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12 Inch 01.12.16
greek producer markos spanoudakis aka kreon has certainly made an impact on the electronic music scene.his percussive and jazz tipped sound has found its place through solo releases for labels such as cecille, robsoul and many more seminal underground imprints. his latest offering on serialism has been widely received by a small handfull of the scenes elite who have been dropping tracks from the ep all summer hualtor kicks of proceedings with delayed vocal stabs that roll over a 4x4 kick and a doubled up snare. the bass groove cleverly pitches up and down and is completed with a series of shuffled hi hats which complete this minimalistic winner. up next on a2 is forpsyche, which encomopasses a tough and rolling drum selection with swing added for good measure, a sub bass, warm pads and erratic lead stabs bring the all the elements together nicely. third track ‘valtera’ then keeps to kreons signature laid back grooves, shuffling drum licks and the use of processed vocal stabs, the track seamlessly rolls with a series of lo-fi glitches and pitch shifted chord stabs. finally forpyke rounds off the package as it rolls out a sure fire drum selection full of swing and stripped-back percussive hits, repetitive chord textures ebb and flow throughout the composition which results in a truly hypnotic and raw dance floor killer, with intricate percussion patterns that are packed full of swing.
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12 Inch 23.04.20
new electronic album by kappa slap
Doser 038
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