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12 Inch 17.05.19
Warm Up
Last Copy!
8.06 EUR *
after a string of solo eps modularz returns with a wave of various artists releases pushing established and emerging producers laying down strong tracks made for the warehouse or the club. these releases are really getting the pick of the litter when it comes to techno. play these loud and often. tip
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12 Inch 30.09.16
minds dissolve. profound & hypnotic. here we know no bounds. embodying the labels exploratory ethos. a diverse spectrum is translated in an overwhelming way bringing to life the next paranoid dancer remixed. radial (mord), dubspeeka (drumcode) and ryan james ford (mdr) let the trip begin.
Paranoid Dancer
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00110001 EP (WHITE VINYL)
Coloured 12 Inch 02.11.15
emex is the emergent techno act of george apergis and alex retsis, powered by korg synthesizers. inspired by mathematics and digital electronics, already supported by marcel dettmann, truncate, drumcell, jonas kopp, bas mooy, pfirter, lag and many others. their debut ep is a conceptual fusion of dancefloor techno with atmospheric overtones, first track 00110001 is a minimal opener with pounding chords and detroit style influences, second track 00110010 progresses into darker territories while the fundamental grooves become infused with moody flavors and third track 00110011 transpires from harder realms, concluding the release with its almost acidic basslines and trippy arpeggios.
early support by marcel dettmann, drumcell, truncate, jonas kopp, bas mooy, pfirter, lag, dave tarrida, alex bau, alexander kowalski, developer, slam, mark broom, 2000 and one, mikael jonasson, damon wild, i/y, submerge, lee holman, arnaud le texier, antonio de angelis, ray kajioka, liss c., maceo plex, gel abril, paul mac, joseph capriati, sasha carassi, pierre deutschmann, carlio lio, marco bailey, axel karakasis, stanny franssen, sender berlin, angel molina, xpansul, krenzlin, noah pred, matt cooper, plural, will kinsella, patrik carrera, barker, enrico sangiuliano, matrixxman, gotshell, signal deluxe and many more
Modular Expansion
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12" Full Cover 26.11.14
paranoid dancer remixed is the next exploratory techno sound trip from the young berlin label. the special remix edition vinyl release navigates through a range of minimalist ideas, analog grit and tight dynamics with dark, raw and imposing remixes from alexander kowalski, petter b, ray kajioka, mario berger and patrik carrera.
Paranoid Dancer
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6.55 EUR *
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