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12" UK 26.05.21
co-accused kick things off on their label with sonic grooves from another galaxy and a dark n sinister jensen interceptor remix.
Co-Accused Records
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12" 17.05.21
revelation ep is the debut release of australian record label denude, showcasing the latest work of melbourne based artist eddie hale. the title track revelation is both driving and warm - layered percussion lines rise and fall amongst detroit inspired stabs and subtly textured elements creating an infectious and uplifting groove. a2’s surging is both tunnelling and driving - straight into late night / early hours territory - with swirling sounds forming a hypnotizing sonic bath for the body and mind. rounding up the a side with a change of pace, aperture’s syncopated percussion leads us on a peaceful detour through ethereal synthscapes as we follow the round journey of an evolving sound that travels full circle. on the flip, joel mull’s hypno mix of revelations propels the listener with mechanical precision through dizzyingly expansive atmospheres of truly mind melting proportions. closing out the ep is terrace of an elephant, tranquil and reflective synth-work juxtaposed with coloured stabs striking through like comets across the night sky - brings us back down to earth in a contemplative mood.
Denude Records
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12" UK Pre sale
jimpster serves up the first single entitled crave from ahead of his forthcoming silent stars lp complete with remixes from atjazz and its original form crave, which features the vocals from hotly-tipped londoner florence rawlings, is an emotionally charged electronic torch song guaranteed to get inside your head from the very first listen. the spacey chords and punctuating string stabs bring hints of the 80’s to mind whilst florence’s gentle vocal floats in the air like a fresh sea breeze. in addition to the mesmerizing original we present two brilliant and contrasting remixes from one of the uk’s legendary producers atjazz as well as paris‘ rising star flabaire whose d.ko records has been dropping gem after gem since 2013. atjazz spins crave into outerspace with a fat, driving groove and twisted sonics making for an incredibly deep and forward-looking slice of aural gold. in contrast, flabaire looks back to the early 00’s for his classic soulful house rework which calls to mind the sounds of spinna and vintage naked music. closing the release we have another original track entitled where you are featuring berlin based us native khalil anthony. here we find jimpster doing what he does best, creating a sublime late night club track with his deft musical touch making this one that will stand out in the crowd
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12" 14.03.18
sonic groove records presents the advent of a new strain of contemporary techno for 2018 and advancing electronic music culture further into the future with this release. this is a document of the convergence and alliance of two distinct artistic visions, that of veteran and pioneer thomas p heckmann under his drax moniker and current dedicated activist blush response. the results of this cutting edge collaboration are pure dance floor revelations of the infectious and mind expanding kind. four cryptic transmissions initiating a sequence of combined sonic dna output. this is an interpretation of techno rooted in radical experimentation and upgraded to the next level with compelling innovation. side a initiates the drama with mysterious analog machine signals of both purist and experimental dark techno that are composed of elements crafted at the molecular level. side b continues with intensity delivering more of the combined audio expression of the artists. the intense coded communication weaves through in waves of perfectly balanced synthesis that is reinforced with heavy percussion and complex intertwined and engaging rhythms. a new key to other dimensions in sound. essential
Sonic Groove
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12" 27.07.17
post scriptum is the latest artist to join the sonic groove records roster. previously releasing on functions legendary infrastructure imprint, post scriptum changes gears stylistically in a very big way with his latest release entitled until you drop. leaving his previous looped based purist techno behind, post scriptum takes his sound exploration into the much darker cavernous world of industrial techno.
Sonic Groove
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12" 30.05.17
sonic groove records presents a new masterpiece entitled “realism” by artist rhys fulber, his career as a waveform alchemist and sonic innovator began with the band front line assembly, a project he helped both instigate and shared an imaginative vision with fellow pioneer bill leeb who is otherwise known for his work with early skinny puppy. the sound of front line assembly assisted in the evolution and definition of the industrial/ebm genre. rhys fulber has continued as an unprecedented producer with his contributions to other noteworthy defining procedures such as noise unit and delerium and forging forward in the contemporary realm inside youth code and the more accessible conjure one project.
Sonic Groove
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12" 17.03.17
sonic groove records further ignites 2017 with the label’s second release of the year by fixmer/mccarthy titled ”chemicals.” the legendary douglas j. mccarthy, founder and frontman of the seminal and pioneering ebm project nitzer ebb, continues his alliance with contemporary techno producer terence fixmer together lending to the electronic music landscape with their combined artistic initiative.
Sonic Groove
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12" NL 30.09.16
while focusing on his side projects admx-71 and traversable wormhole the past two years, the pioneering forefather of the industrial techno groove adam x returns on sonic groove records with an extended player entitled “bedeviled”. adam mixes a recipe of rhythmic noise industrial, classic rave and post contemporary techno rolled across three songs. creating the perfect mix of sound and rhythm aimed to torment dancefloors into submission during the peak hours of the night.
Sonic Groove
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12" NL 28.05.15
active for over 25 years, max durante is a legendary figure in the italian techno scene. an early 90s innovator in combining the sounds of techno, acid and industrial with his old school project on the legendary italian label acv/hot trax. his project automatic sound unlimited with darchangelo of rephlex records fame was ahead of the game back then. so like glove fits hand. max fits perfectly on sonic groove with a cutting edge , menacing time bomb of an ep. sharp as a razor, hard as steel this is seriously powerful stuff for those that like there techno uncompromised.
Sonic Groove
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12" NL 20.10.11
city beats records is celebrating its 15 years existance with 6 brand new electro tracks from artists such as: audio sonic crew g.nice (nyc) / electrodefender / dj salva 808 & the might rockers.
City Beat Records
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12" 14.05.21
the third entry into our catalogue is provided by our very dear traumer. the frenchman has proven himself a true force in the electronic music community, seamlessly weaving his distinct sonic designs into memorable, ageless rhythms. his latest offering follows a prolific run of singleminded records, each one further developing on the minimal house theme he is laid out for himself. this ep features a condensation of those findings. starting things off with >diplo<, a lean groove working the very long hours, we are introduced to a fresh set of tracks balancing the serviceable with the elusive. with its loose arrangement of organic sounds and a hazy feel, >douce< is tripped house mix makes good on its promise. find the deeper rotations on the flipside, where >prima< and «plastica» both explore the heady mindset to their fullest. nerve tingling goodness for intimate listening experiences.
Adams Bite
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12" US 23.06.20
the playground samba ep is the newest ocha offering from coflo featuring a unique sonic journey of organic percussive flow with -playground samba-, -false feelins- & -rescue him ft gyrefunk-. this ep displays a deep broken back beat & groove layered deep house. comes with full color jacket. house
Ocha Records
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12" 20.05.20
early support by priku, gescu, sepp, nu zau, lizz, miroloja, macarie and some more. empirical test vol. i - va’, our very first release, it’s finally out. let us show you our minimalistic sonic lab. we believe in tracks for the dancefloor with an eye in experimental and introspective views of electronic music. a1. ‘frics’ is probably the most well-known work here. developed by romanian talent cojoc it has become a serious festival banger thanks to a killer bassline mixed with an aggressive synthesizer which remains a machine gun. a2. ‘mal so mal so’ arrives directly from switzerland. produced by marques sigi mixing spatial and analog sounds with an exquisite modular electronic sequence. the rhythm is marked by catchy kicks and swift hi hats plus some straightforward pads and effects. classy and harmonious. b1. ‘space runner’ involves angel mosteiro and joel vazquez —part of bohrium crew— premiering his first production as akela. in this track the duo propose breaky atmospheres, rhythmic movements full of textures in a complete sequence of energetic synthesizers. the melody makes you traveling into a sonic, organic and hypnotic deepness. b2. ‘the muggles’ by panamanian producer avidel proposes a playful, funny and easygoing track. twisted basslines, fresh summer beats, nice grooves, and good vibes. artwork by nachei
Bohrium Records
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12" 08.10.19
it was nearly a year ago when these two graced with their hugely successful track ‘hope’ on our ‘watergate xv’ various artist compilation. matthias meyer and ryan davis come together again to deliver the stunning ‘love letters from sicily’ where infectious organic grooves pave the way for a flourishing well of emotions in the form of lush pads and shimmering sonics that unfold into a tale of epic cinematic proportions. from start to finish it’s a intimate piece of aural imagery, yet the duo always keep a keen percussive focus making it ideal for any dancefloor moment. to complement ‘love letters from sicily’, we’ve enlisted the one and only john digweed to rework meyer and davis’ original of ‘hope’, and with no surprise, he’s given it the master’s touch. staying true to the original, while at the same time reinventing the storyline and constructing tension by saving the powerful harmonies for a later climax, he’s crafted a revision that’s both driving and timeless.
Watergate Records
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12" 24.11.18
its time to deliver the second ep from adana twins latest mix compilation and with this one we set the focus to the more organic and off kilter leanings from lehar, sbth, acid pauli, musumeci and stereocalypse. kicking things off is italys lehar with his super slick ‘blue wolf where robust percussions culminate in a potent groove laying the foundation for lush sonic melodies that transport you into uniquely sublime spaces. sbth follows with the exceptionally unique ‘4w1r6 where they forgo the standard four-to-the-floor approach and employ a distinguished and uncommonly unique 3/4 time signature to full effect creating a swelling and brooding number assuring a definite, clear memory long after it ends. flipping to the b-side we see the renowned acid pauli in top form as he relies heavily on thick organic percussion and plush musicality with his ‘greetings from orgonon before switching gears as musumeci delivers a stunner with ‘invaders where past meets present as disco, techno and house all meet in one harmonious culmination. to round out the ep, stereocalypses ‘jubeelee! is an expertly crafted venture into the modern techniques of infectious afro-house concluding an extremely well rounded ep showcasing the diversity of adana twins selection and diversity.
Watergate Records
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12" NL 02.11.18
pleasure in mind records presents its first vinyl only release. this various artists includes four tracks by different producers and aims to showcase the variety and scope the label has built up sonically. from a housier track by argentinian prodot, going through a more tech and minimalistic groove by u z z v, passing by an experimental and ambiental cut by duky to an organic breakbeat from max tolmachev & dnlk, pimrv001 brings together a combination of sounds ideal for any situation or setting.
Pleasure in Mind Records
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12" 12.10.18
as always, the return of ruede hagelstein is inevitable and with each return he ups the ante tenfold showcasing his ever growing prowess behind the studio door. it seems as if, with each ruede ep, the amount of elements utilized shrinks while at the same time the sound grows in power and dominance and that could not be better exemplified than here. consisting of two originals and a remix from the one and only martin buttrich, the ep is a gross display of well thought out, mature dance floor jewels. opening the short player is hagelsteins ‘dematerialize feat. justin evans where a sinister yet soothing vocal sets the tone for the entire track, laying the groundwork for a gorgeous bass drum and shimmers of distant percussion carry us into celestial spaces. ‘forward vision is up next and follows suit by relying on a brooding minimal groove to drive the shimmers of glistening atmospherics and sparkling sonics optimal for dizzy and delirious club moments. last but certainly not least we turn to the legend who is martin buttrich to twist the original ‘dematerialize feat. justin evan into a more straightforward composition with his signature stylings opening the doors of accessibility to a wider demographic of disc jockeys resulting in a track that stretches the playability to a wide range of disc jockeys
Watergate Records
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12" UK 25.09.18
tropical disco records are back with their fifth release of the year, bringing you four killer edits from the tropical disco volt. moodena introduces volume 5 in fine style, mustering another spellbinding composition with gils groove. sounding as swagged out as ever, its evident form & flair comes naturally to the artist. td comrades moodena & sartorial present their first collaboration on turn it up, neatly entwining their distinct styles, rolling basslines, cascading guitars and sultry sax. the result is a piece of pure energy, its hard not to do exactly what the track tells you. the disco wizard, sartorial continues his ever growing solo output with 6 million, a righteous slab of soulful dance music that can make a dancefloor bang, as well as weep. feel the heat rolls effortlessly with a lush vocal that melts the loins and lays out a sonic smorgasboard of what epitomises tropical disco records - soul!
Tropical Disco Records
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12" 14.09.18
it was nearly a year ago when these two graced with their hugely successful track ‘hope’ on our ‘watergate xv’ various artist compilation. matthias meyer and ryan davis come together again to deliver the stunning ‘love letters from sicily’ where infectious organic grooves pave the way for a flourishing well of emotions in the form of lush pads and shimmering sonics that unfold into a tale of epic cinematic proportions. from start to finish it’s a intimate piece of aural imagery, yet the duo always keep a keen percussive focus making it ideal for any dancefloor moment. to complement ‘love letters from sicily’, we’ve enlisted the one and only john digweed to rework meyer and davis’ original of ‘hope’, and with no surprise, he’s given it the master’s touch. staying true to the original, while at the same time reinventing the storyline and constructing tension by saving the powerful harmonies for a later climax, he’s crafted a revision that’s both driving and timeless.
Watergate Records
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12" NL 16.03.18
venda is one of australia’s fastest rising stars in the minimal and house music scene and with previous releases on labels like body parts his music is now starting to reach a more global audience and its easy to hear why with infectious groove based cuts like this. on remix duties is one of our favourite remixers, fuse london & moscow records star, archie hamilton with his stellar dance floor interpretation.
Subsonic Music
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12" 05.03.18
it was 2016 when we last saw the venezuelan duo, better known as fur coat, drop their debut ‘interstellar ep on watergate records and now they finally return with their follow up, the ‘immersion ep. immersion kicks off with an agile kick drum setting the stage for rapid fire percussion and an overwhelmingly satisfying ascending organ line that could be the trademark of any sci-fi film score. add a few shudders of glimmering atmospherics and its a trek into the cosmic realm of techno where space and time cease to exist. flipping sides the duo dive deeper into the infinite expanse with inner circle where lush textures canvas a mesmerizing groove and hypnotic spirals of gratifying repetitive sonics resulting in a fiercely energetic yet undeniably euphoric expedition under the club lights. embracing the tools and mechanics that have made their sound unique and successful for so long, fur coat seems to have delivered their most mature and polished ep to date with their ‘immersion ep where stunning spacial details and a precise attention to detail have embodied the age old saying, less is more. fur coat is back. immerse yourself.
Watergate Records
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12" UK 24.01.18
after the success of his recent comeback ep entitled exiles ep, the icelandic artist cold shows us that he is here to stay and ready to make his mark in the international techno scene. dub safari offers us intricate soundscapes and otherwordly chords which are impeccably assembled into five minimal techno masterpieces. a side starts with a dreamy voyage where ethereal pads seamingly blend with punctuating kick and a acid bassline. second cut gives us a darker experience. a pulsating groove where chords and percussions offer an interesting sonic playfulness. b-side offers three minimalistic techno tracks ready for both the dancefloor as well as for dancefloor within your mind. thule records is considered by many to be a pioneers in the field of dub-influenced techno music and was a starting point for many of iceland s most renowned electronic musicians
Thule Records
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12" 08.09.17
about the release: drivetrain (detroit, usa) – “dirty work (ft. goddess stephanie)” …derrick thompson’s organically deep tribal rhythm is the bedrock for melodious chords and the cunning decrees spawned by goddess stephanie. motomitsu (paris, france) – “november” …a dark and haunting symphony, built on an infrastructure rich in keyboards, chorusing under syncopated jabs and hypnotic pulsating motion. jesus gonsev (ciudad real, spain) – “countdown” …an intelligent auditory marriage integrating the essence of an ante meridiem atmosphere with fathomless claviature and precision percussive penetration. oscar holgado (seville, spain) – “the wonderman” …a sonic pilgrimage initiated with harmonic pad structure, advancing through walls of piercing string architecture, closing with a euphoric groove refrain.
Soiree Records International
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12" 24.07.17
as summer peaks, we bring you the brand new series watergate remixes where standout tracks from our discography are remixed and retouched by some of our favorite artists. kicking off the first installment we have matthias meyer and jimi jules stepping up to deliver their twist on two big tunes from heavy-hitters butch and henrik schwarz. first up is matthias remix of butchs cosmic tale shahrzad, and he dishes out a truly timeless piece of dance floor euphoria. with his trademark organic groove and lush swirling pads meyer guides us through a heavenly journey into the distant reaches of sonic elation. on the flip side, jimi jules brings his a-game with a revision of henrik schwarz classic words in return by demonstrating an incredibly mature restraint of precise and calculated efforts resulting in an enchanting trip of dreamy aural pleasures.
Watergate Records
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12" US 18.05.17
the pretenders just be yourself remixed from the original multitrack 2 tapes. dj kon has been busy doing re-works and remixes of chic, michael jackson, george benson, t.s. monk, donna summer, chaka khan, gil scott heron, willie bobo, pleasure + many others. this remix of a legendary and highly in demand modern soul track on carnival records keeps in step with the original recording while breaking ground into new sonic territory. the sound is rich and full due to analog mixing by kamal humphrey through maurice starr s ssl board. simply a future classic.
FG Car 12
Family Groove
B1: Just Be Yourself (extended mix)
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7" UK 31.03.17
haunter records’ 2017 kicks off with two new displays of aural expansion by longtime members of the milan-based crew. twin singles from weightausend and petit singe that also mark the label’s first ventures into 7” format. through heavy use of darkened breakbeats and angular dynamics, each of the two producers sets out to have their unique sonic approach ring on throughout the sprawl.
hazina francia aka petit singe returns to give a sign of what’s to come in the very near future. her transdimentional approach is always prone to punctuate the spiritually intense quality of her taste for melody with heavy barrages of drums organized into hard-hitting grooves. each of the two tracks manages to balance in her world of feral beauty, pummeling the dancefloor while also dragging into psychedelic stupor.
Haunter Records
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12" UK 27.03.17
bitter end emerge from the ashes of 2016 with a message of positivity and protest beamed from the near future keen eyed aficionado s may spot the homage to mel cheron s classic us label west end records here but while their motto may have been where the sun sets & the stars rise bitter end records embarks on a distinctly more 21st century path to dancefloor salvation... 003 sees a welcome return to utilising the full sonic reach of the 12- single, with these two 21st century power-dancers for strobe-lit moments of praise. can t stop explores a walter gibbons approach to teasing a groove to within an inch of its life, and what a groove. the disco at the end of the universe may well be beaming this one up, such is its sheer intergalactic and unrelenting bad assery. we recently witnessed this unite a dancefloor in such wild abandon it should come with an age restriction ! flip for fat of the land a gorgeous and utterly absorbing, stripped back modern hymn the bitter end - years ahead !
Bitter End Records
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12" 23.01.17
still riding high off the recent release of culoe de songs watergate mix we keep it coming with four exclusive tracks from culoe himself on our first ep of exclusives from the compilation. deadmans walk kicks things off with lush percussive grooves and luminous shades of euphoria resulting in a serene foray into enchanted destinations while the self titled ‘aftermath’ follows with a much more deliberate intent utilizing rich, rising harmonies and bold, rugged drums culminating in a massive sonic event. flipping to the b-side we see culoe dive into an energetic and unique space with ‘bang royales’ creating undeniably engaging rhythms with vocal chants and off kilter rhythms. rounding out the ep is juice and with its heavenly sounds of angelic vocals and soaring progressions is the perfect display of de songs signature sound and approach. were happy to present to you culoe de songs aftermath ep and think you will enjoy the trip into the mind of a truly unique artist.
Watergate Records
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2x12" 15.12.16
last year saw casablanca-based cosmo records launch its most ambitious project todate, celebrating five years of cross-cultural collaboration. the three vinyl releasesfeatured producers such as san proper, radiq, pier bucci and dandy jack working with moroccan musicians to create a true fusion between modern electronics and ancient traditions. the purpose of cosmo has always been to find a natural meeting place between thesedistinct musical forms, bringing out the best strengths of each practice through real time spent together in the studio, where each artist can truly understand the other in a shared quest for sonic harmony. as such, this latest release marks a step forward in exploring this idea through a new series entitled cosmo jam. as the title suggests, the focus here is on live improvisation. in late 2014 parisian producers masomenos and vadim svoboda travelled to morocco and set up their equipment at the coda casablanca music center. they were joined by m’hamed el menjra playing bass, abdessamad boussahfa on violin and sanhaji on darbuka, and the ensuing jam sessions between these musicians now make their way on to vinyl. no editing or post-production took place – the music you hear on the record was created entirely in the moment. each track highlights the magic of a different instrument – on “be” menjra’s double bass comes twisting through effects processing and subtle distortion, meeting with a low-slung broken beat groove from the visiting french producers. sanhaji’s thrilling percussive flair on the darbuka flirts perfectly with the crisp programming of drums and bass on the uptempo “kaled” and the more laid-back “petit”. boussahfa’s violin makes for some of the most arresting moments on the release, meeting with intricate minimalist rhythms on “mon” and shining in the heart-rending ambience of “frere”. presented across two 12”s, this collection of six tracks tells a most honest account of how gifted artists from entirely different disciplines can find a common ground and create something truly unique. without any studio trickery to hide behind, this is the concept of cosmo records laid bare, and the results prove it is a concept worth exploring further.
Cosmo Records
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12" 14.11.16
darren roach is supreme master of his own unique electronic house fusion as he weaves his virtuosity into his forth-coming ep vinyl only pressing ‘ionian’, due to be proudly released by the end of october on giant records. this technically deluxe record presents an a-side original mix, written and produced by darren, along with double remix b-sides from ‘echo of glory’ and ‘funton’ who both offer additional production to this sonically vibrant pressing. darren’s depth of creative flair and technical finesse is wildly evident within the tracks purposeful deep, elevated groove. the composition holds an intricate dynamic depth to its pulsating core root and draws upon a clean-cut stimulating atmospheric clarity within the concise use of synthesizer. melodic bursts intertwine and flourish in a rich and vibrant way amongst an array of intricate atmospheric key parts and crowd stomping purposeful beats. a wholly elevating sonic vibration that will have you instantaneously elevated and unified on the dance floor under the one truly vibrant positive spell.
Giant Records
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12" 01.11.16
midgar is finally reaching the 10th release with mdg008, a rich ensemble of live jams, adapted to the vinyl format by ambient specialist shaded explorer. the record opens with the bleeping saucer emerald weapon, activating hyperspace mode as the sidereal ambiances take over in the middle of the track. skyward follows up with thunderous kicks, adding consistency to the groove but keeping focus on windy atmospheres. the slow-builder shaded gems reset the pace on the b-side, where the italian artist fully express the solemnity of the machines. underwood ends the record with natural textures: a sonic representation of mother nature waking up the forests using bright pads and perpetual chirping.
Midgar Records
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12" 24.10.16
path records, old school brooklyn based leaders in underground psychedelic techno, keep up the twelve inch pressure with a brand new ep from their label-head reade truth. picking up where his recent n-syde records left off (“stares to upstairs”, “blessings of luh”), the 3 track ep abounds in sci-fi techno themes while taking root in a somewhat housier rhythmic structure. the ep begins with the dark, mysterious “omm 0910” where whispered female dialogue and a powerful bassline are combined with cut up efx, trickling liquid soundscapes and solid 909 programming.
* a bump of house* develops around a hypnotic bass line and intricate deep synths and strings, similar to earlier path releases. “drop and see” dives the tempo to 110 bpms and is a mechanical industrial/synth styled number with a clever, hypnotic progression. overall, this ep offers another vital and varied selection of tracks from truth, who is known for providing refreshing and unique ideas throughout his career, including seminal releases on labels like planet e, sonic groove and strictly rhythm. limited to 350 copies, first 200 include a 12×12 graphic insert.
Path Records
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9.74 EUR *
12" 28.06.16
one of the beautiful things about displayfm is the orbital-serious-full-on-dance-floor music which they deliver. while beautiful and yet caustically intense, off the ground’s reliable output, can feel awfully bombastic.
each track reflects a finely accomplished sound composition with playful percussion, microscopic sonic details, perfectly measured to a powerful record. it’s displayfm’s usual techniques coupled with a melodic and emotive approach. dualism s remix is personal and makes for a carefully crafted enhancement. the song is moving versatile with emotion, texture and instrumentation. unloose yourself and enjoy. off the ground is a unique sound design with hypnotic grooves for impactful moments. be numbolic..!
Numbolic Records
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9.74 EUR *
12" FR 03.05.16
cyclo is relaunching with an absolute classic track from its extensive back catalogue. produced by derrick carter & chris nazuka the chicago house classic rednail kidz -do my thing- was an underground smash when it was first released at the end of the 90 s. clubs nights such as space at bar rhumba rocked hard to the incessant groove of this track. we have included a remastered original with 3 remixes: the nacho marco remix takes -do my thing- into big room territory. nacho works closely with roland and on this remix you can witness big 303 lines and huge bass that will rock most discerning floors. hallo halo (jon dasilva & jonas nilsson) remix the track superbly and add their trademark warm tech sound. mystic bill creates a stunning, deep, chicago inspired, sonic journey of a remix where less is, most certainly, more. we hope you will enjoy these tracks as much as we are!
Cyclo Records
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9.06 EUR *
12" NL 18.12.15
bang! patrick richard delivers a new ep with four bass-heavy house and techno hybrids. the a-side starts off with a wild, bass driven anarchic journey, followed by a pulsating jacking house inspired track, climaxing in a hypnotic groove. the deeper b-side begins in a dark and bass heavy territory, where a hunting analogue lead adds character. the final track is a collage of spaced out and seductive melancholic instrumentation for early morning sets. intricate arrangements, cinematic sonic landscapes and attention to detail makes this super limited ep a must have for anyone interested in electronic music pushing boundaries.
Romb Records
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8.76 EUR *
drivetrain (detroit, usa) – “stranger it feels”…derrick thompson freezes time with a multi-functional floor-banger/dj tool, fully stocked with sonic illusion and legitamcy. the tribal vocal intro paves the way for combustible percussions and a toxic bass line. jace syntax (glasgow, scotland) – “basicz”…pounding rhythms join a subsonic groove cutting through a deeper, melodic soundscape. add finely tuned vocal samples and harmonic ambience for a pure subterranean, late night audio rendezvous. cloudmaster weed (meaux, france) – “consciousness”…an aggressive onslaught of smoke-stacked electronic musicality. the anesthetic bass escorts a mind-expanding squad of voices, pads and effects to a point of delinquency. detune (ghent, belgium) – “dualty”…an electrifying, multifaceted production, that effortlessly seizes it’s own identity. dynamic chords resonating through the magnetic, percussive palpitation, produce a sophisticated unyielding debut. - the absolute sound of true intelligence…is clockwerk -
Soiree Records International
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12" UK 25.11.15
following up the fantastic summer re-release of upsetting keys “empathy” ep, path records follows with its first new catalogue number since 2006. path 008 marks the return of artist fate 258, whose 1999 “why 2k” path 001 ep has been a hotly sought after item on discogs. the three-track ep contains two exciting new mixes of cult classic techno track “the path”. the a-side version “path to hell” is the harder of the pair, a dark edgy journey into the unknown with shuffling 808 rhythms providing much of the melody. “path to heaven” slows the groove down and adds warm juno pads throughout the mix for a very deep detroit flavored techno style. on the final track “heaven or hell” sort of a broken beat downtempo piece, sparse vocals and bladerunner samples mix to complete the dystopian concept. these mixes of “the path” are considered pre-mixes, as they were completed in 1998 before the original release of path 001. fate 258 is a project from brooklyn producer reade truth, known for his work over the last decades on labels such as planet e, sonic groove, n-syde, wurst and strictly rhythm to name a few. limited to 250 worldwide, with the first 100 including full black and white cover art.
Path Records
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13.64 EUR *
12" shrinked 12.10.15
drumma records presents its second collaboration with romanian duo vinyl speed adjust (vsa). the ep titled the awakening shows us vsas intelligent approach to music, an ideal fit at drumma records where creatively effervescent music is embraced with open arms. the record has 4 tracks. the eponymous the awakening is a special trip between break rhythms, modern jazz and a dreamy perpetual arpeggio. it creates a great mood for artists who want to present something special during their set. a2 is the grind, a very strong and acid track with a powerful evolving bassline that creates perfect suspense. inspired by the 90s, its raw and its analogue, definitely a hot track. monoxide comes with a linear rhythmic pattern and a very deep sub-bass sound fused with trippy synth soundscapes, ideal to put in a mental note during a session. the release is topped off with an amazing remix by the great valentino kanzyani. hes brought his own approach to the grind. the remix is a track with very strong groove and an intelligent evolution that creates small sonic worlds at every turn. valentino knows how to masterfully work a constant crescendo where tension and rest is perfectly resolved and we can feel his approach to techno at its best.
Drumma Records
out of stock
8.28 EUR *
12" 15.09.15
the sylvan structure ep is a debut for anja zaube and het at the same time. the sound of this untitled 4-track ep is driven by the vision of deep-dark sonical forests: a 1is taking the dancer from the floor to a far away soundscape. on a 2 anja experiments on the ambient side of sound. raising and boosting until it all sheds. b 1 is definitely located on a forest glade, where you can find the hope, that is needed. the glitchy sound of b 2 together with its’ catchy main pattern is combining abstraction with groove.
Het Records
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8.37 EUR *
12" 07.07.15
stiff little spinners enters its 6th volume with a 5 track package spanning the widest sonic spectrum imaginable. its tracks, in typical spinners fashion, range from r&b influenced house grooves to shimmering, broken-beat, new-age garage swing. gimmix & zorro prove their penchant for urban slow jams with a dance floor flavour. their opener oveile builds in a slow, sleazy fashion, eventually trading its more unpredictable drum arrangement for a sturdy 4/4 rhythm. the melody surges harmoniously, navigating the walls of its club-ready time signature, a phenomenal introduction to a mind-blowing collection of tracks. the vinyl release includes a download code.
Audiolith Records
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8.76 EUR *
12" UK 06.07.15
the original version is nothing short of a classic, but its as if the song had never been invited to a louie vega post-midnight global extravaganza. was the song not aware that spellbound dancing and high bpms were the standard for house music? normally, such a blaring disregard for nightlife decorum would relegate a song to the pits of sonic hell, but we’re talking about george clinton here! the original opens up with a g-funk groove that screams westside and lowriders. the listener is then blessed with clinton as he adds his sage, soulful and pimpadelic vocals, complemented by funkadelic singers asking him about the pains of the funk. the semblance of a beat that could drive the dancefloor into the morning hours is there, but in no way has it blossomed into its full glory. enter louie vega.
Vega Records
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9.25 EUR *
12" UK 10.12.13
fast making his way on the underground circuit, rising star samu.l is back onboard one records home ground delivering his first single release for the label with the entrancingly dark and driving monster *invitations*. rolling with effortless groove and an all encompassing depth in the atmospherics, this is essential dj weaponry perfect for the late hours or early morning. warmly welcomed to the label we see the highly talented martin buttrich conjure up a powerful remix true to his distinct style, with a grumbling bassline and sonic force that will undoubtedly dominate any dance floor at peak time, complemented with a raw and chugging dub version to complete the ultimate package.
One Records
out of stock
8.72 EUR *
12" 06.05.13
few people stand for a real underground approach to techno like adam x does. for over 20 years he has been right in the center of the scene. before moving to berlin he ran the sonic groove record shop in nyc for 15 years. the sonic groove label also owned by adam is still a dominating force in the scene and has released music of legends like abe duque, blake baxter, frankie bones, kevin saunderson and many more. with djing, producing music adam in recent years has received a lot of support from people like chris liebing and many others for his productions as adam x as well as for his aliases traversable wormhole, admx-71.adam’s sound is dark and heavily influenced by his passion for industrial and old school ebm music. with coercive persuasion on the a-side he combines these influences with a functionality that can only derive from his extensive touring as a dj and live act. it is a dark anthem that will destroy all real techno floors. no doubt. the b-side deprogramming sequence comes along with driving bells that give the stomping beat of the track a little uplift and therewith balances out the heavy dark side of the ep.
Suicide Circus Records
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" FR 06.03.13
singular records is back with a brand new ep by the label head himself, marcelus. you will find very deep tracks in this new ep, detroitish grooves and soundscapes. the a side contains two techno cuts, -another way- and -sonic cigars-, perfect for intense techno moments on the floor, and are very disctinctive by the groove and colors the b side is a more atmospheric one, -enlightenment- is the one for special moments full of sweet textures that gives real deepness. and closing the ep, -it s out there-, a deep ambient cut, showing once again the extented tastes and skills from the parisian dj. played by ben klock, dario zenker, rolando, answer code request, conforce, rebekah, nina kraviz etc
Singular Records
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7.50 EUR *
12" 26.11.12
illuminating late night in pure electronic genius is this brilliant portfolio of ocean deep productions. leading off, drivetrains (detroit, usa) >together< rocks the floor from the first dropped beat. but the real surprise is the evolving melodies submerged in infectious groove. rubba js (brussels, bel) soiree debut >reflection< details a meticulous syncopation dancing through relentless rhythm. absent for over a decade, country gents (london, uk) return to soiree with >need me<. club-tested, the booming bass and powerful vocal provide a wicked sonic high. professor inc (paris, fra) brings another earth quaking, body-shaker. >luvin< fuses clever chord progressions, subsonic riffs and the tweaked-out vocals of kris magnetik. aqua marine – redefining the fathomless depth of the underground.
Soiree Records
out of stock
8.37 EUR *
12" UK 10.07.12
sometimes club music doesnt need to be too clever. sometimes all you need is an insistent groove and a hook. allow nuance, subtlety or layers upon layers of carefully sculpted found sounds, sometimes the drive to dance to a piece of music overtakes the rational over thinking and just inspires movement. that is precisely what this trio of original productions from 19 year old brummy, wattville aka matthew evans, does incredibly well to inaugurate sonic router records debut vinyl release.
Sonic Router
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
2x12" 14.11.11
brandt brauer frick haben wieder zugeschlagen. im vergangenen jahr debütierte das deutsche trio mit dem album >you make me real<, einer fusion aus techno und klassik. doch tracks wie >bop<, ein reichhaltiges, polyrhythmisches gebilde, zeigen, dass es geht. nun haben daniel brandt, jan brauer und paul frick ihr genre-bildendes experiment mit ihrem ensemble auf ein neues level gehoben: die computer haben sie eingetauscht gegen eine zehnköpfige band, mit der sie handgemachte dance-grooves live spielen können. wie das klingt, haben sie in diesem jahr bereits bei der eurosonic conference in holland gezeigt, dann in coachella, beim festival glastonbury, sonar, north sea jazz und bestival! der neue, handgemachte klang wurde nun auf einem brandneuen album festgehalten.
inklusive code für kostenfreien download des kompletten albums.
!K7 Records

also available as:
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17.54 EUR *
12" UK 19.09.11
new year deal - purveyors of maximal minimalism in bass music, crushington explore the mid-tempo soundworld of dubstep. inspired to step outside of their box by a face-melting new years eve performance from skream and benga, for the last two years, crushington have sonically sculpted their own, well-received take on dubstep. lacking a developed knowledge of the genre, their unaffected explorations into different tempos and grooves have caught ears everywhere, leading to dj support from n-type, jakes, emalkay, distance, seven, truth, bulletproof, datsick, excision, hatcha and headhunter. along the way, they have collaborated with, or remixed for black sun empire, spl, truth, optimus gryme and bulletproof. with high profile support and collaborations boiling over left right and centre and several boutique vinyl releases to their credit, dj bookings across new zealand and australia have come quickly and to lauded receptions. old school producers and djs from the era of vinyl and by ear engineering, their sonic fidelity has seen their crushington tunes described by the likes of antiserum as the perfect studio mixdown reference. to put it in simpler terms, crushingtons subwoofer rupturing arrangements are fast becoming a standard setter with in the international dubstep community, where things go next from here though, only time will tell.
Boka Records
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7.79 EUR *
10" 06.09.11
te next release on double standard is the sonic love child of deniz kurtel, guti and gadi mizrahi. conceived at the dawn of a new year inside the marcy hotel, brooklyn, the way i feel ep- is slow, instinctive mood music, beautiful in its simplicity. floating on a lazy groove, title track the way i feel- sounds like the haze of being in love. intimate, sexy and deep, the sultry voice of a lover caresses layers of spaced- out beats drifting through low-key piano notes, distorted and interlaced with the woozy bassline. flip over to the b-side and the vibe of -3am- is muddier and full of eerie, echoing keys and disembodied vocals. with a bassline raw and impulsive, -3am- is the late night counterpart to the early morning bliss of the a-side. fluid in motion, light traces of techno slowly filter though the loose percussive rolls in spontaneous unison. as an integral member of the wolf + lamb crew and one-time resident at the label-s creative source –the marcy, deniz kurtel has since evolved into one of house music-s most exciting producers, releasing her dazzling debut album on crosstown rebels earlier this year. dynamic argentinian producer guti is known for his grooving, latin-inspired techno on labels such as desolat and supplement facts but this ep-s trip into more languid territory is a pure expression of the accomplished jazz pianist-s affinity for experimentation. through his intuitive operations, wolf + lamb and double standard label boss gadi mizrahi has given a home to a variety of deeper sounds filtered through an alternative vision for house music. -the way i feel ep- is double standard at its unadulterated, sensual best.
Double Standard Records
out of stock
7.11 EUR *
12" UK 17.06.11
remixes by serge santiago and sonic groove. taken from the avh album >new york: a mix odyssey<.
Southern Fried Records
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7.79 EUR *
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