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12 Inch 10.06.14
after quenums debut album, the richly textured and atmospheric masterpiece * face to face*, serialism prepares to release a striking remix package featuring three distinct voices in electronic music. * basic solution*s raw fluid energy is encased in a pulsing, staccato framework by cesare vs disorder as the meandering bassline emerges and gives way to the original distorting synth line. 5am is first given a more pumping dancefloor sheen by tiefschwarz and next a typically epic and mindbending journey from mathew jonson. lastly frank haag delivers a spooky rework of * ritual* that tightens the groove into a rolling hypnotic head trip that will also move the floor.
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12 Inch 08.10.14
morphine continue to take us there, this time iranian producer, sote, with a full album. studies in techno patterns and aesthetics from a maximalist musical perspective without employing orthodox beats.
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