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12" Vinyl D 15.11.10
poker flat classics proudly presents the first ever remixes of one of the biggest poker flat tunes.
Pokerflat Classics
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7.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 03.11.04
sweat (on the walls) is a slightly darker, powerful and minimal-acid-driven track. the spoken word give the track its special attitude - a sure shot for the dancefloor. steppaon b1 comes in a very reduced sound-outfit with abstract spoken word fragments and a slightly broken, cristal clear rhythm construction
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8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 11.06.19
epic club machine! 80s ebm mexican band interface went digged, contacted, then re-edited by sneaker dj. the unique slow industrial marchs signed raw ambassador strike again. rawmance: 3am when the walls sweat. addictive dance. dutch master das ding hosted here with a progressive storm, rougher than ever. smells of heavy rotation..
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11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 13.03.18
lagaffe tales co-founder jónbjörn drops four tracks on icelands falk records beat driven sub-label, falk disks. since 2008 falk (fuck art lets kill) has become a creative hub for icelandic and international artists involved in experimental and electronic music, spanning noise rock through to power electronics, underground hip-hop to diy techno and electro. 2017 saw falk continue with releases from icelandic hip-hop producer lord pusswhip, techno/electro producer thizone and canadian industrial techno musician /&#991,,,/huren/&#991,,,/. berlin based icelandic producer jónbjörn, known for curating reykjavík record label lagaffe tales – one of the main pillars in the icelandic house scene – now joins falks’ club focused sub-imprint with a robust four tracker. moving away from the deep house sound hes renowned for towards a darker and leaner night time aesthetic, amsiak inaugurates the release with an infectious electro groove as gurgling pings and acidic clangs and drones are liberally dropped throughout the track. aspekte is a spacious track with blown-out bass sounds that morph and glide across a tempered, slow burning planar rhythm. on the flip, jonbjörn goes for a harder techno sound influenced by his relocation to berlin. sunnudagskaffi is a bendy, 4/4 roller that contains hidden grooves below the basslines and the acid pings that wouldnt be out of place on a livity sound release. meanwhile, holy b is pure warehouse creeper techno, complete with machinic tones and the atmospherics of sweat and grime on dungeon brick walls.
Falk Disks
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10.45 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 13.03.18
fresh from his lets roll ep on radio slaves rekids, hopeworks curator lo shea further cements his status as a true innovator of the uk underground with the iterations ep on duskys 17 steps. leading the charge, iterations is 8 dark twisted minutes of tripped-out melodic techno that will sweat the walls of warehouses from london to tokyo drawing a lineage from the omen, atomic jam and the orbit through to berghain, de school and hopeworks itself. on the remix, stockholm’s peder mannerfelt takes it down an industrial rabbit hole of terror-core synths, rave sirens and sonic paranoia. across rest of ep, lo shea flexes his sonic diversity with ornithurae offering an intruiging mix of bruising bass, twitchy layer loaded percussion and sinister soundscapes - somewhere between d&b don dillinja circa 96, early claude von stroke, radioactive man and fellow sheffield legend oris jay. dark, soulful and ravey, higher closes things off with a uniquely uk hybrid that traces lines through militant tresor-heyday techno, vintage strictly rhythm diva house and hardcore vibes.
17 Steps
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10.45 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp, 180gr UK 30.06.17
picture the scene: a dark basement with flickering strip lights, sweat dripping from the ceiling & down the walls, bodies crammed moving to the thud of house & disco colliding, vogue - poppers - vogue - poppers, a time when everything was raw, experimental and energetic, this is the underground.
Ruby Hills & Diamond Mountain
in stock
12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 11.05.16
from the sweating walls of a warehouse rave to the intimate chambers of a rogue heart, raar’s third release resonates boldly in sonic overtures from french techno supergroup,, and bristol’s prolific joefarr.
The Vinyl Factory
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4.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 22.02.16
le loup prowls a lot by night with his bougs, in château d eau area or in some other parisian african districts. the 2 original tracks seek to express the moods of those meanderings in the sweaty clubs and dark bars, where the players and pimps order champagne magnum bottles and dance collé serré against the walls with some hot chicks. forget the eiffel tower and the champs elysées: this is the real underground side of paris. dewalta was just back from an us tour when he started to work on the champagne magnum remix. but one remix was definitely not enough compared to all the inspiration he had absorbed during his travel. he finally offered us 2 champagne magnum remixes: one filled in with the soul of lake michigan, and the other chilled by the cold wind of illinois. 4 tracks for dance, sweat and feed your soul.
Concrete Music
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 03.03.15
nice price deal !!! marking the first output of cymasonic s offshot vinyl-only label and collabaration with subwax distribution, the balder ep is a two-hundred copy, hand stamped entry into the world of cymawax. there s no better way to start than with four quality tracks of hot and crunchy norwegian techno with soul by trulz & robin, under their new moniker for otherworldly machine sounds: ksmisk. the duo from oslo have been a force in norway s electronic music scene for over two decades, but their current project is set to bend and exceed all expectations. the title track makes full use of spacial effects to create the kind of landscape deserving of the cavernous exchange of industrial rooms or the breathing walls of smaller sweatboxes. its energetic arpeggiation carries the driving, raw bass line home. less linear and more neurotic, -jonson- squelches its way into existence. next, -water- is as fluid as the name suggests, using deep, delayed dub chords to sustain listeners during its eight minute life. finally, the release ends on -tehjerk- which is full of electricity, heavily charged with distortion and powerful drums before opening up into a euphoric waterfall of melodies. it s fitting that this chronicle should end up pressed onto wax, a monument to the physical launch of cymawax and trulz & robin presenting ksmisk.
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7.48 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 28.06.12
killer techno!! gag reflex is one of those tracks that tears down the walls youll find yourself fist pumping to this one day at some obscure techno party! influences of early 90 s detroit techno all the way up to darkest & sweatiest corner in the berghain. gag reflex is a distorted throbbing stab heavy work out. the bottom end rolls along while the crashing hi hats juxtapose to create a sense of havoc. essential techno tool! on the flip angry dragon focuses its energy on the synth work. the overlaying 909 claps adds more aural pleasure rounding off the package in proper form. issued in limited hand stamped form - vinyl only!
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8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 29.11.11
>and i heard a strange deep sound. as i got closer to that particular place, the music took a more stable form…i thought i already knew this sound from somewhere<… welcome to the musical world of exciting new amsterdam based producer simon weiss. coming over all early theo and moodymann-esqe, he clearly demonstrates a passion for all things detroit in terms of mood, melody, rhythm and texture. half bouncing feet, sweaty walls and concrete floors, half sophisticated, futuristic movie soundtrack score …simon weiss fits the description of a home taper absolutely perfectly. dance to it, close your eyes to it, but whatever you do listen to it. 100% house music with bits. play it all night long!!
Home Taping Is Killing Music
in stock
8.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 07.11.11
something - a raw & pure monster of a track is not wasting any time for shifting layers or building up loads of unnecessary things. once the needle scratches the surface of the record > something< immediately unfolds its strength and power. thus, the suddenly emerging voice sample that sounds kind of scary easily creates an atmosphere like being morphed into a party of ghosts and dungeons going nuts while listening to this ultraphat hypnotic techno-tune from berlin. this track guarantees the full amount of peak time pleasure and sweaty walls inside the top clubs around the globe within the next months. for the flip-side freakshows 24th release delivers a very special remix version which does not need to hide behind the original. techno music veteran literon is contributing his creativity and production skills that he has been developing since he entered the scene almost 2 decades ago
International Freakshow
in stock
7.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 03.05.11
expect the unexpected they say and it should come as a surprise to many as we warmly welcome to the kompakt family one of americas most celebrated producers in dance music, john tejada! you are hard pressed not to have heard his music. whether on his own palette recordings, poker flat or plug research plus a fabric mix cd under his belt, its thanks to a steady stream of massive releases (think >mono on mono< and >sweat on the walls<) ...
Kompakt 227
out of stock
7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 03.09.09
dave huismans aka 2562 with his a made up sound project. archive contains four raw house tracks from the vaults with their roots in detroit and chicago house. æbounceÆ and ædisconnectÆ combine the best of two worlds: the more traditional sample based house grooves and the spacious sounds and wrenching sub bass that have become his trademark. the same goes for the other two tracks... æwireÆ is a phat acid track with a great drive. a strange atmosphere and a unique combination of classic structures with new and old sounds. this track will make sure that the sweat is dripping off those basement walls! æon&onÆ has that catchy drunken beat slightly reminding of some theo parrish productions... finished with futuristic technoid synth stabs and pulsating acid-ish bass sounds that make this a great abstract & stripped-down house work out! killer!
Clone Basement Series
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8.39 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl NL 06.08.09
dave huismans aka 2562 with his a made up sound project. archive contains four raw house tracks from the vaults with their roots in detroit and chicago house. ‘bounce’ and ‘disconnect’ combine the best of two worlds: the more traditional sample based house grooves and the spacious sounds and wrenching sub bass that have become his trademark. the same goes for the other two tracks... ‘wire’ is a phat acid track with a great drive. a strange atmosphere and a unique combination of classic structures with new and old sounds. this track will make sure that the sweat is dripping off those basement walls! ‘on&on’ has that catchy drunken beat slightly reminding of some theo parrish productions... finished with futuristic technoid synth stabs and pulsating acid-ish bass sounds that make this a great abstract & stripped-down house work out! killer!
Clone Basement Series
out of stock
7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 06.04.05
2 stunning floorshaking tracks from techhouse to acid...paranoia with same voice like 'sweat on the walls' (his pokerflat release)...big tune alert !!
out of stock
7.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 03.02.17
the record opens up with the poisonous title-track “two scorpios”, where sharp analogue leads lean on a relentless disco-funk groove, thrusting us out straight against the sweaty walls of the chicago’s muzic box. the airy and enchanting spirals of “solenoid” create a detachment for a sonic trip through circling arpeggios and sparkles. on the flip side, we reconnect abyssy to the “young soulomon” of early 90’s by a warm and robotics dusty house. the mood turns definitely more freaky with “slomo kid”: sampling divertissement with a punkish flavour and emphatic rhythmics, it is the perfect tune to shake down the whole ball of wax.
New Interplanetary Melodies
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11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.11.14
poker flat recordings has been dealing out underground house music with a unique twist since 1999 from the defining debut loverboy through the bugnology series, acclaimed albums and worldwide club hits, steve bugs essential imprint has unearthed new talent, developed rising stars and welcomed veterans into the fold. steve bugs reputation as an exceptionally gifted dj, producer and music connoisseur is about to carry the beloved imprint to its 15th anniversary, which will be celebrated with its finest collection of raw talent yet, as seen on this second instalment of the anniversary ep series called 4 jacks.
Poker Flat
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8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 28.02.12
nkltd is proud to present three serious deep techno cuts from japans imugem orihasam.we call classic on this one!skit 5 is stone-cold killer in the refined spirit of larry heard or juan atkins. deep space darkness with shivering jazz keys. made for sunsets in the northern light.float is a mills-style mechanical beast – made for the darkened clubs or the brightening sky.deposits,closing out the ep,is an abstract,melancholic electro killer that will make the walls sweat and the eyes wet.
New Kanada Limited
out of stock
8.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 29.05.09
welcome to the future of jump-and-wave riddims, with our guarantee that nuff towels will be hoisted in the air and twisted madly in appreciation. after dabbling in the sounds of soca in his legendary dj sets for the 2 years, ghislain poirier decided it was time to bring his own inimitable production flavor to this revered realm of caribbean music that combines lilting melodies from calypso with insistent percussion and south asian chutney sounds. the results are equal parts grimey, sweat-inducing and fun-as-hell. perfectly timed for carnival celebrations the world over in 2009, please welcome the excellent soca sound system ep.

wha-la-la-leng features long-time collaborator face-t dropping the best sing-a-long hook for this last stretch of the 00s over popping rhythms and a drop-kick low end. karnival is a full-on dancefloor assault with squelchy melody and stabbing kicks rocking within a cascade of rhythm. panamanian-born and no ground under collaborator mc zulu takes control of immigrant visa , a monster of a tune where the mere intonation of this man?s voice gets bodies bumping. famous soca legend mr. slaughter demonstrates why he is the master on the utterly infectious ?get crazy?, recorded in the early in the morning at a nyc hotel room following ghislain s party rocking set at the new yorker festival. slaughter?s hype energy may have incredibly avoided penetrating the hotel walls during recording, but there will be no escaping the command to get loose whilst on the dancefloor.

soca sound system is the first in a year-long arc of releases from ghislain poirier on ninja tune. each will feature original productions focusing on the various street music aesthetics our man rocks so damn well. the second installment, run the riddim slated for june / july 09 will focus on future dancehall production and feature reggae legend burro banton amongst others. the third release low ceiling slated for oct 09 will focus on thunderous dancefloor beats with massive, thick bass showcasing ghislains straight up instrumental side. all releases will lead into a 2-disc album entitled running high to cap off the year which will be chock full of killer new material, versions and remixes. get ready for this!
out of stock
8.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 22.05.07
dj support: karotte, josh wink, john selway, jeff samuel, chloe, laurent garnier, sebastien leger, sian (pokerflat), simon baker (infant).... just as klaus kinski once saw the jungle, minilogue see their sound as a multifaceted and highly fecund place whose nevertheless existing and complex matrix does not show itself in any apparent order. two new tracks on wir make their way through tight, slippy and steeply ascending paths, working to see the daylight in the befogged territory of the peruvian rain forest, or they ride on rapid amazonian rivers looking for el dorado, while unknown dangers lurk behind. bushwacking beats slap through the thicket, wandering on the trails of ancient cultures, not fearing any frazzle. minilogues trademark sound already overgrows the dance-floor, wriggles over sweaty walls, into the corners and beneath the turntables, and theres quite a chance to lose oneself in that labyrinth when not paying attention to where the exit once was
Wir Im Rhythmus
out of stock
7.39 EUR *

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