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12" Vinyl NL 23.01.20
symptoms of love is aproject of detroit duo ryan spencer (freakish pleasures) and ben christensen (sector 7g)
Planet Trip
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12" Vinyl NL 30.10.19
great slow house tunes, coolness on a 12inch
Sounds Of Beaubien Ouest
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7" Vinyl UK 29.11.16
‘fragment’ is the next instalment from moscovitch music (terror/prey), the brainchild of producer/compiler joel martin (quiet village/velvet season & the hearts of gold/maxxi & zeus) whose ‘de wolfe music’ compilations ‘bite hard/bite harder/witchfinder general’ are considered essential primers of the library & soundtrack genre. composed by veteran english jazz saxophonist/flautist - john scott (symptoms/wake in fright/craze) and musically comparable to classics like chico hamilton’s ‘repulsion’ and krzysztof komeda’s ‘cul-de-sac’, the score to cult horror movie director norman j warren’s (terror/prey/inseminoid) unique 11-minute short about a disturbed young woman wandering through a wintry london landscape, is a treasure of unheard british jazz from the golden era. this ep is almost a companion piece to scott’s rare columbia lansdowne lp ‘communication’ (1967), a firm gilles peterson favourite, with its conga-tastic version of ellington’s ‘caravan’.
Moscovitch Music
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12" Vinyl lp UK 29.11.16
‘satan’s slave’ is the latest release from moscovitch music (terror/prey), the brainchild of producer/compiler joel martin (quiet village/velvet season & the hearts of gold/maxxi & zeus) whose ‘de wolfe music’ compilations ‘bite hard/bite harder’ are considered essential primers of the library genre. this holy grail black-magic british jazz soundtrack from 1976 is the most requested movie score of cult film composer and top english jazz saxophonist/flautist - john scott (symptoms/wake in fright/craze). for aficionados of rare library music and obscure horror soundtracks this is an essential album.
Moscovitch Music
in stock
17.99 EUR *
cd D 21.08.13
following the success of his last years compilation singita miracle beach 10th anniversary together with the legendary jose padilla, glass coffee is back with his second compilation for klik records eclettica. a man of great taste, a crowd pleaser behind the decks, a true music lover, glass coffee handpicks 14 tracks of contemporary electronica creating a unique soundtrack for these times when the sun meets the see and the hearts and minds feel like floating. tracks by nosaj thing, kasper bjorke, cayetano, haraket, chris coco, pedestrian and many more will accompany us all through a magnificent summer
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cd UK 12.09.11
the story of skint & demoralised is too long and complex to go into here, but suffice to say it was quite a surprise to see a new release from skint & demoralised, let alone the bonus inclusion of the long shelved debut. made up of poet matt abbott and producer mini dog, skint & demoraliseds songs revolve around teenage pursuits like getting high, getting the girl and getting pissed as well tackling social issues like unemployment and alcoholism.
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15.79 EUR *
3xcd NL 24.11.10
in 2010, the world of electronic dance music has startled us with a bigger diversity than ever before. the boundaries of genres have never been this blurry. uplifting melodies meet techno-baselines, house beats dance around with trance and electro influences rock the bassline. to provide dance music lovers an exclusively selected package of the best and most beloved dance tracks of the past 12 months, armada music presents armada presents 101 dance hits - best of 2010. this 3 cd pack represents all the tracks that moved you, grooved you and got you singing along. 101 releases by the likes of chicane, ernesto vs. bastian, hardwell and nervo swing right next to masterpieces by stonebridge, tim berg, w&w and armin van buuren. relive the year 2010 - and start dancing to the armada presents 101 dance hits - best of 2010.
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2xcd NL 17.11.10
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15.99 EUR *
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