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12" Vinyl D 04.04.19
the debut album from british singer / songwriter tom walker on black vinyl with download code included. includes the global anthem “leave a light on”.
Sony Music Entertainment
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12" Vinyl UK 20.03.15
last copies left , ltd blow out ... another artist, another font. bouncing techno business from manchester. a smiley analogue instrumental that in some bizarre way could be the illegitimate child of an early human league jam and our recent truffle club release, or something like that anyway
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12" Vinyl UK 10.12.13
the 5th release from rothmans plays homage to legendry argentinean defender alberto tarrantini and to mark this 5th release rothmans have provided a team sheet to rival even that infamous 1982 world cup squad.
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12" Vinyl UK 29.07.11
tommy walker 3 has been hiding for a while now, after releasing a slew of material in 2008 (including a release on the sadly defunct dissident). now hes back with >dance music clubbing<, and with a name like this youd probably expect this ep to either be a bit off the wall, or unintentionally awful. we are glad to say it fits into the former category, offering an ep of colourful elastic space disco mixed with a more classic vibe. opener >disconnected< sets the tone with its 80s, verging on hair metal guitar riffs. >mwj1< impresses with its almost seinfeld-esque slap bass, and synth piano stabs while >errational< is characterised by its wonky synth melody and spaced-out laser gurgles. finally >v brains< melds driving live bass with huge slabs of cosmic squelch. if you like your disco fierce, this will definitely be worth a look
Cyber Dance
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12" Vinyl D 19.03.10
DJF 2002.04
DJ.Ungle Fever
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12" Vinyl UK 08.11.07
the fifth rottenrow release comes in the form of this 5 track ep from manchesters tommy walker 3. his work with the human shield record co and his remix of ladytron have seen his name emerge as hot property in the electro field. this ep features 5 slices of illogical space music, wind driven bass anthems and wild, story driven electro
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12" Vinyl NL 08.12.06
corporate stand for hard, dark and jackin hard techno. after leo laker and switchblade comes tomash gee. he spreads his sounds via many of the most respected hard techno labels. after productions for cannibal society, methadon, carnage and crowbar he now conquerors the young us label corporate !!
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AUX4415 (2X12INCH)
2x12" Vinyl D 27.03.19
aux4415 sees a lot of debuts and also old friends united on one huge compilation ep. after collecting these for a long time, it had to be two records to have enough room. here you ll find everything between idm, electro, braindance and expressive music from many different artists
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coloured 2x12" Vinyl lp US 04.01.17
ltd nioce price deal, 50% off , max 1 copy per customer...
more than often, musicians feel that releasing music is giving birth to a baby but no one knows better than women. stefny winter realizes a dream by putting out a collection of meaningful tracks, all made in various important moments of her life. more so, some of the tracks were made while she was pregnant, making this project even more special to her. coming from the 90s as a dj who would juggle between styles, stefny explores with no compromises or time stamp, her various tastes through time. >wind walker< becomes a savory collage of music that wont really stick to standard styles but will become familiar to any ears. limited color-vinyl pressing (one transparent, one white/grey marbled).
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12" Vinyl UK 19.02.13
just when you thought you knew what you were going to get from flashmob they switch it up completely, stamping their mark of quality and proving their versatility as producers they turn in an old school acid house stomp. dark, rumbling bass, spoken female vocal, and complimentary 303 acid squelches make both the garage mix and panorama mix equally at home in a field around the m25 circa 88 as it does on the floor at dc10 in 2013. watch out. acid house is back!
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2x12" Vinyl D 06.11.12
nice price deal !!! aÑa / henning baer / norman nodge / musk.... no one knows exactly how, or why it happened. we can only postulate. perhaps it was rogue hydrogen atoms causing havoc again, or a particularly voracious wave of em radiation hell bent on finding a good time. the point is, (in those days) such lude behavior was simply unacceptable: aÑa had become excited, too much so for the solar stiffs that swirled about her. and that system of hers—always buzzing around, refusing to share anything—it had to go. so both were exiled from that collision patch they called home, leaving aÑa and her system to wander the cosmos. some years passed. aÑa grew a little, but mostly she practiced her basswalk—not this girly swooshy thing with your hips, but a real bolshy bovver boot stomp. after a while she got pretty good at it, she wanted to show her friends. maybe theyd like to basswalk too. well, they couldnt get enough of it—but no one did it quite like aÑa. henning baers had a bit more groove to it and this whole new tweaky hat element. norman nodge kept his pretty punchy, but all that time spent in berghain had turned his basswalk into a bit of a skulk. as for musk, the boys inverted the whole thing of course—turned a disco trick, shifting the march down into more of a slinky house glide. aÑa liked them all so much—and it was time isolated system stopped being such a separatist—she decided to gather them all together to make basswalker part i. now you can basswalk too
Isolated System
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 10.05.11
with age comes maturity, or that is at least what one would normaly think. together the three men (jin choi, walker barnard & tolga fidan) associated with private golds second release, the >i m just the rain< ep, clock in at over 100 years… and yet this release is all thrusting crotches and wriggling teen lust man-booties. only kidding, the songs on this release are nothing if not mature. sure the aforementioned sex is there. in the cooing vocals, stompy bass and 60s psych of the contrapuntal guitar of the eponymous >i m just the rain< or in the jimmy edgar-like funk and grind of >revolution for the lovers<.
Private Gold
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CORPORATE SALES PACK: 52 / 71 / 72 (3X12 INCH)
3x12" Vinyl NL 03.03.11
corporate stand for: hard, dark, jackin techno!3 wicked hardtechno release combined in one special limited sales pack. this is hard techo to the bone, play out loud, but at your own risk!
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 21.08.09
compiled here are 24 of felton williams most fascinating recordings,covering gospel, group soul, northern, jazz & funk. also included is a dvd of the over 200 sound recordings pulled from his archives and a 30 minute featurette on the making of downriver revival. deluxe 2lp set contains 24 prime tracks from the double u archives housed in a thick gatefold sleeve with a tipped in booklet stuffed with photos and detailed notes on the recordings. dvd contains a virtual vault for a dig your own experience.
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2x12" Vinyl D 27.06.06
service station tom elaborates his very own style of minimal deep house, fathoming lots of aspects of today s minimal dancecuts into one clear vision, without ever leaving the dancefloor.
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12" Vinyl UK 10.02.06
not for the faint-hearted, calum walkers latest 3- tracker is as underground as a soviet dissident s tea party, but thankfully a good deal more enjoyable. moreover, thanks to all manner of mega riffs there s nothing remotely elitist about it. check the eerie dub and back-in-the-day pianos of >communicate< or the disco pings and 70s electronic bass of new wave bang. genius dj play: groove armada, satoshi tomiie, ralph lawson, luke solomon, dj harri, ben cook (rong music)
Deep Freeze df022
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cd D 09.03.07
the second hit-compilation on highgrade. especially mixed by tom clark.
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2x12" Vinyl D 06.02.19
the 3rd album from rudimental as double vinyl in gatefold sleeve.
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12" Vinyl D 19.03.18
for the second release on their black series, ravage invited electronic music veterans al matthews and patrick walker to team up under their forward strategy group moniker. the last release of these legends was quite a few years ago, but the wait was worth it. their east port rangers ep kicks-off with nine and one, a hypnotic, heavy-loaded stomper containing some uplifting, loopy vocals. following is the most minimalistic track of the ep, lisp your way, yet it still has a lot of substantial punch and lash to it. the b-side starts off with heavy broken beats, combined with a classic rave sound, taking the listener back to the blistering sound of the nineties. finally, the ep oozes down with the track in abeyance, a haunting, down-tempo track with a melody to send shivers down your spine, which could be deemed a real creeper.
Ravage Black Series
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3x12" Vinyl D 20.02.18
special triple package for all you blufin lovers out there - contains 3 classic releases
bf196: oliver lies pres. l.s.g. - volpe
bf205: citizen kain - low blow (metodi hristov, third son remixes)
bf220: mucho stylez - bigsol (robert babicz, tomcraft, andy sidewalker remixes)
Blufin Records
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2x12" Vinyl UK 24.01.18
noch immer steht der name nightmares on wax für eine einzigartige mischung aus hip hop und soul, aus dub und club-sounds und auf shape the future klingt diese nun schon über jahrzehnte hinweg perfektionierte gratwanderung so flüssig und schlüssig wie nie zuvor. inspiriert von zahllosen dj-sets und studio-sessions in ganz unterschiedlichen ecken der welt, untermauert nightmares on wax mit diesem neuesten sound-update abermals seine ausnahmestellung in der elektronischen musiklandschaft. auf die bereits veröffentlichte erste auskopplung -back to nature-, die mit schamanistisch klingenden vocals die verbindung zwischen mensch und mutter erde adressierte, folgte die brandneue single citizen kane, für die george evelyn als vokalgäste mozez und allan kingdom (u.a. kanye west, flume) an seine seite geholt hat, und die belegt, was für eine reise und entwicklung george im verlauf seiner einflussreichen karriere zurückgelegt hat. indem er noch mehr als zuvor auf tiefschürfenden, in gospel-sounds getränkten hip-hop setzt und seine ganze erfahrung als producer durchschimmern lässt, trägt der neue track noch immer den unverkennbaren klanglichen stempel von nightmares on wax.
doppel-vinyl im klappcover, downloadcode inklusive.
Warp Records

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CD (EUR 16.99)
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12" Vinyl UK 08.12.17
g-edits is back! more disco flavours, with a funked-up stomper on power and a straight-up no-frills edit on ichiban. dj support: disclosure, midland, black loops, jacques renault, richy ahmed, peter kruder, fred everything, mark farina, melon, bill brewster, moodymanc, terry farley, sacha robotti, roger sanchez, mj cole, speaking minds, james curd, doctor dru, death of the balcony, severino, terrence pearce, thris tian, boris dlugosch, lara behrenroth, slothboogie, krywald & farrer, tom trago, karizma, soul clap, jkriv, jozif, auntie flo, the pushamann, joyce muniz, till von sein, moon boots, charles webster, walker & royce, danny tenaglia, blonde ambition, mj cole, gideön, roger sanchez, aroop roy, kraak & smaak, rob da bank, eagles & butterflies, kiko navarro, the mekanism, eton messy
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 18.08.17
the message at the depth is underground rap for the digital age, far removed from the moldy crates and dusty beats of krushs mo wax classic strictly turntablized. his beats are digital, heavily resampled and quantized, splintering off like drum n bass patterns but possessing a depth and clarity not seen since the heyday of massive attack.
pressing on 180 gram audiophile vinyl.
Music on Vinyl
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3x12" Vinyl lp UK 22.06.17
22 years ago saw the release of goldie’s debut album ‘timeless’ which truly changed the face of drum’n’bass, hardcore and jungle. the seminal record featured the iconic track ‘inner city life’ - the vocals for which were performed by the late diane charlemagne. in 2011, the guardian described the release of ‘timeless’ as one of the -50 key events in the history of dance music-. mobo award-winning songwriter, dj, producer, visual artist and actor goldie (mbe) will release a new double album ‘the journey man’ on june 16th, all written and produced by goldie. collaborators on ‘the journey man’ album include vocalist and songwriter natalie duncan, terri walker, tyler lee daly, natalie williams, jose james, naomi pryor as well as goldie’s wife, mika wassenaar price. goldie is also one of only a handful of artists ever to co-write with david bowie – on the track ‘truth’ from the drum‘n’bass pioneer’s second album, ‘saturnz return’ released in 1998. the album also featured distinguished collaborators such as noel gallagher and krs-one. goldie will be performing an exclusive, sold-out set of shows at london’s esteemed venue ronnie scott’s on 24th and 25th of february, where he will be performing with the heritage ensemble along with ‘the journey man’ vocalists terri walker, tyler lee daly and natalie duncan.
the triple vinyl release includes a download code for the full album plus 12 bonus instrumental cuts - “the instra suites”.
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12" Vinyl UK 18.05.17
amine edge & dance have become well known for their releases on their own label cuff. by bringing new sounds to this label, they are building a reputation for some huge anthems, and it looks like their latest has arrived under bad influence‘. a hard hitting beat kicks the track off, while also flitting in with the vocals of sergy which provide a real different edge to the track. they have a soulful feeling to it, especially when the track begins to build and whenever it drops down. the vocal chops work well with the deep flowing bass line and hard hitting beat that amine edge & dance have delivered. bringing this all together with the drum samples and the various synth layers which work into the background of the track, it all seems to just provide a sense of groove, a sense of energy, a real deep underground driver. amine edge & dance deliver the goods with bad influence . dj support: felix da housecat sante lupe fuentes walker & royce severino panzetta tommy trash shiba san dj krush treasure fingers vanilla ace grant nelson
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12" Vinyl D 26.04.17
mucho stylez following up on his raspy tongs ep. strong remix package this time with robert babicz who gives the track his own remarkable babicz style. the tomcraft remix is kicking off and andy sidewalkers interpretation is exellent deep tech house . schiebt !
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2x12" Vinyl D 10.04.17
dark sky stehen für weiterentwicklung. nie hat sich das londoner duo auf einen sound festgelegt oder in einer nische ausgeruht. was alle ihre gefeierten veröffentlichungen eint, ist eine leidenschaft für fast alle formen von elektronischer musik auch neben dem dancefloor und ein brillantes technisches handwerk. das bleibt auch auf -othona- so, dem zweiten album von dark sky für monkeytown records. auf neun tracks erfinden sich matt benyayer und tom edwards wieder ein bisschen neu und verknüpfen modernen techno, klassische electronica und ihre britischen bassmusik-wurzeln zu einem berührenden und absolut eigenwilligen ganzen.

also available as:
CD (EUR 15.95)
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12" Vinyl, 180 g UK 04.07.16
500 copies, 12 inch 180g, hand stamped, individually numbered records, single press only
TW 21
Tusk Wax
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12" Vinyl JP 30.05.16
starting from th pressing s first release, artist tominori hosoya has continued releasing his musics from labels such as deepartsounds and soiree records. he is resident in tokyo, and is the president of th pressing, which release a second vinyl finally. the 4 participating artists are, anaxander, who takes an active part in labels such as poker flat and local talk, the new and excellent producer john shima, who has released from ferox and boe, rai scott, who runs a label with brad peterson and also releases from other labels, and finally, the man of experience, rennie foster, who has continuously been releasing masterpieces from many labels such as subject detroit. the 4 artists have been handed over the concept“music dedicted to the important persons, things and memories” from the previous piece, and has created an emotional and atmospheric opus. vinyl only.
TH Pressing
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12" Vinyl UK 09.02.16
red laser is back with a blinder. a set of hardcore manctalo uniting manchester & paris. kid machine returns to the label with a sci-fi chugger done in his unique deep style. tommy walker 3 turns on the lasers and tears down the rave.alan dente from the infamous les yeux orange crew rips classic vocals for some classic sunrise sound tracking. red laser stalwart starion closes the ep on a reflective italo-noir note.
Red Laser Records
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12" Vinyl ES 27.10.15
bld returns with a heavyweight cuts ep focused on analog machines and taking influences of early 90 s techno and acid productions. a-side s be apart is an epic acid breakbeat dancefloor killer looking towards the future and the past. meanwhile on the b-side you can find this is the edge, a deep, dub and hypnotizing stomper, closely followed by soft walker, an unique mixture of slow breakbeats and floating acid synths. limited copies.
BLD Tape Recordings
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 14.10.15
exzellente 2015er ausgabe mit fünfzehn soul-perlen auf doppel-vinyl, die größtenteils exklusiv auf cd und/oder lp erscheinen.
Expansion Records
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 17.10.14
nach erfolgreichen zusammenstellungen von motown- und chess-katalogen widment sich kennerin lois wilson (mojo , record collector) nun dem katalog des wegweisenden new yorker labels atlantic records mit dieser 86 song umfassenden 3cd. das 1947 gegründete label mit dem sublabel atco wird hier mit essentiellen frühen aufnahmen von künstlern wie joe turner, ruth brown, ray charles, chuck willis, solomon burke, ben e. king, isley brothers, professor longhair und vielen anderen in seinen ersten jahren porträtiert. das vinyl enthält 32 ausgewählte highlights.
Fantastic Voyage
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usb stick D 20.05.14
this is only a usb stick - not a vinyl !!
pets recordings are partying at the very forefront of house music right now… with each release stretching their consistent-yet-excitingly unpredictable remit further into unchartered territories, the latest in their well-established friends will carry you home series compounds their curatorial creativity like never before. now on its third outing, this is the labels largest in the album series so far, tethering its myriad wild talents for one giant audio class photo, label bosses catz n dogz have successfully represented their labels vast remit with clarity and harmony.
Pets Recording
Paco Wegmann - The Return Of The Funk
Trikk - Alma
Axel Boman - It Starts With The Stomach
Kixnare - Homeless
Walker & Royce - Doctor Saarloos
Andre Kronert - Thrills
Spirit Catcher - Voodoo Knight (Catz n Dogz Dub Mix)
Patlac - Avenir
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coloured 12" Vinyl NL 08.05.14
miss djax is proof that age doesnt necessarily always bring peace. for 25 years now, she has stomped on the face of techno and acid with hard punishing beats and radioactive 303 sounds.
with her new release *from within* she goes back to the acid sound of the nineties. she recorded the 4 tracks live in her little analog home studio just like in the old days. *from within* is a tribute to her old-skool fans. a release on solid 180 grams yellow coloured vinyl in a limited edition of 200 copies only.
Djax Up Beats
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3x12" Vinyl D 06.05.14
friends will carry you home iii - (pets recordings) pets recordings are partying at the very forefront of house music
Pets Recording
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2x12" Vinyl NL 17.12.12
gerd janson compiles an exciting ambient-not-ambient compilation that includes exclusive tracks by ame, move d, quiet village marco passarani, roman flügel and tom trago!
Rush Hour

also available as:
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12" Vinyl lp UK 12.10.12
the british band tindersticks formed in 1991 and is well-known for their orchestral sound and singer stuart a. staples characteristic baritone. essentially, the group combined the dark romanticism of leonard cohen, ian curtis, and scott walker with the songcraft of lee hazlewood and the aesthetics of indie rock. they released six albums before singer stuart a. staples embarked on a solo career in 2005. in 2006 however, the band played a one-off concert at londons barbican centre, performing their second album in full. this show made the band realize the tindersticks fire was still burning and this eventually led to the release of >the hungry saw< in 2008. another high quality tindersticks album and now it is being rereleased on high quality 180-grams vinyl.
Music On Vinyl
Yesterdays Tomorrows
The Flicker Of A Little Girl
Come Feel The Sun
The Other Side Of The World
The Organist Entertains
The Hungry Saw
Mother Dear
Boobar Come Back
All The Love
The Turns We Took
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2x12" Vinyl UK 01.03.12
finally!after slaving away for a year the sinister souls - in the filth ep is ready to be unleashed on the public. these guys have been dropping killer after killer on various labels already and have smashed up numerous raves already and now is the time to show you guys why.the ep starts off with in the filth a hardcore infused stomper thats been blowing people away ever since its been created. this production is not one to be messed takes the dubstep sound into territories one never did dare go.steroids is an overgrown behemoth of a track.rarely do you come across a track so violently and disturbed it can start a riot. well this one at your own risk!plate 2 shows the boys teaming up with the spanish erre for the namek a dragonball z infused destroyer thats all but childish.this one has been shutting down raves across the globe with its terrorizing sound and over 9000 attitude.again play this track at your own risk!last but certainly not least is the brand new flatliner a dubstep / dnb crossover track that has been making a lot of waves.drop this one to make sure you want to finish the job proper and add some bpms to your support comes from the likes of:the panacea,audio,limewax,broken note,bratkilla,loop stepwalker,cooh, balkansky,thrasher,tim ismag, spl,counterstrike,eye-d & loads more!
SCUM Recordings
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12" Vinyl UK 06.02.12
zweiter release der warp band des jahres vor ihrem mit spannung erwartetem debutalbum im herbst 2010: die grandiose 6-track ep this desert ! eleganter french-pop á la serge gainsbourg & jane birkin trifft auf dub, house & post-punk mit präzisen gitarrenlinien & perkussivem bombast. thith selbst nennen es summertime gothic.
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12" Vinyl NL 17.11.11
played and supported by speedy j, luke slater, adam x, perc,tommy four seven, dino sabatini, shifted, dvs1, samuli kemppi, sp-x, brendon moeller, norman nodge, pfirter, markus suckut, jonas kopp, obtane, dadub, cio d or and more.
features series start from here, the first of all, open repitch. the rebirth of the well-known fusion ascion and d. carbone. a unique sound suitable for the club and listening. irradial is a industrial-hybrid. walker smells like oldschool but totally redesigned. glare is an endless trip. mike parker version of walker takes you over, hypnotic. the name features come from the surrealistic artworks that will accompany us throughout the series. these mix the physical traits of the artists face with others, a face that looks like a distorted view of someone in our thoughts with features not well defined. to collect.
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2x12" Vinyl UK 12.08.11
rockabilly was the name given by american trade papers between 1956 and 1959 to describe a new kind of music.
Not Now Music
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12" Vinyl NL 28.07.11
big support van oa. bas mooy, dvs1, perc, tommy four seven, go hiyama, paul mac and many more... just before the summer hits, were breaking it down with a massive techno bomb from the subs of scotland. this time its the mighty forward strategy group which will be responsible for some serious damage on the floor. the squad which delivered some amazing tunes for perc traxx and recently did a podcast for clr recordings are now up for a true banger on dynamic reflection. on this ep they split the force and bring both their own solo actions. smear takes over with >inert<, tweaking his synths into phased edges with a phat groove on top. the >retail & leisure< remix is more subdued and trips away with a smooth acid bassline through the track. on the b-side the other half of fsg. patrick walker smashes down the door with a more darker groove. pounding kickdrums, dark rhythms and smooth soundscapes is whats his recipe is for >phase linear<. this will definitely hit the big rooms!! boex & miller breaking down the beat in their rework, which makes the perfect balance for this ep. all n all a superior release by these gents and remix heavyweights. lets pray for more of this pure quality stuff and keep our eyes on the the future. the scene need more labels like this which reflects the current techno movement and promises loads more of that sweet stuff in days to come... dynamic reflection will represent only the true spirit of pure techno, they will put only the quality stuff back on the dancefloor!
Dynamic Reflection
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7.39 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 05.05.11
cyber dance records are proud to present their first album release >messages from the void vol. 2<. after six years of gaining a worthy reputation for only releasing the finest material from up and coming electronic artists such as andy romano, matzo & pauli, mark du mosch, brassica, ali renault and many more they finally showcase on double-vinyl and cd a compilation that confidently re-defines the sound of the label in more exciting and varied directions at once than ever before. consisting of eleven tracks that range from electro to synth-pop and from italo to disco-funk, the album features contributions from cyber dance regulars like mark du mosch, ali renault and tommy walker 3 alongside tracks from emerging artists like bill ambrose, brassica, meschi and serious lover and also the more mysterious night system and martin aston.
Cyber Dance
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12" Vinyl US 16.12.09
like roy ayers about 25 years before them those two ny house cuts are paying tribute to their hometurf - the title isnt the only similarity also e mans voice - which already helped its yours to become this years house smash - bares a strong resemblance to the 70s jazz funk master. kerri chandler again proves his unchallenged production mastery with a bottom-heavy, deep house groove - big
Sfere Recordings
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9.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 22.04.09
this release offers 3 more tracks of quality techno! this time on the original mix angelo pomposo and tad g. dish out a track inspired by the murena, a fish infamous for its lethal venom. la murena starts in a deceivingly quite fashion, when, a couple of minutes into the track, the subtle background sounds take over with a mighty sting. by now more percussions add to the relentless groove. at the end just when you think it is calming down, a dark pad appears from nowhere bringing you in to the closing beats. all in all a track for every dj in search of good quality and effective dance floor productions. flavio folco and stewart walker take in charge of remixes! flavio folco s one is a deeper excursion into the dark side of tech-house, able to satisfy demanding customers with a good blend of dance floor oriented music. stewart walker s remix completes in great style the proceedings. while leaving behind his softer side he retains his own unmistakeable imprint with an excellent job, very much in tune with freshfood style! have fun!
Fresh Food Music
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8.29 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl D 08.04.09
rmxs by tomcraft, carl ryden and dj nibc supported by: david vendetta, john course, stonebridge, groove armada, taho, stu hirst, the cuban brothers, mad mark, luke walker, justin harris, john jones, the glass, the scumfrog, moguai, evil nine & many more...
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7.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 19.11.08
2003 classic mixes by atom and stewart walker
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12" Vinyl UK 22.10.08
ultraphat cosmic retro flavoured electro disco banger !!
Cyber Dance
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12" Vinyl UK 17.07.08
the cyber dance team that is casionova, spruxx and ali renault bring you their second long awaited ep >messages from the void<. casionova sets the tone with >the visionary< a monster italo riff that jacks like a beast. alis human shield cohort tommy walker 3 supplies >triangle<, a simply genius epic track that has already set dance floors ablaze in nightclubs all over europe. on the flip are two tracks by ali renault. >zombie raffle< gets a beautiful revenge make over from mr. pauli with his signature italo funk sound to great effect and lastly >dx styalize< finishes the ep with a brutal goodbye. totally worth the wait, this is an absolute killer ep!!!
Cyber Dance
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