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12" UK 22.10.18
after a few years on hiatus, one electronica has gone all out in with a heavy debut 4 tracker from new member thought camera. the young belfast born producer who has been very busy in the studio putting together an arsenal of electronic weapons has also enjoyed an increase in popularity and profile in the local scene due to his hard work and commitment to the cause. with such a strong release about to drop in the next few weeks and with more unreleased material on its way this guy is worth keeping an eye on as a rising talent. without using too many bullshit analogies this is release is simply dancefloor bliss and a djs dream that will be keep at the front of a record box for years to come and could be a favourite among various styles. the title track astral pilot comes in strong with spatial glitchy electronic chatter and tubular echoes that are pretty damn haunting. headspace comes in on a2 which is the antithesis of serenity and meditation that the name suggests. this acidic jack track is upbeat and laden with bass bleeding all over the place. flip it over and you have lifeforms on the b1 which is the most technical track on the release which ebbs and flows between solemn and sombre leaving you emotionally twisted yet intrigued this is one to look out for! obsession which aptly depicts this track a stalker in the night, haunting, imposing, friday 13th shit. not for the faint hearted.
One Electronica
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