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coloured 12" Vinyl UK Pre sale (29.05.2020)
pressed on clear vinyl, supported by raresh! tip!
Just Jack Recordings
12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 15.12.17
kidnap kid’s birds that fly label got off to a flying start with his ow&#8203,,,,,n release,‘ moments’ feat leo stannard picking up over two million plays and shaking up the spotify / hype machine charts. next up on the imprint is rising uk star apple&#8203,,,,,bottom with &#8203,,,,,‘the ride’ ep, an artist that draws many parallels to kidnap kid’s own early career as he barely has made his way out of his teens but already caught the ear of some of the most sought-after labels and radio establishment. annie mac can’t get enough of him and his releases on kerri chandler’s madtech, zed bias’ biasonic and uk powerhouse black butter records have coined him one of the future figureheads of dance music. applebottom has come to be considered a beatmaker able to transverse genres with that rarest of production talents: the consistent ability to make a straight-up club banger, which makes him the perfect follow up for birds that fly. “‘theride’ was quite a diff&#8203,,,,,erent piece of music for me, ’he explained of the track, ‘i had been thinking about where i d want to release it and i was pretty stuck. but shortly after i d finished it kidnap kid’s first ep on birds that fly came out, and straight away i felt a connection with the sound and a lot of the music i’ve been making recently. it already feels like it has a clear and distinctive sound forming and i can t wait for my music to be part of that.” applebottom hails from the musical mecca of bristol but shares a pioneering view of its style and output. “&#8203,,,,,i think a lot of people have just gotten too comfortable making the same sounding dance music - and for me that kind of defeats the point, there’s so much variety in it. i feel that particularly for my generation anyway, we’re a lot younger as producers and it’s kind of our job to be that next generation that produces that next sound. we should be striving to make something new and different and build our own vision of what it should be.
Birds That Fly
in stock
9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 07.04.16
following on from the underground success of florists debut ep, all caps first release of the year sees the label pluck from the ether 6 transmissions by debut artiste - neuroshima. cavernous breaks. fluid subs. 1992. friend & i used to listen to this during the summer of 94, gazing out his bedroom window at sunset, watching the birds fly past the water tower on the horizon. one of the rare times when both of us would shut up for a few minutes and get lost for a bit, each record comes packaged in a mirrored silver-board sleeve + custom insert designed by florist.
All Caps
out of stock
11.49 EUR *
coloured 10" Vinyl D 10.02.11
supported by alexkid, d.diggler, davide squillace, dave turov, dj t, claude vonstroke, enzo caprioli, john selway, joris voorn, karotte, kasper, kraushaar, langenberg, laurent garnier, len faki, marco carola, marcus homm, mathias kaden, marc romboy, martin landsky, matthias schaffhäuser, melon, null.eins, phonique, raresh, rodriguez jr., steffen nehrig, stephan bodizin
out of stock
8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 15.11.10
its been a while for mr lovebirds and also the label teardrop to serve some fresh slices of homemade house jam. well, we think it better not to put out every bonus beat we program and rather wait until we have something that really deserves to be thrown in todays pool of musical randomness. do we sound bitter again? sorry, for that … must be the age. so … love & happiness. yeah, i want that and probably everybody does … well here ya go: its a slick slow house bomb with proper oldskool 909 drums and some sliding portamento chords that wont never leave your head!! at least until the breakdown when this track takes you even further back in time to that beautiful intro that has rarely been used more beautifully. its been tested for months now by vincenzo, phonique and mr bird himself and devestated every floor so far. let me put it this way - this is biiiig!!!! flipside is the rain - classic 90ies deephouse with a touch of kerri which we all love right? this has the typical lovebirds warmth that we all need in these modern techno times. and in this autumn too. none other than mr steve bug took care of the remix and delivered a superb very 90ies new yorican style version. keeping the warmth he added some percussion to it and turned this into a nice builder. enough talk … we are very excited about this release and looking forward to your full love on this one. play it loud and everywhere!! and maybe even chart it if youre a good lad!!
out of stock
7.59 EUR *
coloured 10" Vinyl D 07.10.10
played by: josh wink, marco carola, tiefschwarz, raresh, konrad black, laurent garnier, stephan bodzin, dominik eulberg, claude von stroke, monika kruse, markus fix, motorcitysoul, lauhaus, martin landsky, patrick chardronnet, julietta, anthony collins
out of stock
8.59 EUR *
10" Vinyl D 15.07.10
played by: josh wink, marco carola, tiefschwarz, raresh, konrad black, 2000andone, laurent garnier, dj t, damian lazarus, stephan bodzin, dominik eulberg, claude von stroke, monika kruse, markus fix, motorcitysoul, lauhaus, martin landsky, patrick chardronnet, julietta, anthony collins, kasper, benno blome, dave turov, papol, andrew grant, bj÷rn wilke, rodriguez jr., gus gus, davide squillace, alex flatner
out of stock
8.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 21.10.09
supported by laurent garnier, ben watt, dj yellow, shur i kan, nils nurnberg, florian meindl, mark knight, axwell!!! looking through my harddrive i just realized that this track is more than 2 years old ... shame on us!!! a few people were lucky enough to got it sent back then and the feedback was already exciting! the original version is a pure deephouse anthem drenched with pure soul! starting off with a moody and dark filtered string it leads into a pumpin deephouse groove ready to climax into a beautiful rhodes chord progression and that lovely m.u.s.i.c. vocal. its a perfect blend between deephouse and soul - pretty rare these days and set to become a future classic!! fred everythings mix is slightly more on the disco tip, tight drums and arrangement and a perfect addition to this package. finally we have another colab between the 2 label heads - called electric girl. its a sweet little disco midtempo groover with the typical trademarks of those 2 guys! enjoy this beautiful release - many people have been asking for this for quite a while!!
out of stock
7.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 24.08.18
ltd repress! dominik eulberg’s third ep on his label apus apus features the track -abendpfauenauge- (eng. eyed hawkmoth) on the a side and -oleanderschwärmer- (engl. oleander hawkmoth) on the flip side. -abendpfauenauge- brings together a romantic outlook as well as a rave quality through sequential tight knit melodies which enables the dj to play the tune in the club. -oleanderschwärmer- on the contrary is a dreamy and airy 15 minute epic that is a true fascinating listening experience. a. abendpfauenauge the eyed hawkmoth owes its name to the distinctive eye drawing on its hind wings. the bark-colored forewings provide perfect camouflage when resting on tree trunks during the day. in case of a disturbance, it pulls the forewings up jerkily. the moth now gives off the appearance of a face that suddenly stares at the troublemaker. forward and backward swinging movements of the body intensify this threatening effect. b. oleanderschwärmer with its incredible colors, the oleander hawkmoth is a symbol of tropical beauty. it rarely flies into our fields as a migratory butterfly. with a wingspan of up to 13 centimeters, it is a true -jumbo-. it s flying style is similar to that of hummingbirds. it reaches speeds of up to 50 km/h. it’s proboscis, the tubular mouthpart used for feeding on the nectar of flowers, becomes as long as its body.
Apus Apus 3
Apus Apus
out of stock
10.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 17.01.18
sleep-deprived, breakbeat-driven vignettes of unclear authorship, from somewhere west of lake lagoda, near the russia-finland border.sekundenschlaf has significant points of correspondence with contemporary european electronic music, as well as the golden age of (early) jungle and ambient techno. but its response to tradition, and to the zeitgeist, is idiosyncratic to say the least – with an atmosphere and psychogeography rooted in the tranquility and majesty of western russian nature, and the anxiety and distress of the country s post-soviet working class. pastoral calm meets dissonance and unease. the music has a loose, improvised feel, but its arrangements are intricate, its melodies iridescent: cascading arpeggios that stir a sense of optimism and renewal, sighing string-pads that evoke the deepest melancholy. rhythms simultaneously hyped-up and burned-out, collapsing in on themselves as they race to destinations unknown. all bound together with field recordings of eavesdropped conversations, blurred into abstraction, a droning subliminal me, you ll be fine
Blackest Ever Black
out of stock
19.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl 180g D 01.12.15
first support from ricardo villalobos, rhadoo, raresh, felipe valenzuela. fasters first installment on ruere records opens a new chapter in romanias underground realm of electronic music. from forme personale, the a side deep hypnotic reverie, where metalic humming birds are making their way into your synapses with the help of obsessive drums to presiune, with merciless hi hats hiding into the minimal techno sci-fi landscape. amazing artwork / 180g vinyl / anti static sleeve / vinyl only.
Ruere Records
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 22.05.15
estonian duo ajukaja & andrevski make their follow up to last year’s incredible rare birds ep with two more pieces of wonderfully weird house music on jon rusts label, levels. as spun by joy o on his beats in space mix. plus further support from tama sumo & lakuti,jamie xx, call super. skip stones on the lake of life with these oddball cuts!vinyl only. mastered at dubplates & mastering, berlin. each copy also comes hand stamped with an a4 insert.pronounced aa-yu-ka-ya for those in doubt
out of stock
12.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 05.06.14
big with: lee jones, dixon, art department, osunlade, raresh, tensnake, chris carrier, axel boman, tim green, glimpse, markus fix, dave dk, mr. g, terence terry, ivan smagghe, federico molinari, troy pearce, danny tenaglia, iron curtis, dj w!ld, agnes , mihai popoviciu, a saggitariun, estroe, jennifer cardini, cesare vs disorder, luca bacchetti, nekes, simon garcia, carola pisaturo, varoslav, david labeij, kabale und liebe, hooved
out of stock
8.19 EUR *
coloured 4x12" Vinyl D 29.06.11
vinyl only!! styrax records presents the last part from the serie >in loving memory<. the release come with an artwork of james marsh, former best known for collaborating with the seminal 80s band talk talk, producing all their iconic album covers. the folder is used for the acceptance of all >in loving memory< parts 1-4. as bonus the special 1 (2x12inch vinyl) with rare and classic tracks from ron trent, larry heard, herbert, isolée, reggie dokes and dj qu
Styrax Records
out of stock
39.99 EUR *
PRESENTS BALIHU 1993 - 2008 PART 1 (2X12)
2x12" Vinyl NL 21.09.09
pt 1 of the vinyl version of this great label retrospective... so much good music on here! we at rh are long time fans of daniel wang and thought it was time to shine some light on his balihu catalog. on this compilation you will find all his early hits, unreleased material as well as more recent released deep, electronic disco by daniel and co (brennan green, ilya santana & massimiliano pagliara a.o.) a tasty compilation disco and electronic heads alike. a very tasty release for the disco and house fans alike. includes all the rare and more dancefloor orientated tracks.
Rush Hour
out of stock
19.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 18.06.09
limited repress of this rare classic!
out of stock
9.99 EUR *

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