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12" Vinyl D 06.11.15
expertly executed, sub heavily booming, superiorly effective house bombs
Power House 808
Power House
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12" Vinyl D 05.07.19
cool records feel good on house and techno floors
Power Station
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12" Vinyl UK 11.07.17
nyako is our 7th vinyl release here at otc and it s a big one. south african producer behr created nyako together with makadem during a santuri safari session at sondeka festival in kenya. the e.p is 4 cuts that build in brilliance from the original which has extremely broad appeal. indian producer daisho delivers a straight ahead 4 x 4 house groover, south-london production duo modified man swing their analogue machines into action for a heady synth adventure, which is just a bit broken. berlin-based duo of dirk leyers and dj nomad (hans reuschl) are the ideal pairing to merge technology and tradition together as africaine808 bring up the rear with a balearic sensation to round off the ep. makadem is a talented musician and vibrant performing artist from kenya. he s a figurehead of the benga scene in nairobi. his stage presence and powerful vocal delivery, had him likened to the legendary fela kuti. makadem innovates by bringing traditional african instrumentation, story telling and contemporary production methods together.
On The Corner
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12" Vinyl FR 14.04.17
house maestro uovo, of pastaboys fame, and fresco (one of the most sought-after sound engineers in italy) have crafted a killer sonic spiderweb. be it the evil and edgy acid mix or the slightly unsettling and poisonous retro mix, their “king khan” brings your emotions where they should be, while on a dancefloor. an outer, bittersweet space.after the mighty “er suonone”, by margot, dj ralf’s laterra label strikes back with another perfect, powerful human beings were harmed during the making of this ep. the following were manipulated: roland 606, roland tb 303, roland 808, roland 909, akai mpc60, acetone, nordlead2, moog little phatty, maschine, native instruments, ableton live, doepfer system a100, dark energy, arp 2600.
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12" Vinyl UK 30.11.16
meda fury welcome back oakland resident damon bell for another accomplished ep of rugged cosmic grooves and tribal pressure. bell is riding a rich wave of form with a killer recent release on don’t be afraid, and even more fire on the burek label, not forgetting his impressive debut last year on his regular home, the mighty deepblak - he’s a proven master at fusing afro-centric rhythms, rich keys and off-kilter pads into an urgent and contemporary form of house music that deftly eschews cliche. ‘akebu-lan’ commences the ritual with a gospel vocal loop over pumping 808 kicks and tranced out swollen pads, giving way to ecstatic fender rhodes chords and climatic piano, reminiscent of robert hood - is this bell s fastest bpm track yet? loose/live jazz keys riff throughout ‘ether’ creating a warm rich miasma of sound against the distressed percussive gyrations and sinister drones. hypnotic synth riffs tumble over the powerful drum-track in ‘altered visions’ creating a deliciously hypnotic chug. drawing the ep to a close, deepblak and pan cohort african sciences joins bell for the sizzling ‘kinetic energy’, a sleazy, skronking cut of slurred moog bass and atonally pitched toms wrestling with thumping kicks and whispered vox pummel the listener
Meda Fury
in stock
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12" Vinyl FR 24.02.16
lady blacktronika shows two totally different sides to her character with her return to bass culture via a potent ep full of deliciously dark, bass-heavy productions placed side by side with more soulful explorations of the house sound. following the ‘all in vain’ ep, which landed earlier this year, lady blacktronika comes correct once again with a collection of four of the finest quality cuts. our introduction to the ep is a thorough dip in the deep end of tech house, with the marauding ‘it rains’. full of darkness, the venomous track stomps along with a powerful, darkside bassline and razor-sharp percussion. high-pitched keys add to the malevolent flavour of this raw cut. after that, we get a more measured, yet mysterious and unsettling slice of minimal funk. ‘no good’ is a hypnotic trip inside lady blacktronika’s murky world with snarling synth lines, clever percussion, eerie fx and a naughty little b-line. on the flip we have retro-inspired ‘call my name’, with a very old school feel as the 808 gets a proper workout in tandem with a familiar female spoken-word vocal layered over the top. this is bound to send the dance floor into uproar with its killer vocal sample. finally ‘set out your luv’ gives the ep a heady ending, light airy pads are placed alongside a grooving bassline, soulful vocals, diamond-cut beats and squelchy effects to create a lush, dreamy soundscape which will get those hips moving….
Bass Culture
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12" Vinyl FR 14.09.15
the first vinyl edition of the label moonrise hill material presents the differents artists work which will composed the label. funk to ambient, with proper jazzmen groove, where the house music predominate and appears like gold in every tracks with something which united them. the vinyl starts with « fucked up jazzmen », powerful track with jazz and hip hop influences from folamour, french producer which the last release on fauxpas musik is a love declaration to the sampling and to the 20s grooves until today. next listen with « jack my sista » from kaffe crème, french producer who takes the auditor in a perpetual modulation of the pads and bass under a syncopated rhythmic, between a real game and the tr-808. there is passion and percussions talent that comes to his classic formation in acadamy. the other side begins with « manhattune » from ethyène, soul anthem from 70s mixed to a proper chicago deep house rhythmic. after a empty period, the french producer annonces his next releases for the coming months, where samples and groove found a paramount place. the release ends on « cosmic spirals » from the lyonese okwa, who reveals his love to the electronic sounds for a half path ballade between dark walks and dance floors. after a great ep « preacher », in which he develops a returns to the 90s house music. focused on poetic house music, from the one that you can t stop dancing on to the one that you want to keep for yourself, the label defends the preciousness of every musical journey and the sensibility through beautiful stories.
Moonrise Hill Material
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12" Vinyl UK 28.04.15
iconic deep house label large music returns to the vinyl market with a limited repress of the classic kerri chandler release return 2 acid. first pressed in 2005, this was the 100th release on large and has been out of print for 10 years. the a side features kerri s powerhouse tribute to the glorious days of acid house laced with driving beats and an incessant 808 acid line. on the flip side kerri goes old-school, this time with an electro afrika bambaataa influenced jam entitled planet sonic. also included for this special reissue is the unreleased acapella of return 2 acid solidifying this as a true collectors item
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12" Vinyl NL 12.09.14
new label by delta funktionen... radio matrix!delta funktionen with the first release on his own imprint. four times 808 power combined with deep moog basses. riding a thin line between techno and house with a touch of electro
Radio Matrix
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12" Vinyl UK 19.06.13
877 records join with longtime friends and collaborators to present the well rounded rebel alliance ep. klic and riskotheque lead the way with their track compton, a bass heavy anthem already rocking the clubs and doing damage on radio. stomping 808&#8242,,,,s, sing along vocals and acid arpeggios join perfectly to form this instant classic. donga & blake more than do justice to the original with the compton give a dam jam remix. a perfect example of their sublimely considered approach, the reworking is an altogether deeper four to the floor roller using only finely selected elements from the original. well rounded in the house! next up is skeleton grin by donga & blake + richta. this original composition features vocals by donga over an intense and metallic techno-esque bass and kick. we are true believers in the power of a b-side and this is no exception.
877 Records
in stock
11.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 03.06.13
the next instalment, we feature artists from the growing lht family jamie blanco opens the record with his accomplice sam mensah on singin duties - jamie and alphonse worked in the studio together on this version we think will appeal to fans of real house music next up is bintus of power vacuum with his first original track on lht and theres no messing about - raw acid and stripped drums and at a pace that we can dance too, label boss alphonse opens side b with a deep 808 jam and this is followed by lht studio wizz facade who finishes with another piece of what can only be described as big.
London Housing Trust
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12" Vinyl FR 13.07.12
this is a tremendus party rocket... full primetime power house weapon.... incl gesaffelstein & joakim rmxs
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12" Vinyl NL 12.07.12
spring 2012, in his dark analog moustache records homestudio downtown rotterdam city david vunk made his bowie ep. this energizing ep contains 3 various styled tracks for the dancefloor. on the this side the track forever always a stunning filter house tune with a vocal that goes on and on, a fat party break and rolling low kickdrums topped with some crazy hihat programming. deep deep deep! 45 rpm rolling. on the that side two tracks. a notorious full power hi energy nu-disco/electro track filled with evil strings, catchy melody, tr-808 drums and arp odyssey baseline madness called disco sysex. the b2 track called vroezenpark sounds like it comes straight from hell, a dusty techno track with berlin infleunces, tr-909 drums and a roland jupiter 8 synth. insane and paranoia style. this very limited pressing comes with luxury gatefold fullcolour sleeve, poster and hand numbered, limited copies.
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2x12" Vinyl D 30.04.12
phillips is the magnificent debut album by phillip lauer on running back. frankfurts melody man has amassed a body of work that includes the adventures of arto mwambe, top singles (delta nrg) on his extinct brontosaurus label for permanent vacation or live at robert johnson as well as remixes for the likes of maxmillion dunbar or with the tuff city kids project. the twelve songs that make phillips have been described as 808 state kissing movin records while cluster are in the room –, or a dolby nr tempest. whatever you want to call it, it has all the ingredients and romantic notions that can make dance music oscillate between the sacred and the profane: house, gloomy gothic grooves, cock-eyed electro, new wave trance and lots of songs without words. the power of lauer. available on cd, nine track gatefold lp and digitally. escorted by two tensnake remixes of trainmann on rb032 and more to come…,.
Running Back
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12" Vinyl US 22.12.11
together with internationally-acclaimed reggae artist, jahdan blakkamoore and established stateside lyrical beasts, armanni reign & diggadee mc - trigon & dave gee push the envelope, delivering a massive cross-over dubstep/grime influenced riddim with hip-hop appeal. dirty synths,banging 808 bass and pure nasty bars from these heavy-weight mcs all blend together seamlessly, proving this to be a powerhouse combination and nothing but pure murda!kicking off the remix duties, the man behind the original virus syndicate sound, mrk1, jumps in with an explosive rework, combining the original vocals with an infectious melody, bone-shaking basslines and heavy-rolling drums, and turning it into a head-crushing dancefloor banger.
Profound Audio
Last Copy!
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12" Vinyl UK 20.12.11
limited edition of 500 heavy weight 180g 12 inch vinyl.
landing as the second release from the new french label clekclekboom recordings, young newroller coni drops us sensitive, deep but yet powerful tracks with sensual rnb reworks that would make any female moan. combining groovy sophisticated house and naughty/soulful bass on the lead track >luz in pool<, the parisian takes us to a delightful journey where you will be losing yourself. on the flipside, >suma< is mixing up an uplfiting 90s rnb vocal with a very effective uk funky drum line. the laid back g-swagger >crush< favoring a modern half-tempo 808 rhythm with a sweet subtle voice adding to a haunting purple synth coloration. this 3 track ep is full of heaviness and is already listed as favorite by many established big names. this number is not to be missed!
ClekClekBoom Recordings
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9.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 07.10.11
limited 1st run on marbled grey vinyl !3rd in this superb deep techno series, support from: sandwell district, scratcha dva, sigha, james ruskin, mark broom, claude young, steven tang, billy nasty, delta funktionen, miles sagnia, morphosis, ben sims, commix, jerome sydenham, regis, shifted, function etc... surface return with the third in its beneath the surface series, following on from the extremely well received between worlds release. journeys to the deep volume 2. is an important and personal record to nick and the surface camp in general, paying tribute to family elder jessica dunton and her influence on nick and his families lives, and her long fight to continue living against the odds! facing the heavens- sees nick take on his much lauded ever vivid moniker delivering an extremely fitting tribute that somehow blurs the boundaries between the early classic emotive sounds of 90s uk techno, house and 70s funk.. cutting synth lines drenched in soul develop throughout the track taking us on a deep yet strangely uplifting journey, the chord sequence beautifully maintains the mood, but for us at the office its all about the detail, piercing moog leads, emotive strings and rhodes, all driving along at pace on top of a reese type melodic bassline and rolling 808 drums. this is as comfortable in a club as it is at home. timeless in its approach, with a purist touch. on the flip nick duntons >leaving the planet< is an altogether different beast.. beautifully produced and super deep, this is the classic dunton sound of late, harmonic drifts and carl craig 69 era strings morph between lush sustained textures, that somehow float above the powerful pulsing bass, that imitates a heartbeat and really gives this track a haunting feeling that when coupled with the hypnotic phasing drums, and fluttering reverberating stabs make it is as deep as the sea, yet beautifully bass heavy. this is nick taking his wide screen cinematic sound and stripping it bare whilst losing none of the evocative touches that have made his recent music so affecting
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12" Vinyl D 15.08.11
last year has been a little more quiet about dem birds but since they landed in their new studio the output is back where it should be. the demand for lovebirds is higher than ever especially after his current deephouse bomb featuring stee downes beautiful vocals on >want you in my soul< (winding road). the honeybadger ep referrs to the most badass animal on this planet. it simply doesnt give a shit about anything. and this is something lovebirds can relate to very well. should we also talk about music? well, maybe … >chasing things< is a deephouse peaktime funkmonster. its full on lovebirds sound - deephouse u can seriously party to and loose your cool. no 808 bassdrums either!! >running backwards< is a slick midtempo rat with some pretty badass drums and a kenny >fuckin< powers bassline that actually deserves the name, bitch! not to mention the heavenly breakdown with some of the smoothest guitars in this universe! last part of this heavy threesome is called >gives a shit< and is a nice oldskool tune with a heavy >let no man put asunder< bassline on top of some moodyman-ish chord stabs … ah, and i think brother marvin made it also on this one!!
out of stock
7.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 31.07.09
teaming up with the legend that is francois dubois. the first time the pair have worked together since the labels first release. the pair turn out a devastating house workout. deep warm synths, and heavy, killer keys, create a wonderfully moody, traditional workout, ready for all floors. on the flip, h turns to irish don and barcelona resident chymera, who turns in an electrified version of the original. injected with more pace and power than the original, the elements from the lead track hit he floor with added urgency. a great tech-infused cut, that will find favour across the board.
Komplex De Deep
in stock
7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 07.03.06
the original is a monster on the dancefloor , we ve been dropping it for months now and had enormous feedback wherever we played it. it will take dirt crew recordings into another direction and will continue where the tigerskin release left off. a new and fresh view on minimal and trance but never forgetting the house groove and that s what it s all about for us. the b-side features a cool old shool approach to the track by mr c who has been a long time partner of francis and is also involved in his matter:-form label. he takes the main groove of the record and adds some nice acid lines to it , all in a true 808 based groove , real analogue power !!
Dirt Crew
out of stock
7.39 EUR *
cd UK 12.12.16
die ursprünglich aus sibirien stammende produzentin, sängerin und djane zählt zu den umtriebigsten und interessantesten künstlerinnen im elektronischen bereich. mit ihrem fesselnden mix aus house, techno und acid spielt nina kraviz mittlerweile in den angesagtesten clubs weltweit. nach ihrem mix für die renommierte dj-kicks serie aus dem letzten jahr veröffentlicht sie nun einen exklusiven mix für die fabric-serie. nina kravitz mixt sich gekonnt durch rare und unveröffentlichte tracks von u.a. bedouin ascent, frak, dj slip, woody mcbride, i-f, thomas p heckmann, aphex twin, air liquide und natürlich auch eigenem material.
out of stock
10.69 EUR *
cd FR 17.06.09
out of stock
15.99 EUR *

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