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12" FR 09.03.21
modern house tracks!
Sounds Benefit
in stock
9.15 EUR *
12" 30.10.17
sundance presents two extended track.this is one part of the project beautiful days
out of stock
7.36 EUR *
12" UK 25.04.18
after leaving his noise-soaked techno signature on details sound with the uncompromising informations 12inch, a hand is returning to the label with a healthy dose of enigmatically crafted sounds, made to stick in your head and body intensely. on breakline, a hunting dark bassline is backed by relentless drum patterns cut with machine gun precision. for a better end takes off into a swirling atmosphere propelled by anti-gravity beats. slow injection expands further into dense and obscure realms of electrified experiments. the wandering your lost dreams carries us to a breathtaking conclusion filled with abstract suspension. slow injection ep is a four-cuts selection of captivating tension and release from italian producer and sound artist giuseppe magistro. edition of 300 copies.
Details Sound
in stock
8.60 EUR *
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