evolution of style gained from many years of refining. solemnity branches out in many directions but is unmistakably perez, expressing himself musically more than ever before. presenting relaxing soundscapes that float through various atmospheres plus perfectly-mixed 909 beats, listeners can expect a journey of songs that ranges from innocent and deep to club-friendly and driving. the album’s title comes from the state of being serious and dignified, which is seen in this complete package from the artwork to the mix and expert selection of sounds. solemnity by julian perez is a window to the artist’s dedication to his craft and ability to create honest sound. it’s an album that should be listened to from start to finish. we solemnly swear.
Fathers & Sons Productions
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21.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl RO 14.12.16
wareika steps up for the amphias 12th vinyl chapter. the german trio walks off the beaten techno trail, applying just enough pressure on the bassline pedal to envelope your attention on the sinusoidal theme from break new sol, revealing at the end a rewarding guitar solo, hidden all this time under the crisp percussions. on a train again completes side a, with its industrial ambient modulations steadily stabbed by the derailed cadence.
sit reinterprets wareika on side b: a more dancefloor oriented take, with just a few breaks from the devilish rhythm, enough to give the crowd some time to breathe into the tracks odd atmosphere. wareika s playful harmony makes a great addition to amphias musical path.
out of stock
13.98 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 09.12.16
after the first installment, casual violence is in charge of keep going the path from coum. absolution is the name of it, and is composed by 4 original tracks from the manchester based producer. expect some explorations on ritualistic electronic beats.
Coum Records
Last Copy!
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 02.12.16
simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. roberto knows how to work with simplicity and make it sound sophisticate at the same time, this is dream of a solo a timeless cut that will be usefull in many occasions. 2 more cuts and a trevino remix make the work.
out of stock
9.49 EUR *
various artist ep collaborations 2 from unlock recordings, featuring tracks from label head solimano, bruno de vincenti, christian burkhardt, barem and federico molinari. gonzalo solimano first created the unlock recordings imprint back in 2004 as a platform to support latin american productions, and ever since then the buenos aires label has played host to the likes of guti, jorge savoretti and franco cinelli. the second instalment in the labels collaborations series, solimano now invites german producer christian burkhardt to join argentinian talents bruno de vincenti, oslo records artist federico molinari and fun records founder barem for a split release. first up is solimano & bruno de vincentis cut love nebulae which layers infectious percussion with gentle chord sequences and filtered effects. christian burkhardts doog then cuts in on a deeper and darker tip, with a low-slung bass groove and hypnotic pad sequences. up next is barems funk duck with its rolling percussion, staggered synths and a pulsating low end, before federico molinari rounds off the package with 2.014.2, blending dubby bass patterns, chopped samples and frantic synth spirals.
Unlock Recordings
Last Copy!
12.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 19.09.16
vinyl only - 12inch with deluxe clear pvc vinyl sleeve in neon print short info: bottom heavy techno cuts from bristol.
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 12.08.16
nice price deal !!! danny clarks solid ground label is already in its short lifespan proving to be one of the most indemand soulful labels around – working with the crème de la crème of vocalists, and mixing up their own productions alongside key names on the mixes, the winning formula is firmly fixed on quality. for the fourth release, jay & danny diversify their sound by taking on a deeper tone and working in the haunting vocals of the outstanding nica brooke, with a killer remix package from underground collectives marlon d & the ever impressive atjazz taking the track on different routes.
Solid Ground
out of stock
4.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 06.07.16
stellar new artists to join our tight knit family. first we invite mariano mateljan with whowhatwhere, his raw minimalistic analog sound really shines through with a swinging percussive bass line, echoing vox and splashes of pads to set the mood. now moving into more techno territory with our beloved mastering guru gabriele carasco with his slow burner theory of flow, has just the right amount of acid to take you on hypnotic journey through the lab. no introduction is needed for one of sol asylum’s core members miss jools. this time around creating a deep and moody vibe with what you do she adds touches of vocals, an elaborate construction and glistening pads that finishes it off flawlessly. last but not least, we introduce markus sommer with san beneghetto. his skills and mature taste blew us away regardless of his youthful years. this garage-fueled track with gliding synths and jazzy bass lines is the perfect track to warm up your summer day
Sol Asylum
out of stock
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 04.07.16
just in time for summer, sol power sound is proud to present its 4th release, the djidjo vide ep, a 1-2 punch of afro house by label heads, the sol power all-stars. djidjo vide, the title track on the a-side, features dc (via togo) afrobeat band, elikeh. it s a vibey slice of propulsive afro house about finding joy in the face of hardship. massama dogo s commanding vocals (sung in mina) combined with the driving bassline, and aggressive horns (performed by dc s sticky bear) make djidjo vide a summer sure shot for a roof-top jam, beachside dance floor, or nightclub near you. the b-side, tell me why is darker and deeper, chock full of percussion, a chopped vocal sample, and in-your-face afrobeat horns (performed by matt rippetoe and joe herrera of dc s the harry bells). it s a late-night beatdown that will set things off proper in a dark room!
Sol Power Sound
out of stock
9.95 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 20.06.16
for the opening ep from too many squares, frank butters manages to gene-splice together the raw dna from all of the ugly-beautiful sounds present in the birth of modern dance music. -conditioning for solitude- is the hum of dark tubes, the slice and hiss of sharp synthesised percussion and the scream of blissful dementia. the mutant that existed for a brief and joyous frozen moment while disco was still birthing house. -body burn” is the tropics with a black sun and africanism with a stopwatch instead of a heart. recalling experimentalist forays by the likes of liaisons dangereuses, patrick cowley and karen finley, the 2 originals on offer manage to recall the raw passion of an era without feeling contrived or derivative. the ep is rounded off by sheila fleurraters remix of * 3 minute warning* which continues the pioneer-ist motif, albeit allying itself with a much more early industrial aesthetic.
TMS 001
Too Many Squares
out of stock
10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl, 140 g UK 17.06.16
for the first time vibraphone records is releasing a record by an artist other than the true underground sound of rome. for such an exclusive event there could have not been a better choice than italian dj/producer, nick anthony simoncino. for the production of this record, isole del tramonto (sunset islands) simoncino uses a selection of strictly old school analog synthesizers, and drum machines, which takes you on a charming magical journey through the mediterranean sea with pulsating minimal deep bass lines, oneiric harmonic textures, exotic tom tom patterns, hypnotic sexy and catchy grove beats. isole del tramonto is a record that connects and combines the essential elements and spirit of deep house music along with providing its visionary future.
VIBR 004
Last Copy!
11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 01.04.16
extrasolars new series called series 45 starts with a melancholic and epic original by kevin de vries *time traveler* - complemented by a big remix made by farceb. pressed on finest 180g vinyl.
Extrasolar Records
out of stock
9.49 EUR *
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